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Cherry cove teacher checklist

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About 6 weeks prior to arrival

  • Send parent information (application/student health form) to all parents.

  • After reading through your packet, return “Statement of Understanding,” ”Classroom Prep Sheet” and the “Program Planner,” from the Teacher Resource section of our website, to CIMI at Cherry Cove. Please return at least 3 weeks prior to arrival!

CIMI Cherry Cove FAX: 310-510-9645

P.O. Box 5015 email:

Avalon, CA 90704

2-3 Weeks prior to arrival

  • Contact CIMI Cherry Cove program office to cover details on telephone contact sheet including the final count of students and chaperones, special dietary requirements, and medical information.

  • Arrange transportation to the Long Beach boat terminal. Call the business office if you need assistance with arrangements (909-625-6194).

1 Week prior to arrival – final checklist of organizational details

  • Prepare all chaperones and assign their duties. Copy and hand out pages from “Chaperone and Student Information” section, along with copies of the chaperone waiver and health forms for each chaperone to sign and give back to you to bring to camp.

  • Divide students into activity groups, let them know their groups.

  • Assign students to tent sites, let them know their tent site and tent buddy.

  • Organize student health forms and cover sheets. Separate forms by activity group. Forms are required upon arrival.

  • Inform students that they must bring a sack lunch and wear close-toed shoes on the boat ride.

  • Send home a copy of our packing list.

  • Make sure all luggage will be color tagged and labeled with student names.

Day or Two prior to arrival

  • Remind students wear close-toed shoes and to bring sack lunch for the boat ride.

  • Confirm arrangements for transportation to ferry terminal

  • Draw final payment check (due upon arrival).

Please refer to the Teacher’s Planning Packet for more information!

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