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Communication & Helping weekend workshop

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& Helping


Need some time out? Interested in developing people skills? Looking for a fun filled weekend?

The Communication & Helping workshop focuses on skills relating to inter-personal relationships, communication and the helping of others. It has a high games and activity component and course feedback has been exceptional.
Dates Dates: We can arrange dates specifically for your group or individuals can attend one of the scheduled dates. The next scheduled workshop is 9.30am, Saturday Aug 21 - 4pm, Sunday Aug 22.

Facilitators Craig Parker is trained in activity based learning & has a BE/BCom

Brett Parker is a natural therapist & doctor of drugless medicine
Details Accommodation, food and workshop provided free of charge

Who the workshops are for...

The workshops are open to males and females, 16 yrs old and above, generally with a maximum of 10-12 participants.

How to get there...

The retreat is 1hr 20 north of Auckland near Pakiri Beach. Transport is not provided but rides are often available. Directions are available from the website.

About the retreat...

The retreat is set on 22 acres of native bush and run by volunteers. The retreat has no religious affiliations and promotes an atmosphere of accepting all people and beliefs. It is free to attend with everyone mucking in. Participation in the maintenance and running of the retreat is appreciated and part of the fun. Take it from people that have been there - it’s awesome!

further info: email - website -

phone - 09 423 7070 postal - po box 305, warkworth

Workshop Schedule


Morning Arrivals, introduction to the retreat, workshop overview, icebreaker activities, group sharing

Afternoon Defining help, do’s and don’ts of effective helping, group outdoor challenge, effective listening, thoughts vs feelings, developing empathy. Defining, experiencing and the importance of trust, group activities & outdoor games

Evening Communication & helping in real situations, group listening and reflection


Morning Value development, decision making and problem solving, group outdoor challenge

Afternoon Effective question & feedback strategies, Ownership of feelings, Recognising our limits, Outdoor activities, Final group outdoor challenge, Closure

Communication creates the basis for our relationships with friends, family, loved ones and the entire outside world. It is also fundamental for those wanting to help others. It is practiced every hour of every day yet we spend little time developing ourselves in this area.
We would love to run a workshop exclusively for a group you create and help you develop some really important skills!!!

Free to attend

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