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Crest transfer above this line for Registrar’s Use

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Above this line for Registrar’s Use

Counter Location Stamp

Barcode or



Above this line for completion by the depositing system-user only.

Certificate(s) Lodged

Consideration Money ₤

To be completed by the Registrar

Name of



of Security.

Amount of shares or other security in words


Please complete form in type or in block capitals.

Name (s) of registered

holder (s) should be given

in full: the address should

be given where there is

only one holder.
If the transfer if not made by the registered holder (s) insert also the name (s) and capacity (e.g. executor (s) )

of the person (s) making the transfer.

Balance certificate(s) required

signature guarantee

Please sign here

I/We hereby transfer the above security out of the name (s) aforesaid into the name(s) of the CREST member set out below and request that the necessary entries be made in the undertaking’s own register of members.

Signature (s) of transferor (s)

A body corporate should execute this transfer under its common seal or otherwise in accordance with applicable statutory requirements.

Stamp of depositing system-user

***Please leave blank***

Full name(s) of the person(s) to whom the

security is transferred.
Such person (s) must be a system-member.

Participant ID

Member Account ID

Reference to the Registrar in this form means the registrar or registration agent of the undertaking, not the Registrar of Companies at Companies House.

CRESTCo Limited is delivering this transfer at the direction and on behalf of the depositing system-user whose stamp appears herein and does not in any manner or to any extent warrant or represent the validity, genuineness or correctness of the transfer instructions contained herein or the genuineness of the signature (s) of the transferor (s). The depositing system-user by delivering this transfer to CRESTCo Limited authorises CRESTCo Limited to deliver this transfer for registration and agree to be deemed all purposes to be the person (s) actually so delivering this transfer for registration.
This form should be used only for a transfer of a certificated unit of a security to a CREST member to be held by a CREST member in uncertificated form. It should not be used for conversion of a unit held by a CREST member into uncertificiated form.
The CREST rules require that this form be used for the transfer of a unit of a certificated security to a CREST member to be held by that member in uncertificated form. Any such transfer on this form is exempt from stamp duty.

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