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Coun 597 – Applied Research Methods for Counselors Textbook Purchase Procedures

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COUN 597 – Applied Research Methods for Counselors

Textbook Purchase Procedures
Your instructor, Rick Halstead, has chosen to use an Atomic Dog Publishing textbook. You can purchase your textbook directly from our site:

  1. Go to In the purple “Students Get Started” box enter your Course Registration ID Number 2412575113010. Then click “Next.”

  2. Verify your course and instructor. Then click “Next.”

  3. The next screen is the “Shopping Cart.” Select either an Online edition or a Paperback and Online edition. The online edition provides web-only access, meaning you will need to be connected to the Internet to view the book (note: you will not have access to online text after the course ends). Purchase of a paperback copy includes access to the online edition at no additional fee. Your subtotal will appear at the bottom of the screen. Once complete select “Checkout Now.”

  4. You will now need to set up your online account. Enter your personal information including your email address. We will send you your confirmation to this address, and it will also serve as your login.

  5. Next enter your billing information. Please fill in the form completely and do not use PO boxes, as many shippers will not deliver to PO boxes. Lastly, select where you would like the texts shipped. If you chose to ship your textbook(s) to a different address, enter it now. Then select “Next.”

  6. On the next screen you have the option to select your preferred shipping method. The least expensive is indicated first. Once selected click on “Next.”

  7. You are now asked to verify the information you have entered is correct and select your payment option. The total charges are indicated here. Select your payment method, enter the appropriate information and select “Complete Purchase.” Please allow a few minutes for processing and verification. Only hit complete purchase once or you may duplicate the order.

  8. The credit card transaction will process. Upon approval you will receive an email message indicating your transaction has been processed. Now click “Login.” This directs you to your “Backpack." Here you can view the textbook you purchased with the link to the online textbook, your personal information, your receipt, or purchase another Atomic Dog title.

  9. To access the online content in the future, go to Enter your email address and password in the right hand corner and click Login. This will take you to your “Backpack” where you will locate your purchased text(s) with a hot link to the text(s).

If you have any questions please contact us:

1-800-310-5661 ext. 8 or


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