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Dell Offers icpt eligible Contractor Employees

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Dell Offers ICPT Eligible Contractor Employees

Advanced PC Technology at Discount Prices

Dell Member Purchase Program
Your Organization has teamed up with Dell to offer special discounts and offers not available to the general public. Click on and use your Member ID: CS25031050 to enter the store. Configure your new Dimension or Inspiron system. Check out system upgrades, software and peripherals. Upon checkout, your discount of up to 12% off of your system purchase will be applied!
If you’ve considered buying a home computer but just aren’t ready to pay the high retail cost, now is your chance to buy a selection of Dell computers at a discount through your ICPT eligible company’s ICPT Employee Purchase Program (EPP). The program, offered to any ICPT eligible contractor as one of Dell’s valued clients, provides an opportunity for their employees to take advantage of discounted Dell EPP prices on some of the latest Dell computer systems.
Choose from a variety of exciting products selected especially for this program from Dell’s versatile consumer line. These include a range of high-performance Dimension desktops and lightweight, powerful Inspiron notebooks, available through EPP at up to a 12% discount off selected configurations. Furthermore, Dell’s EPP offers frequent promotions and rebate programs in addition to your standard discount.
It has never been easier to order and configure a new system. You can choose your system, add system upgrades, and place your order all online via Dell’s secure Employee Purchase Store. Proof of employment is required, and products and prices may change without notice. You may also call 1-800- 695-8133 for assistance.
All you need to do is visit the page with your Member ID: CS25031050 and configure the system of your choice.


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