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Directions to Ronald Reagan Building/International Trade Center Conference Center

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Directions to Ronald Reagan Building/International Trade Center Conference Center

1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20004 202/312-1300

To Conference Center (Hemisphere/Continental/Oceanic/Meridian/Polaris/Amphitheater, and Rotunda) :

Enter parking garage from any of the three entrances, go to the B2 level of the garage and park. Follow posted BLUE signs for the Pennsylvania Avenue elevator banks. From Pennsylvania Avenue elevator tower, go to level C (concourse for all rooms except for the Rotunda).

  • Polaris: Exit elevator and go to your immediate right

  • Amphitheater: Exit elevator, walk forward, bear to your right

  • Oceanic: Exit elevator, walk forward, past Meridian, Oceanic on your left

  • Continental: Exit elevator, walk forward, bear right, past Oceanic, Continental on your left

  • Hemisphere: Exit elevator, walk forward, bear right, past Continental, make right at first corridor

  • Rotunda: GO TO LEVEL G (ground floor) exit straight out of the elevator (pass a concierge desk on your right) and go straight to the next set of elevator banks to the North Tower. Take this elevator to the 8th floor. Make a left and go directly into the Rotunda glass doors. Up the stairs from the reception area is the Rotunda

BY WAY OF CAB /FOOT OR METRO CENTER: (at corner of 13 & Penn.)

To Conference Center:

Enter 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue. Take Stairs down one level to Conference Center. At bottom of stairs:

  • Meridian: Turn left, suite just in front of you

  • Amphitheater: Go straight, Amphitheater entrance on your right

  • Oceanic & Continental: Go straight, suites are on your left

  • Hemisphere: Go straight, pass Amphitheater and suites, just after staircase, turn right


Utilize Federal Triangle stop. Follow signs to Ronald Reagan Building. Once inside building walk straight down corridor, turn right (see signs towards Conference Center)

  • Hemisphere: First suite on left. See signs overhead.

  • Continental, Oceanic,

& Meridian: Straight ahead, all three suites will be on your right.

  • Amphitheater: Straight ahead, on left.

  • Polaris: Straight ahead, pass Amphitheater. Bear to your left and follow signs.

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