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Dan’s essay, Reviving the Saint Patrick’s Battalion

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Dan Leahy

Dan’s essay, Reviving the Saint Patrick’s Battalion, has been published by the Society for Irish Latin American Studies in the March 2007 edition of Irish Migration Studies in Latin America. The society was formed to promote the study of relations between Ireland and Latin American Countries. The full text of the document is available online and can be found at the following link:
Steve Niva

On March 1st, Steve gave supporting testimony at a hearing of the Washington State Senate Government Operations & Elections Committee on SJM 8003 - a measure requesting that Congress not fund an escalation of the war in Iraq. A link to the TVW broadcast of the hearing is at:
Steve also participated in a debate on February 22nd at the University of San Francisco, in which he argued in the negative on "Is the Pro-Israel Lobby the Determining Factor in U.S. Middle East Policy?"  This debate was filmed and will be made into a video for distribution. 


Dharshi Bopegedera

Dharshi published her article, An Inquiry-Based Chemistry Laboratory Promoting Student Discovery of Gas Laws, in the March 2007 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education. To read an abstract of the article, please follow this link:
Andy Brabban

Andy was interviewed about the work on eliminating E. Coli in cows on the American Society for Microbiology’s radio program MicrobeWorld Radio. MicrobeWorld Radio is heard on more than 90 public and commercial radio stations in the United States and in more than 100 countries via Armed Forces Radio, and each interview is intended to provide a snapshot of the latest developments on microbes or to provide some historical perspective. To listen to a podcast version of the interview, please follow this link:
Sean Williams

Sean spent a very cold February weekend (20 below) in Milwaukee at a conference on old-style Gaelic singing, delivering the keynote lecture on the topic of masculinity in Irish song performance. She contrasted popular images of the urban, English-speaking, romantic Irish tenor with the images of the rural, Irish-speaking, low-voiced Irish farmer/singer. The talk was from a chapter of her forthcoming book (co-written with the Irish singer/professor Lillis O Laoire) titled "Bright Star of the West: Joe Heaney, Irish Song Man," to be published in 2008 by Oxford University Press.

Doug Schuler

From February 5th to February 9th, Doug taught a workshop on “Computing for Citizens” to Ph.D. students in the Informatics Department at the University of Milan. The slides from this workshop are available for viewing at:

Also, Doug’s book "Liberating Voices: A Pattern Language for Communications Revolution" is being published by MIT Press. This book is the product of a six-year participatory project to develop a pattern language for social change based on information and communication. The book has 75 co-authors including 16 Evergreen faculty and alumni who helped write some of the 136 patterns in the book. Doug expects the book to be released in the Fall.

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