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Cosmopolitan club (Regd.)

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22nd Cross, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore-560 01,

Ph: 26630093, 26630682, 26631097, E-mail:
Application for Reservation of Guest Rooms



The Hon. Secretary,

Cosmopolitan Club,

Jayanagar, Bangalore-11

Dear Sir,

I request you to kindly allot and reserve ______ AC Room/s infavour of me for _____ days from___________ to ______________ for the use of my Guest/s named below who would Check-in on______________ at ___________& Check-Out on_____________ at __________.

I am agreeable to pay the requisite rent in advance and abide by the Rules, Regulations and Conditions of the Club.


(1) Extension Building Rooms:-

Facing Main Road Side Facing Stadium Side

Rs.2000/- per day Rs.2500/- per day

Extra Bed – Rs.537/-

(2) Down Town Building Rooms:-

Facing Main Road Side Facing Stadium Side

Rs.1500/- per day Rs.1750/- per day

Extra Bed – Rs.537/-

(3) Conditions:-

  1. The Guest Rooms will be booked in the name of the Member of the club for the stay of their guest’s only coming from outside.

  2. Check out time: 12 Noon.

  3. Rooms will not be booked in the name of the Members for their own stay.

  4. Affiliated Members can make reservations and stay in the guest rooms.

  5. Reservation will be made against the deposit of rent payable in advance which is non-refundable. However, in case of cancellation, the deposit can be adjusted towards any future booking of the rooms at the request of the Member.

  6. The occupants shall not entertain any guests in the room. They may meet them only in the Reception Lounge.

  7. The occupant of Guest Rooms can use all facilities of the club by paying prescribed fee. However, they cannot bring any guests for the facilities available in the club.

  8. Any misconduct or misbehaviour on the part of the guest, occupying the room, the host Member will be held responsible.

Member's Name and No :
Address/Telephone No :
Name/s of Guest/s :

Signature of the Member : (A.N.K.Raju)


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