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Curriculum vitae iqbal A. Bootwalla

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Iqbal A. Bootwalla

Professional experience:

eBaoTech (Mar 2007 – present)

Projects involved in

  • Fortis France (July 2007 – Oct 2007)

  • Zurich Financial Services, Casablanca (Apr 2007 – June 2007)

Hexaware Technologies Limited (Aug 2002 – Mar 2007)

Projects involved in

  • AXA France (2005 – 2007) :

Proposal preparation and presentation

  • AXA Belgium (2002 – 2007) :

Language coordinator (French + Dutch) and business analyst (insurance domain)

  • AXA Germany (2005 – 2006) :

Language coordinator (German) + business analyst (insurance domain) – on-site

Proposal preparation and presentation

  • AXA Bank (2003 – 2007) :

Translator (Dutch) + business analyst (banking domain)

  • Winterthur (2004 – 2005) :

Translator/interpreter (French – English) on-site and off-shore

  • Fortis AG (2004) :

On-site language coordinator (French – English)
SLMSoft (August 2001 – July 2002)

Project involved in

  • CECP in Côte d’Ivoire

On-site language coordinator
TheTranslationBureau (June 1997 – July 2001)

Head – Linguistics

Co-ordination of translation effort and delivery in 15 different languages
Aksons Mechanical Enterprises (Dec. 1994 – May 1997)

Quality Assurance Manager for the valve-manufacturing process

Approved supplier/sub-contractor development
Extra-curricular activities:

  • Reading, writing, swimming, hiking, learning languages, understanding cultures

  • Reading in multiple languages to a student with very limited sight

Mobile : 98214 - 99601

Languages known

(oral/written): (written - limited):

  • English Russian

  • French Arabic

  • German Kannada

  • Dutch Sanskrit

  • Spanish Chinese

  • Italian

  • Hindi

  • Marathi

  • Gujarati

  • Urdu

Insurance expertise and professional qualifications
Worked with insurance companies in various projects for over 5 years.

LOMA (insurance domain) Certification

1st level completed in May 2005

ACS (with honors) completed in July 2005

FLMI (with honors) completed in Jan 2007
Banking expertise
Worked with banks in various projects for over 5 years.
Technical expertise
Conversant with the Mainframe environment and with multi-platform applications
Language expertise
Certificat pratique de traduction from the Alliance Française de Paris – Dec. 2005

Stage de formation (teacher’s training seminar) in French as a foreign language from the Alliance Française de Bombay – Nov. 2005

Deutscher Literaturkurs from the Goethe Institut, Mumbai in 2005
Educational qualifications
B.S. (Electrical/Computer Engineering) - 1991 M.B.A. (Management, Finance) - 1994

from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Permanent address:

Bootwalla Bldg., 2nd Flr.,

152, Dimtimkar Rd.,

Mumbai-400008. INDIA

Contact details

Phone: (009122) 32917148

Mobile: (0091) 98214 99601


qbal A. Bootwalla


To obtain a managerial position which requires a huge emphasis on linguistics knowledge, information technology, insurance or banking expertise and which places a strong emphasis on inter-personal relations in a multi-national setting.


March 2007 – present eBaoTech Mumbai

Sr. Business Analyst, Language Coordinator, Leader of Test Team

  • Involved in leading the testing team for the UAT in Fortis France, and ensuring that the test results were consistent with the expected results and business specifications

  • Involved in the analyzing the claims module requirements of Zurich Financial Services, Casablanca, Morocco and presenting the gap analysis, between the functional specifications sheet and the current claims module in the eBaoTech general system, to the offshore team of eBaoTech in Shanghai.

  • Responsible for coordinating between the French speaking technical and business analysts, and my Chinese colleagues at eBaoTech

  • Involved in analyzing the technical and functional requirements for the Non Functional Requirements presented by Zurich and conveying them to the technical analyst team in eBaoTech Shanghai and Europe

July 2002 – Mar 2007 Hexaware Technologies Limited Mumbai

Language coordinator


Projects with AXA Germany:

  • ACC & CONAS: on-site language co-ordinator for both the teams involving the AXA Call Centre (ACC) front-end application, and the application for the agency update system (CONAS). Involved with interpretation in training sessions organized by AXA Germany and translation of relevant documents from German to English.

Project and work with AXA Belgium:

  • SoF project - 2006: managed the documentation of the 2,500+ business rules of the P&C line of insurance business in French. Served as on-site language co-ordinator for the team of over 25 consultants. Responsible for associating the business rules with the documentation available in the main-frame and making the same available to the technical consultants.

  • Responsible for recruiting and training two additional French translators for other projects running simultaneously in AXA Belgium.

  • Responsible for writing and converting the ULIS (new generation of life insurance products application) proposal into French

Project with AXA Bank:

  • Responsible for translating the service requests, mails and documents for the maintenance project of the AXA Bank system from Dutch to English

Proposal for AXA Assistance (AXA France):

  • Responsible for co-ordinating the effort of writing the proposal for AXA Assistance and managing the translation of the same into French.


  • IARD (P&C Insurance) documentation project - managed the translation of over 150 documents, covering 5,000 pages, into French, requiring an in-depth knowledge of insurance.

  • Responsible for the translation work of manuals, documents so that there could be no ambiguity in their understanding and the subsequent technical analysis.

  • Worked as an interpreter and attended all the functional meetings where communication was important.

