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City of Concord Legal Dept. Stormwater bmp intake Form: Legal Name of Grantor: State of Incorporation or Formation

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City of Concord Legal Dept. Stormwater BMP Intake Form:

1. Legal Name of Grantor:
2. State of Incorporation or Formation:
3. Principal Address:
4. Address or Description of Property subject to BMP:
5. Register of Deeds (ROD) Map Book & Page # (if any):
6. Cabarrus County Parcel Identification Number (PIN):
7. ROD Deed Book & Page # of ALL Parcels subject to the easement:
8. Description of the “engineered storm water control device or best management practice (BMP)
9. Plans for the BMP (If plans submitted to City, their name and date submitted.)

10. Attach a metes-and-bounds description OR survey to parcel or easement to the BMP and access way to the BMP for attachment/insertion in the BMP. If survey is recorded, provide the ROD Map Book and Page Number.
11. Legal Name of Person of Grantor
12. If Grantor is not an individual, name and title of person attesting grantor’s signature
This form may change without notice. This form offers no guarantee that a specific stormwater plan or easement may be accepted by the City.
Name of person who completed form:

Contact info:

QUESTIONS? Please contact Concord Legal Dept., Marie Maurer at 704 920 5117 or

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