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Doi Doctoral Student Research Fund University of Washington, College of Education

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Doi Doctoral Student Research Fund
University of Washington, College of Education

Former Dean Doi established the Doi Research Fund to help defray unusual costs associated with the completion of especially worthy doctoral dissertations.

Allowable Costs

It was the intent of Dean Doi to help with “unusual” costs not typical of most dissertations. For example, the award might be used to help pay for mailing costs associated with an extensive survey, but not for ordinary correspondence; the costs of leasing or purchasing unusual equipment, but not for purchasing a general use computer; the costs of professional transcription of extensive interviews, but not to pay for simple typing services to prepare the final dissertation.

Amount of Award

No present limits are placed on the potential amount of an award, but limits on the resources provided by the fund established by Dean Doi and the anticipated number of awards each year usually result in individual awards of a few hundred dollars, rather than thousands of dollars. A student may request an award of any amount, but the final award might be for some smaller amount. Students are asked to request support only for activities or items that cannot be adequately supported through other means.

To apply for an award

A student must (1) complete the attached application and (2) attach a letter of support from the student’s academic or dissertation advisor. Award materials should be sent to the College of Education Office of Student Services. Applications may be submitted at any time, even after the dissertation expenses have been incurred. Faculty Council will review the submissions quarterly to ensure all qualified applications in a given year are considered.

Review Criteria

Applications will be reviewed and awarded on the basis of the apparent merit of the dissertation research, the strength of the applicant’s academic or dissertation advisor’s letter of support, and the justification of expenses for which support is requested. When evaluating the justification for expenses, the review committee will consider the importance of supported activities and items to the completion of the dissertation research, the degree to which those expenses can be considered beyond those normally incurred by students in the course of their dissertation research, and the possibility that support for those activities might be more appropriately obtained elsewhere.

Reporting Obligation

Upon completion of their dissertation, or within a maximum of 1 year from the date of the award, recipients of a Doi award must submit to Faculty Council an abstract of their completed dissertation and a complete accounting of the uses to which the Doi award was put, including original receipts for all expenditures. Specific details and forms for the financial records may be obtained from the College of Education Dean’s Office.

Student Applicant Identification

Name:       Date of Application:      

UW Student Number:       Email:      

Local Address:      

Campus Phone:       Local Home Phone:      

Faculty Adviser:      

Advisor’s E-mail:      

Major Area of Study:



Summary of Proposed Research:

Please provide a brief summary of what you intend to accomplish with your research and the methods you plan to employ. (Please limit your summary to space provided below.)


Support Justification

Please describe the general activities or items for which financial support is being requested, and briefly explain why those expenses can be considered “unusual” and deserving of support. Note: only a general justification is requested here; a detailed listing of activities and items will be provided later in this application (please limit your comments to the space provided below).


Estimated Expenses for which Support is Requested

Please provide the following information for each item or activity for which support is requested. Note that the amount of support requested for an activity or item may be less that the total estimated cost of that activity or item, especially if other resources are available to support the dissertation research. However, even if the total estimated cost of an item and the amount requested are the same, please provide figures for both parts of the form for each item. Note: receipts for actual expenditures will required as part of the student’s final report to Faculty Council.

Item / Activity

Estimated Total Cost

Amount Requested






































$ 0.00

$ 0.00

For Office Use Only

Amount of award granted:       Budget Number:      

Date of award:       Date final report received:      



Signature: Faculty Council




Signature: Budget Approval, COE Dean’s Office


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