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Directions: Below is the sequence of events from the

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Directions: Below is the sequence of events from the Clash of the Titans movie about the myth of Perseus. The events are broken up into 4 sections however 27 events are missing and out of order. Place each of the 27 events into the proper section in sequence. Some events have already been placed for you. Keep each event numbered as is-that is how I will check for accuracy. Each section contains a different number of events and is labeled as so. I have provided hints so that you know how many events are in between the already placed ones. The last two pages contain the mixed up events. Good Luck!

In the beginning …. (4 events total)

King Akrisius of Argos is angry with Zeus. He casts off, into the sea, his daughter, Princess Danae and her son, Perseus.

(2 events go here)

Danae and Perseus arrive at Seriphos, where Perseus grows into adulthood.

Meanwhile…. (6 events total)

(Five events go here)

Goddess Thetis becomes determined that no man will marry the princess. In order to marry her, the suitor must answer a riddle that Princess Andromeda receives the previous night from Calibos.

At present time… (19 events total)

Thetis transports Perseus to Joppa.

(Four events go here)

After hearing the riddle, Perseus battles Calibos, loses his helmet and severs Calibos’ hand.

(One event goes here)

Thetis is angered by Cassiopeia’s comparison of Andromeda and proclaims Andromeda to be a sacrifice to the Kraken in 30 days or else complete destruction of Joppa.

(Six events go here)

Andromeda returns to the city as Perseus advances towards the River Styx.

(Three events go here)

Perseus remembers the prophecy of his shield and uses the reflection to kill Medusa.

A hero emerges… (10 events total)

Calibos appears on the banks of the River while Perseus is asleep. Calibos pierces the head of Medusa, producing deadly golden scorpions.

(Six events go here)

Bubo retrieves Medusa’s head and Perseus uses it to turn the Kraken into stone.

Princess Andromeda is rescued.

Princess Andromeda and Perseus live the rest of their lives together.


  1. Calibos steals Pegasus.

  2. Perseus bridles Pegasus.

  3. Poseidon releases the Kraken.

  4. Perseus kills Cerberus.

  5. Perseus sends Bubo to find and release Pegasus.

  6. Athena is ordered to give Bubo to Perseus

  7. The blind witches advise Perseus to gather the head of Medusa.

  8. Perseus arrives to find Princess chained to the cliff.

  9. Perseus is ferried across the River by Charon.

  10. Zeus orders the Kraken to destroy Argos.

  11. Calibos falters at his job and leaves only Pegasus remaining.

  12. Two of Perseus’ soldiers are killed by Medusa.

  13. Zeus requests that Calibos care for the Wells of the Moon and all of its inhabitants (the sacred winged horses).

  14. Perseus inadvertently drops Medusa’s head into the sea.

  15. Thetis, the goddess of the sea, bares a son, Calibos.

  16. Poseidon, disguised as a seagull, witnesses the actions of King Akrisius and informs Zeus.

  17. As punishment, Zeus shuns Calibos to live in the marshes and turns him ugly.

  18. Perseus uses Pegasus to follow the vulture that takes Princess Andromeda to Calibos in the marshes.

  19. Bubo helps Perseus find the cave of the three blind witches.

  20. Princess Andromeda is chained to the cliff on the eve of the longest day.

  21. Calibos grows up destined to marry Princess Andromeda of Joppa.

  22. Perseus learns of Andromeda, the riddle challenge and falls in love with her.

  23. Perseus and Calibos battle on the banks of the River Styx. Perseus defeats Calibos.

  24. Perseus is given an invisible helmet from Athena and a sword from Aphrodite.

  25. Hephaestus turns Bubo into a mechanical owl. Bubo is sent to Perseus. Perseus is the only mortal that can understand Bubo.

  26. Perseus answers the riddle properly, presents Calibos’ hand and gains Andromeda’s hand in marriage.

  27. Bubo steals the witches’ eye so that Perseus can obtain honest advice about the Kraken.

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