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Decorative and specialised timbers list

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January 2012

For guidance please read the ‘page of explanations’

Pao Amarelo

Euxylophora paraensis – Brasil – 800kg/m3

2 square edged boards 6” and wider 6’ and longer.

Kiln dried

Other names – Brazilian satinwood, Sateenwood.

Bright clear yellow with a lustrous and often deep ribbon figure. Useful as a satinwood substitute
27mm £2080.00M3 £58.85 £65.16 £70.65 £78.50ft3

52mm £2210.00M3 £62.63 £69.31 £75.15 £83.50ft3

Spalted Beech

Fagus sylvatica – England – 650kg/m3

Kiln dried – Through and through sawn boards.

Ordinary beech becomes spectacular for craft use when allowed to begin the process of decay. The fungi involved leave irregular and beautiful bands of colour throughout the log. This lot has been caught just at the right moment.
Lumber 52-80mm £58.85 £65.16 £70.65 £78.50ft3

African Blackwood

Dalbergia melanoxylon – East Africa – 1200kg/m3

Air dried/Part seasoned – Turnery grade

Other names – Grenadilla, Mpingo.

A quite singular material – deep black with hard, fine almost metallic texture. Stock sizes changing regularly – e.g.
460 x 52 x 52mm £20.63 £28.83 £24.75 £27.50ea.

460 x 38 x 38mm £11.81 £13.07 £14.18 £15.75ea.


Buxus sempervirens – England – 910kg/m3

Logs and ‘loglets’.

Air dry

Other names – By origin, English, Pyrenean, Turkish etc.

A compact light yellow timber occasionally streaked with grey with the finest possible texture. Traditional uses include wood engraving, barometer sumps, scales for scientific instruments and violin pegs.

Logs are very slow grown and are usually less than 6” diameter. Achievable cutting sizes are reduced further by the inevitable drying shakes.
Logs ‘A’ grade £4.31 £4.77 £5.18 £5.75kg

‘Loglets’ £4.31 £4.77 £5.18 £5.75kg

Logs – ‘B’ grade £2.81 £3.11 £3.38 £3.75kg.

Guibourtia demeusei – West Africa – 880kg/m3

2 square edged boards 6” and wider 6’ and longer.

Kiln dried.

Other names – African rosewood, kevasingo.

A quality cabinet and turnery timber. Firm, solid and stable.

Light pinkish brown in colour often lightly veined in red. Resembles some of the lighter coloured rosewoods and is often tinted to serve as a lower cost alternative to the real thing, with better availability of sizes and quantities.
The name kevasingo is used by the veneer trade and applies only to rotary cut veneers.
26mm £2370.00 £67.13 £74.29 £80.55 £89.50ft3

52mm £2555.00 £72.38 £80.10 £86.85 £96.50ft3

65mm £2635.00 £74.63 £82.59 £89.55 £99.50ft3

Cigar Box Cedar

Cedrela spp. – Brazil – 480kg/m3

2 square edged boards 6” and wider 6’ and longer.

Kiln dried.

Other names – Cedrela, cedro, Spanish cedar, or by origin.

Mahogany brown in colour, medium textured and straight grained. The spicy fragrance lends itself to uses such as drawer linings, humidors and wardrobe interiors.
88mm £2250.00M3 £63.75 £70.55 £76.50 £85.00ft3

Pencil Cedar

Juniperus virginiana – U.S.A. – 560kg/m3

2 square edged boards about 150mm wide.

Well air dried

Other names – Eastern red cedar, Virginia cedar, Florida cedar.

Red brown maturing to orange brown with dark red sound knots and whitish sapwood giving a rather special but gaudy figure. Strongly and pleasantly aromatic. A superior and interesting choice for cabinet interiors and drawer bottoms.
52mm £1985.00 £56.25 £62.25 £67.50 £75.00ft3

Camphor Laurel

Cinnamomum camphora – Australia - 650kg/m3

Through and through sawn boards

Kiln dried

Other names – Camphor wood

Light brown with reddish brown streaks, medium weight and texture. The very strong fragrance kills moths, hence the traditional use of this wood in blanket chests and for drawer bottoms.
40mm £3310.00M3 £93.75 £103.75 £112.50 £125.00ft3

Mexican Cocobolo

Dalbergia retusa – Mexico – 1100kg/m3

2 square edged boards 3” and wider 3’ and longer.

