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Dance History Grading Criteria Kathleen Whalen

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Dance History Grading Criteria
Kathleen Whalen


Office hours TBA

Broaden and deepen knowledge of the origins of dance.

Increase awareness of the influences of the political, social

and economic climate on dance and its development.

Develop the ability to identify the external influences that have

influenced innovators and their techniques and theories of


Acquire the historical background to discuss the history of dance.

Employ knowledge of external circumstances which influence dance.

Demonstrate the use of technical knowledge in the critical analysis of


1. Three page paper (not to exceed five pages) on one of the recommended subjects. Other subjects are with the approval of the instructor.
Any of the following people:
Martha Graham

Sergio Diaghilev

Robert Joffrey

Isadora Duncan

Agnes DeMille

Mikhail Baryshnikov

Vaslov Nijinsky

Rudolph Nureyev

Anna Pavlova

George Balanchine

Doris Humphrey

Merce Cunningham

Paul Taylor

One of the following subjects:
Research and discuss the theory of Fall and Recover developed by Doris Humphrey.
Research and discuss the theory of Contraction and Release by Martha Graham.
Research and discuss the evolution of the notation of dance for historical preservation.
Research and discuss the origins of ballet.

Footnotes are not necessary for the paper. A bibliography is necessary. Use two sources of reference with one being a book. Web sources are acceptable. Dates for the paper vary from semester and will be distributed the first day of class. One letter grade will be dropped for late papers. Double space and use a size fourteen font and spell check if possible. Grammar and spelling will not be corrected.

2. Attend and review a professional dance concert.
Videos are not accepted for this assignment.


Write a two page review of the concert completing two pages double-spaced using a size fourteen font. Discuss the choreography and the performance of the
dances. The paper is due within one week of the performance and is for credit. A full ten percent of the equivalent of the letter grade “A’ will be credited to your overall grade for completing the assignment.
3. Four tests. Tests will include a combination of multiple choice and essay. At least one essay question will be for credit which means answering the question gives full credit for that question. Each test will have a study guide and the class session before the test will be a review of the material and class discussion of question and answer.

Four tests for a total of 80 percent of overall grade. Each test is worth 100 points.

Research paper 10 percent.

Performance paper 10 percent. Performance paper is for credit and is

equivalent to ten percent of the letter grade “A”.

Dates for the tests will be distributed the first day of class and are subject to change by announcement.
Scantron #882-E and a standard size Blue Book for each test and a #2 pencil and a black or blue pen
Extra Credit

There will be extra credit lectures and two essay questions for 12 points each for a total of twenty-four points possible for extra credit to be added into test points.


According to campus policy, missing a week of class may result in being dropped from the class.

Lectures are not available on the academic web page, but the notes for the lectures are posted as well as the study guides. Paper copies will be distributed in class on the first meeting of the class.

Make-up testing
Students are allowed to make up a missed test by providing proof of an acceptable reason. Acceptable reasons include a verified illness or advance notice of participation in a campus-related activity; e.g. a field trip, game or performance.
Only one of the first three tests can be made up. The fourth test or last test cannot

be made up.

Required reading
History of Dance: An Interactive Arts Approach by Gayle Kassing.

Published by Human Kinetics in 2007. Illinois, United States.

Reference and recommended reading (not required)
Anderson, Jack. Ballet and Modern Dance: A Concise History. Second edition.

A Dance Horizons Book. New Jersey: Princeton Book Company, Publishers

Au Susan. Ballet and Modern Dance. New York: Thames & Hudson, Inc., 1988.
Fletcher, Beverly. Tapworks: A Tap Dictionary and Reference Manual. Second

Edition. A Dance Horizons Book. New Jersey: Princeton Book Company,

Publishers, 2002.
Horst, Louise and Carroll Russel. Modern Dance Forms: in relation to the other

Modern Arts. A Dance Horizons Book. New Jersey: Princeton Book

Company, Publishers, 1987.

Humphrey, Doris. Edited by Barbara Pollack. The Art of Making Dances. A

Dance Horizons Book. New Jersey: Princeton Book Company, 1987.

McDonagh, Don. Don McDonaugh’s Complete Guide to Modern Dance. New

York: Popular Library, 1977.


Nadel, Myron Howard and Marc Raymond Strauss with a forward by Edward

Villella. The Dance Experience: Insights into History, Culture, and

Creativity. Second Edition. New Jersey: Princeton Book Company,

Publishers, 2003.

Terry, Walter. Ballet: A New Guide to The Liveliest Art. New York: Dell

Publishing Company, Inc., 1959.


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