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February 2013

Curriculum Vitae


Office Address: MeS Lab

Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna



Phone: +39-050-883992, +39 3280266617 (mobile)


Home address: Via Napoli 15

56123 Pisa



Since 2006 Researcher at Laboratorio Management e Sanità (Management and Health Lab- MeS Lab) of Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (Univeristy of Pisa) (

The MeS Lab founded in December 2004 elaborated and developed a multidimensional performance evaluation system (PES) of Tuscan health care organization on behalf of the Tuscan health care councilor.

Moreover, thanks to the successful health care improvements from the constant use of the Tuscan PES, over the last three years other eight Italian regions decided to adopt this system and with Tuscany as leading partner, created a national network of regions.

Chiara Seghieri is actually involved in several projects related to health care performance evaluation at both regional and national level, the principals among them:

  1. Project “Performance Evaluation System of the Regional Health System of Tuscany”. The project, sponsored by the Regional Health Council, aims to secure more robust ways of evaluating performance of Tuscan health care organizations. The research in this area is concerned with the ways and instruments to explain the interrelationships among access, quality, costs, efficacy, patients satisfaction and other aspects of care; to model and forecast their implications to the resource allocation, accountability, and community. Descriptive and multivariate analysis are applied to both administrative health care records (i.e. inpatient and outpatient data, pharmaceutical consumption data) and patient satisfaction surveys to support Tuscan health care management’s decisions and strategies.

  1. Project: Performance Benchmarking of regional healthcare systems at international level. Assessing the Performance of healthcare systems of selected countries using a shared
    set of indicators in order to assess appropriateness, efficiency and quality of healthcare services. The aim is to compare results in terms of healthcare performance by different healthcare systems at international level. Wales, Quebec, Ontario, The Netherlands, together with Tuscany Region are the first set of regions/countries participating to the project.

  2. Project: “Comparative analyses of outcome indicators” in collaboration with Universities of Milan and Bologna. The project aims to predict patient outcome (for all causes and for diagnoses of selected diseases such as acute myocardial infarction) after adjusting for institutional factors and individual characteristics at hospital level by applying multilevel models and other risk adjustment analysis to hospitalization data.

  3. Chiara Seghieri is the scientific responsible as Italian partner of the EC Project “QUALICOPC” (Evaluating costs and quality of primary care in Europe) is an EC funded project under the Seventh Framework Programme, carried out by an international network of partner institutes and coordinated by NIVEL (Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research). Multilevel models will be applied to data coming from a national survey to a sample of GPs and their patients in order to evaluate primary care systems across Europe against criteria of quality, equity and costs.

  4. Chiara Seghieri’s ongoing and future planned research: “Evaluating and managing Geographic Variation in Health Care and Outcomes in Italy And USA: the case of cardiovascular disease”. This project will strengthen the collaboration with Dartmouth Institute on research in health care variation. In particular the findings from this proposed joint research will enable researchers and policymakers to consider geographic variation in the utilization and quality of health care services as a source of new information for a multidimensional performance evaluation system for improvement of health care for cardiovascular disease in Italy. The Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care methods will be used in the Italian health care system to report on variation in health care practice and be a first step towards the development of public reporting on health care. Data between the Italy and the U.S. will be also compared to understand the causes of geographic variation and how to improve access to health care and reduce unwarranted mortality and morbidity.


May 2001 – Sep 2004

Sept 1994 - Dec 1999

PhD in Applied Statistics

University of Florence

Supervisors: Prof. Gustavo De Santis, prof. Gianni Marliani

Dissertation: Insights on the evaluation of the standard of living in few European countries. The thesis provides a comparative analysis of definitions, determinants and measures of a set of domains that were seen as crucial in contributing to the conceptual framework surrounding the issue of "standards of living", across selected European countries.

Degree in Statistical and Economical Sciences, Florence, Italy

Four-year Bachelor’s degree

Major: Statistics

Dissertation: Morbidity indexes: problems of definition and measurement. A multilevel analysis of the Italian Survey on Health Care, 1994

Supervisor: Prof. Silvana Salvini


Mar 2005 – Jan 2006

Mar 2003 – Mar 2005

Apr 2000 – Sept 2001

University of Florence, Firenze, Italy

Department of Agricultural Economics

Research Assistant, Prof. Leonardo Casini

  • econometric analysis of Italian wine demand. Price and expenditure elasticities of Italian red table wine demand are estimated by applying a linear almost ideal demand system to scanner data, which provides monthly total of observed wine purchases in Italian markets.

  • multivariate analysis applied to a wine consumer survey to examine attitudes of Italian consumers in relation to wine, identifying specific types of wine buyers.

University of Florence, Florence Italy

Department of Statistics

Research Assistant, EC project on the quality of life of elderly in Europe: “Felicie: Future Elderly Living Condition In Europe”; coordinated by INED (Insitut National d’Etudes Démographiques) and, at national level, by Prof. Marco Marchi and Prof. Gustavo De Santis.

  • Multivariate analysis together with multilevel models are applied to the European Community Household Panel to evaluate the economic well-being of the elderly, the identification of elderly currently at greater risk of poverty, and assessment of the possible increase in poverty by marital status over the next thirty years in selected European.

University of Udine, Udine, Italy

Department of Statistics

Research Assistant, Prof. Enrico Gori

  • multilevel analysis of teaching effectiveness using both administrative records and ratings from questionnaires given to the students of the University of Udine at the end of their courses.


2010– 2012

Jul – Oct 2008

2004 - 2006

2004 - 2005

2000 - 2002

Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa, Italy

PhD course in Statistics Applied to social sciences

University of Florence, York, UK

PhD course in econometrics

University of Florence, Firenze, Italy

Applied statistics

Teaching Assistant, Prof. A. Petrucci
University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy

Statistics I

Teaching Assistant, Prof. M. Pratesi

University of Udine, Pisa, Italy

Statistics I

Teaching Assistant, Prof. E. Gori


Feb 2002 - Sep 2008

Apr – Oct 2000

FAO, Rome, Italy


  • spatial regression models applied to both census and survey data, for mapping poverty in Ecuador and Albany.

  • Multivariate and Fuzzy analysis of poverty among fishing communities on principal lakes of Africa using data from a structured questionnaire based on the Sustainable Livelihood Approach

  • Estimation of Best Linear Unbiased Indicator of food intake from diet data of a sample of children in Filipine and women in Mali; Development of alternative indicators; Validation analysis using ROC curves.

Centro Studi sulla prevenzione Oncologica, Florence, Italy

Grant in epidemiology

  • Analysis of mortality and survival data from mortality and cancer registers of Tuscan residents.


Jan – Apr 2003

Jan – Jun 1998

ECASS” Fellowship offered by EU at ISER, Essex University, Colchester (UK).
Erasmus Program Fellowship, University of Göteborg, Sweden





Mother tongue




Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access), Arc-Views, Stata, SAS, SPSS, R


Published and Forthcoming


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