Air dried

Other names – Granadillo.

A true rosewood frequently showing the typical figuring and colouring associated with the most desirable and popular rosewoods. Light yellow to rich red with other coloured streaks and zones maturing to a superb collection of rich red browns. A stunning timber for the best of work, extremely hard and heavy giving a super dense and glassy finish.

28 – 100mm £296.25 £327.85 £355.50 £395.00ft3

Macassar Ebony

Diospyros celebica – Celebes islands – 1090kg/m3

2 square edged boards 3” and wider 3’ and longer.

Kiln dried.

Other names – similar to coromandel, calamander wood.

Black, finely streaked with bands of yellow to reddish brown. Very hard and heavy, with a beautiful surface when finished.

Very well suited for fancy work of the highest order giving consistently impressive results.

35mm £577.50 £639.10 £693.00 £770.00ft3

40mm £577.50 £639.10 £693.00 £770.00ft3

45mm £577.50 £639.10 £693.00 £770.00ft3

Asian Striped Ebony

Diospyros spp. – Malaysia – 1000kg/m3

Square edged boards

Air dried

Other names – Kayu malam

Variegated black with light brown stripes. Hard, heavy and fine textured. Very similar to Macassar Ebony with the delineation of the stripe figure being slightly less well defined.
24mm £412.50 £456.50 £495.00 £550.00ft3

Indian Ebony

Diospyros tomentosa – India – 1100kg/m3

Guitar fingerboards

Kiln dried

Other names – none

One of the first and finest black ebonies in common use and probably overused in the past. This stock is taken from new growth logs and is subject to stringent export regulation that, along with the small log sizes, somewhat limits the range of sizes that can be offered.
530 x 70 x 9mm ‘A’ N/A £14.53 £15.75 £17.50ea.

530 x 70 x 9mm ‘B’ N/A £8.72 £9.45 £10.50ea.

530 x 70 x 9mm ‘C’ £4.13 £4.57 £4.95 £5.50ea.

700 x 75 x 9mm ‘A’ N/A £20.75 £22.50 £25.00ea.

700 x 75 x 9mm ‘B’ N/A £11.75 £12.45 £15.00ea.

African Ebony

Diospyros crassiflora – West Africa – 1030kg/m3

2 square edged boards 60-120mm wide, 400-1000mm long.


Kiln dried/well air dried

Flitches random section about 1300mm long.

Part seasoned.

Other names – by country of origin, camaroon, gaboon, Nigeria, etc.

Mostly jet black but sometimes streaked or flecked with grey brown. Hard and heavy with the capability of being worked to a very high level of finish.
28mm lumber £596.25 £659.85 £715.50 £795.00ft3

40mm lumber £626.25 £693.05 £751.50 £835.00ft3 50 x 50mm squares £637.50 £705.50 £765.00 £850.00ft3 55 x 55mm squares £645.00 £713.80 £774.00 £860.00ft3

60 x 60mm squares £660.00 £730.40 £792.00 £880.00ft3

70 x 70mm squares £690.00 £763.60 £828.00 £920.00ft3

75 x 75mm squares £712.50 £788.50 £855.00 £950.00ft3

500 x 38 x 38mm £14.96 £16.56 £17.96 £19.95ea.

500 x 35 x 35mm £12.71 £14.07 £15.26 £16.95ea.

Flitches ‘A’ quality £5.96 £6.60 £7.20 £7.95kg.

Flitches ‘B’ quality £3.71 £4.11 £4.46 £4.95kg.
There is a limited availability of striped material for sale at 75% of the above rates.


