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Cis – Position Assignment Modification

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CIS – Position Assignment Modification

  • The information in this form must be entered in the Care Identity Service (CIS) in the event CIS is not being used to request the modification of a position assignment.

  • All mandatory fields must be completed to complete this process.

  • Reason for position assignment modification must be completed and inputted in the Notes field in Care Identity Service.

  • Please use additional forms when needing to amend positions belonging to multiple organisations.

Please complete the following mandatory fields in BLOCK CAPITALS:

User Name

User Smartcard UUID number

Organisation Name

Organisation Code

Position Name

Add/ Remove

Reason for position assignment modification

Position Assignment Start Date*

Position Assignment End Date*

* If the dates are left blank the profile starts now and ends at the CIS default end date (10 years).

RA / Sponsor declaration (To be entered in the Notes field in CIS when entered by another RA)

I confirm the Position amendment(s) detailed in this form are correct and can be made to the user above.

RA / Sponsor Name:

RA / Sponsor UUID:

Date completed:

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