  • Got fully conversant with the mainframe environment and served as a business and technical analyst for the programmers.

  • Responsible for writing some components of proposals for AXA France and AXA Germany and translating the same into French and German respectively

  • Became conversant with the different aspects in the insurance domain through working in the discipline with various insurance organizations and by getting the ACS (Associate of Customer Service – Life Insurance) certification from LOMA.


  • Responsible for coordination between Hexaware’s clients (AXA Belgium, Winterthur, Fortis AG, AXA Bank, etc.) in countries where French and Dutch was the national language, and the Indian developers, business and technical analysts.


  • On-site language co-ordinator for the Alice (life insurance application) maintenance project in the main-frame environment at AXA Belgium. Responsible for co-ordinating between the client’s team of 15 members and Hexaware’s team of 10 members.


  • Served as French language instructor for the AXA Belgium team, and was quickly absorbed as language co-ordinator. Duties involved translating relevant documents related to the project, and interpretation through conference calls or on-site.

Aug. 2001- July 2002 SLMSoft Canada

Head of French Translation/Interpretation Department

  • Responsible for overall supervision to ensure that documents required for the projects on hand were duly translated in time.

  • Responsible for translation of banking software manuals for products RBS (Retail Banking System), CCS (Credit Card System) and FTS (Financial Solutions System) so that they could be delivered on time.

  • Developed good personal rapport with the management of CECP – Caisse d’Epargne et des Chèques Postaux and acted as a public relations officer for the company in Côte d’Ivoire.

  • Undertook interpretation so that the software personnel could understand what the client needed, and participated in all the important meetings.

  • Was in Côte d’Ivoire for a period of 8 months, and used this period to enhance my knowledge of the French language, and get a deeper insight into African culture.

June 1997 – July 2001 TheTranslationBureau Mumbai

Head – Linguistics

  • Responsible for delivery and quality of the translation projects

  • Involved with recruiting translators with sound knowledge in the various languages in which the organization needed expertise to execute the projects

  • Implemented continuous in-house training programs to keep knowledge and fluency of languages current

  • Built up a substantial client base, from which the organisation could obtain repeat orders

  • Developed long-term relationships with language associations in India and Europe

Dec. 1994 - June 1997 Aksons Mechanical Enterprises Mumbai

Quality Assurance Manager

  • Implemented a quality assurance manual in interaction with a team of engineers to adhere to the strict quality standards prevalent in the industry.

  • Increased sales by employing a sales network and manufacturing throughput by implementing efficient industrial engineering techniques

  • Achieved fire-safe certification from DNV and Lloyds by developing a fool-proof technique for manufacturing fire-safe valves.

    1993-1994 University of Tennessee Knoxville, Tennessee


  • Taught entry-level engineering students the basics of computers and programming including Windows, MS Excel, MS Word, Matlab, Programming Practices.

    1993 Summer Phönix Armaturen-Werke Frankfurt, Germany

    Internship for MBA

  • Understood the manufacturing and designing process in a technologically-oriented market leader.

  • Recommended implementation of several techniques to enhance information flow and easy communication across the various departments.

  • Improved my understanding of the culture and people of Germany, and brushed up on my knowledge of the German language.


Jan. 2007 LOMA U.S.A.

  • FLMI – Fellow of the Life Management Institute with honors

Dec. 2005 Alliance Française Paris, France

July 2005 LOMA U.S.A.

  • ACS – Associate of Customer Service (Life Insurance) certification with honours

March – June 2005 Goethe Institut Mumbai, India

  • Advanced German literature course

2000-01 Alliance Française Paris, France

  • Diplôme supérieur de français commercial avancé

1991–1993 University of Tennessee Knoxville, Tennessee

    1987-1991 University of Tennessee Knoxville, Tennessee

  • Electrical & Computer Engineering (GPA 3.65/4.00)

    1987-1994 University of Tennessee Knoxville, Tennessee

  • 4th year university level courses in French & German with ‘A’ Grades

    1984-1986 St. Xavier’s College Mumbai

  • Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC)

    1983-1986 Alliance Française de Bombay Mumbai

    1984 Christ Church High School Mumbai

  • Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE)

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Participated in the two-month scholarship entitled “Connaissance de la France 1984” organized by the French government to promote the French language and culture amongst outstanding students of the Alliance Française.

  • Am currently a member of the Goethe Institut and of the Alliance Française de Bombay.

  • Have a very good understanding of most international cultures and can easily adapt to most situations and conditions.

  • Read to a visually impaired student interested in learning foreign languages in various languages (French, German, Italian, Spanish) so that she could record my voice, and thus prepare for her examinations

Languages known

Indian Languages:

Read Write Speak

Hindi   

Gujarati   

Marathi   

Urdu    Sanskrit   --

Kannada   limited

Foreign Languages:

English   

French   

German   

Spanish   

Italian   

Dutch   

Russian   limited

Arabic   limited

Chinese limited limited limited

Computer Knowledge Good working knowledge of MPP, Visual Source Safe, Microsoft Office and various translation software (Trados, Systran, Reverso, etc.).

Experience on Rational software packages, like ClearQuest, ClearCase, and Mercury TestDirector, amongst other testing evaluation and methodology software.

Nationality Indian
Date of Birth 9 April 1968
Marital Status Married
Passport Details Number: E-9147615 issued by the Republic of India

Expiry date: 16 May 2014

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