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Committed: Inspire & «be» the vision

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The key to Danone’s evolving success story is our unique business vision: financial and social performance is inseparable.

Danone is a people-focused place to work, where you are encouraged to learn and share ideas. Our employees, “Danoners”, come from a variety of countries and cultures, and their creativity, talent and enthusiasm fuel the company’s growth.

Danone dares to be different and the result is a food company like no other. Every Danoner contributes to this success.

Danone’s leadership style is unique and is nourished by our mission and our values. Leadership is not only for management, but is a way of being that we encourage in all Danoners – a common ‘glue’ that helps us to work and grow together. We call this Danone Leadership CODE:


Inspire & « be » the vision

Build and share an ambitious future

Create a sense of purpose for team and colleagues, connected with our mission

Lead by example: “I say what I do and I do what I say”. Translate the values into daily behaviours

Commit to create breakthrough results
Stand to make a sustainable difference, challenge status quo, and generate breakthrough
Think & act ahead: able to project into the future, consider the different options and commit to achieve the ambition

Drive change with optimism (“can do attitude”) and face difficulties along the way


Listen with empathy & talk straight

Demonstrate empathy & respect people, interact with proximity at all levels

Develop authentic relationships through generous listening & straight talk, whether agreeing or disagreeing

Value different opinions and be able to change your mind

Connect inside & outside
Learn fast and share with others. Demonstrate curiosity, look outside areas of interest / expertise

Foster collaboration with other functions & departments at all levels. Act to break silos

Network and connect outside Danone, to learn from & interact positively with our environment (consumers, employees, clients, suppliers, communities…)


Take responsibility & risk to show the way forward
Honour and foster commitment to deliver results on promises

Take initiatives and measured risks, willing to experiment even in uncertain environment

Speak up, act or ask for support inside & outside direct working area

Able to take tough decisions, in the best interest for all

Act with speed, agility & pragmatism
Solve complex problems with smart & pragmatic solutions. Able to switch between “big picture” & hands-on approach
Set priorities and engage into energetic and focused action

Manage complexity and contradictions with resilience and tenacity


Engage & align teams

Leverage the power of the team, mobilise towards common goals and collective performance

Empower people through involvement, delegation and trust

Give regular, honest and constructive feedback, based on accurate individual assessment

Coach & harness diverse talents

Being passionate for people growth. Foster other thoughts, valuing individual characteristics and developing self confidence

Demonstrate healthy ambition, search for opportunities to grow, for self and others

Seek feedback, gain awareness of own strengths and weaknesses, take responsibility to improve oneself

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