Carya glabra – U.S.A. – 820kg/m3

Dimension stock.

Kiln dried

Other names – Pignut hickory, red or white hickory.

Almost white in colour with a brown heartwood and a coarse grain. For Archery bows. Almost without parallel for toughness and elasticity.

2050 x 110 x 38mm £44.63 £49.39 £53.55 £59.50ea.

Lignum vitae – Palo Santo wood

Bulnesia sarmienti – Paraguay – 1200kg/m3

Lathe turned cylinders 50 – 300mm diameter.

Sawn squares

Small blocks clear 4 sides (Pilotines)

Part seasoned.

Other names – Palo santo

Although this wood has been used for generations for the same purposes as genuine lignum vitae ( timber from the genus guiaicum) it has become a more important choice recently because very little of the Guaiacum lignum vitae is currently being exported.

Greenish brown to brown with a tight and pronounced interlocked grain, very dense, waxy – with self lubricating qualities, hard wearing in almost all the contexts in which lignum vitae has traditionally been used.
Cylinders 180x90mm £7.50 £8.30 £9.00 £10.00ea.

Cylinders 100-250mm £4.31 £4.77 £5.18 £5.75kg

500 x 35 x 35mm £4.73 £5,23 £5.67 £6.30ea.

500 x 40 x 40mm £5.63 £6.23 £6.75 £7.50ea.

500 x 52 x 52mm £10.46 £11.58 £12.56 £13.95ea.

500 x 65 x 65mm £16.46 £18.22 £19.76 £21.95ea.

500 x 75 x 75mm £23.25 £25.73 £27.90 £31.00ea.

Pilotines £5.96 £6.60 £7.16 £7.95kg


Calycophyllum multiflorum – Brazil – 800kg/m3

2 Square edged 1.05 - 2.10m long.

Air dried and kiln dried

Other names – Maracaibo box, Castelo box, Genero lemonwood.

Probably the best substitute for European boxwood being pale yellow brown, very fine textured and wonderful to work. It has been a staple for inlay work for centuries and is a staple wood for the making of traditional archery bows
42 – 80mm x 2m up £176.25 £195.05 £211.50 £235.00ft3

42 – 80mm x 2m< £131.25 £145.25 £157.50 £175.00ft3

(Bow quality)

42 – 80mm £93.75 £103.75 £112.50 £125.00ft3

(Standard quality)
Mahogany – Cuban spp.

Swietenia mahagoni – West Indies – 800kg/m3


Air dry

Other names – Spanish mahogany, San Domingo mahogany.

Medium reddish brown, darkening with exposure. Stable, fine textured and with a solid feel. A wonder of workability, exceptional on the lathe and a polisher’s delight.
Very rare, very famous and very desirable.

This stock is a fantastic find, unused old stock from a factory workshop originally imported from Jamaica in 1908.

12 x 2 ½ x 2 ½” £6.56 £7.26 £7.88 £8.75ea.

15 x 2 ½ x 2 ½” £10.95 £13.14 £13.14 £14.60ea.

18 x 2 ½ x 2 ½” £16.95 £18.76 £20.35 £22.60ea.

21 x 2 ½ x 2 ½” £19.69 £21.79 £23.62 £26.25ea.

24 x 2 ½ x 2 ½” £22.88 £25.32 £27.45 £30.50ea.

18 x 2 x 2” £8.51 £9.31 £10.22 £11.35ea.

21 x 2 x 2” £12.83 £14.19 £15.39 £17.10ea.

24 x 2 x 2” £17.63 £19.51 £21.15 £23.50ea.

We have been able to find some rare plantation grown Cuban specie mahogany from India and Sri Lanka. Some of this stock is now coming through. The traditional workability is there but initially it’s a little paler in colour.
Please call for availability and price.

Bird’s Eye Maple

Acer saccharum – USA and Canada – 720kg/m3

2 square edged boards 100mm and wider, 2M and longer.

Kiln dried

Other names – none known.

