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Cosmos-standard aisbl application Form for Certification Bodies applying for accreditation as a cosmos-standard authorised certifier

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Application Form for Certification Bodies
applying for accreditation as a COSMOS-standard authorised certifier

Version 1.2 – 20th May 2014

Please complete and submit this form to start the application process for authorisation to certify to the COSMOS-standard. The COSMOS-standard Control Manual sets out the binding accreditation requirements on which the operation of the scheme, and this form, are based.

Applications will be considered only when this application form has been filled in completely and if all the prerequisites are met and all necessary information has been provided.

1. Information on the Applicant

Legal name and status of Certification Body




Legal representative /
contact person (position)


Tel. / Fax (incl country code)


Email / website


Certifier committee representative / email


 A list of all offices and branches of the Certification Body is attached as annex no       or

 The Certification Body has no further offices or branches

 A list of subcontractors to which the Certification Body plans to outsource work relevant to COSMOS-standard certification is attached as annex no       or

 The Certification Body does not plan to outsource such work

2. Scopes according to which the applicant seeks COSMOS-standard accreditation

Accreditation can be applied according to one of or both the following scopes:

 Certification of cosmetic products under organic or natural certification and physically processed agro-ingredients not falling within the scope of existing recognised international or national organic standards

 Certification of chemically processed agro-ingredients with organic content and approval of ingredients with no organic content that are acceptable for use under the COSMOS-standard

3. Qualification

 A copy of the applicant's accreditation certificate(s) and a list of ISO 65/17065 accredited scopes is attached as annex no      

 A summary presentation of the relevant (cosmetics/chemistry) professional qualification and experience including a Curriculum Vitae for all designated personnel is attached is as annex no      

 (for the second scope only) a copy of the contract issued to raw material manufacturers in the approval of ingredients with no organic content is attached is as annex no      

 A copy of the existing standards for organic and natural cosmetics is attached is as annex no      

4. Assignment of Accreditation Body

The intended Accreditation Body to conduct the accreditation according to the COSMOS-standard Control Manual is:

 the International Organic Accreditation Service (IOAS), or

Legal name and status of Accreditation Body




Contact person (position)


Tel. / Fax


Mail / website


5. Application Fee

 The Application Fee of €2000 has been transferred to the bank account of the COSMOS-standard AISBL (bank: BNP Paribas Fortis; bank address: Fortis Bank av, Montagne du Parc 3, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium; Ac­count No: 001-6167642-70; IBAN: BE60 0016 1676 4270; BIC: GEBABEBB). The corresponding transfer voucher is attached as annex no      

 VAT number (or tax ID number if outside the EU)      

NB. VAT is subject to the reverse charge (or tax shift) provisions according to EU Directive 2006/112/EC and Regulation (EC) No. 1777/2005 – you are responsible for paying the tax to your own tax authorities.

6. Further information

Please provide any additional information needed to supplement your COSMOS-standard application:


7. Authorisation

 I confirm that I have the authority of the applicant organisation to sign this form and make any necessary declarations on its behalf.

 I declare that the applicant organisation agrees to all the procedures and requirements of the COSMOS-standard Control Manual and other documents and agrees to enter into the formal Certifier Contract if approved      

 I confirm that application for (associate) membership of the COSMOS-standard AISBL has already been submitted or is attached as annex      

 I declare that the informations submitted in this application form is correct and true.






Name and Signature

Please e-mail the completely filled and duly signed form and all required attachments (signed documents need to be scanned) to: .

After evaluation of the application documents, you will be informed about your acceptance or refusal (including reasons for refusal) of your application or if further documents are required in order to accept your application. Upon acceptance of your application, the further accreditation procedure will be conducted by your nominated accreditation body.

Please note that you will be able to start certifying to the COSMOS-standard only after your nominated accreditation body has issued your accreditation and you have concluded a certifier contract with the COSMOS-standard AISBL.

Thank you for your application.

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