Cream white with a reddish tinge, growth rings distinct and a hard fine texture. The bird’s eye figure is rarely available in the solid and the cause of it remains a mystery.
Graded regarding the intensity and depth of eye and the presence of knots, brown heart or other discolouration. The majority of stock is in the middle grade
28mm ‘1st’ choice £165.00 £182.60 £198.00 £220.00ft3

28mm ‘2nd’ choice £93.75 £103.75 £112.50 £125.00ft3

28mm ‘3rd’ choice £41.25 £45.65 £49.50 £55.00ft3

Honduras Mahogany

Swietenia macrophylla – Several countries – 600kg/m3.

2 square edged boards 6” and wider 6’ and longer.

Kiln dried.

Other names – South American mahogany, Central American mahogany, Swietenia mahogany, or by country of origin.

Medium reddish brown darkening with exposure. Medium textured, strong, stable, lustrous and easily wrought.
A sought after timber coveted by musical instrument makers because it is medium weight and resonant, and by antique restorers and reproduction furniture makers for the classic beauty and colour when mature.
Brazilian mahogany is currently not being exported. These stocks come from managed forests in Central and South America. Sometimes old stock Brazilian mahogany can be offered, normally at 50% over the prices below.

28mm £3840.00M3 £108.75 £120.35 £130.50 £145.00ft3

32mm £3880.00M3 £109.87 £121.60 £131.85 £146.50ft3

38mm £3935.00M3 £111.38 £123.26 £133.65 £148.50ft3

52mm £4040.00M3 £114.38 £126.58 £137.25 £152.50ft3

80mm £4105.00M3 £116.25 £128.65 £139.50 £155.00ft3

110mm£4435.00M3 £125.63 £139.03 £150.75 £167.50ft3

52mm x 380mm + £131.25 £145.25 £157.50 £175.00ft3

Bog Oak

Quercus robur – England – 880kg/m3


Kiln dried

Other names – none

Inky black to very dark brown and with a significantly higher density and hardness than ordinary oak, bog oak was created when prehistoric forests were submerged under water and silt in anaerobic conditions thousands of years ago. This stock has been carbon dated and is 5300 years old
26 – 52mm £251.25 £278.05 £301.50 £335.00


Olea europaea – South Europe – 900kg/m3

Through and through sawn boards.

Turnery discs and squares

Part seasoned.

Other names – none known.

Yellowish brown with variegated darker streaks, lustrous, hard heavy and very smooth. Small sizes only because logs are of such poor form and suffer every kind of defect.
New stock of board stock and turnery squares and discs

expected spring 2012


Guibourtia ehie – West Africa – 800kg/m3

2 square edged boards 6” and wider, 6’ and longer.

Kiln dried

Other names – Amazaquoe, shedua, tropical olive.

Mid brown with more or less dark greyish stripes, straight grained, hard and fine grained. A high quality timber and a good substitute for the more elusive English walnut.
52mm £2635.00M3 £74.63 £82.59 £89.55 £99.50ft3

African Padauk

Pterocarpus soyauxii – West Africa – 720kg/m3

2 square edged boards 6” and wider 6’ and longer.

Kiln Dried.

Other names – Barwood, Camwood.

Rich orange red moderating and darkening with age to a deep red brown, medium to coarse texture, very stable. Popular for woodturning and for detail in cabinet work.
28mm £2250.00M3 £63.75 £70.55 £76.50 £85.00ft3

52mm £2345.00M3 £66.38 £73.46 £79.65 £88.50ft3

65mm £2370.00M3 £67.13 £74.28 £80.55 £89.50ft3

Black Palmira

Caryota urens – India – 800kg/m3

2 square edged boards 3” and wider 3’ and longer.

Kiln dried.

Other names – kitul

Black palmira has an unique structure with dark, almost black, hard streaks in a paler background matrix. Rather difficult to work but very dramatic results.
28mm £5825.00M3 £165.00 £182.60 £198.00 £220.00ft3

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