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Cascada exterior

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Exterior Walls and Building Veneer: Combination of buff colored cast stone panels (approximately 2-1/2" thick) and traditional stucco (¾" three (3) coat hand applied stucco with sand finish - metal lath, scratch coat, brown coat, and final finish coat on vertical flat walls and 2nd and 3rd story built up details) with elastomeric paint finish.

Entries: Buff colored cast stone first floor wall cladding, cast stone columns and entablatures with gable or arched pediments on certain units. Cast stone front wall panels on selected units.

Standard Garage Doors: Smooth, cedar wood-faced, insulated (16' x 7') garage doors in custom design, three arch top by T&F Products (Grand Prairie) or substitute equivalent manufacturer with ½" H.P. chain drive opener and two (2) remote controls. The distress level and stain finish is complimentary to the front door style and color (see below).

Standard Front Door: Rocky Mountain, 2-panel, top rail arch, with junior raised panels, solid Alder wood 3'- 0" x 8'- 0" entry door with matching jamb (6-1/4" (stucco jamb) and 7" cast stone jamb) and matching brick moulding (1-1/4") by Southwest Doors with "Light Country Black" finish and with "Arizona Distress".

Standard Front Door Hardware: Black finish, forged style "wrought iron" finish, traditional full plate with integral handle/lever/deadbolt, mortise entry set, matching hinges and door knocker from Southwest Doors.

Building Details: Approximately 2-1/2" thick Cast Stone panels (buff color) and other Cast Stone details where structurally supportable by brick ledge or cast stone supports. Other details are built up stucco such as water tables, windowsills and window surrounds, and the garage header detailing. Other details at higher elevations are built up stucco as well as the soffit and cornice (along with total stucco built-up details at rear of property).

Balconies: Concrete balcony deck in metal pan over wood structural frame with built-up stucco band and stucco soffit details.

Exterior Balcony Railings: Black finish wrought iron 42" guardrail at all exterior applications (styles will vary by unit and buildings).

Windows and Balcony Doors: Weathershield metal clad wood windows with divided lites (applied muntin) (double-hung, casements and awning styles) and 6'-8" tall and 8'-0" tall, multi-light, atrium style doors, all with insulated glass glazing systems.

Gutters and Downspouts: Continuous 5" Ogee Profile heavy gauge paint grip gutters and 4" round downspouts with approximately 4" to 6" standoff brackets with antique bronze or other complimentary paint finish.

Fireplace Caps: Paint grip, 22 gauge - metal chimney covers - antique bronze or other complimentary paint finish.

Roofing: Traditional slate looking and slate styled Certainteed "Grand Manor" Shangle (color: "gatehouse slate") or other equivalent style or manufacturer. (Note: "Shangle" is a trademark slate look fiberglass composition shingle with a 40-year transferable limited warranty).

Gable and Soffit Vents: Aluminum, galvanized or polymer soffit venting product in standard factory sizes and standard profiles with "paint finish" where applicable to match walls.

Utilities: Individually metered for gas, electric and water. Common area utilities are provided for in the HOA dues.


Retaining Walls and Stone Fencing: Cedar Hill Cream limestone block laid in an Ashlar pattern over structural concrete retaining wall with a cast stone coping cap.

Wall Columns: Cast stone panels over structural concrete columns with cast stone cap and topped with electrically lit black finish iron lanterns.

Exterior Railing (top of walls): Black finish, wrought iron 36" to 42" railings.

Property Signage: Steel lettering (black color) pin/stud mounted on stone walls with ground up lighting at Blackburn and Buena Vista entries.

City Sidewalk Replacement: Patterned and colored concrete with decorative paver inserts where possible and allowed by the city.

Driveway Approach: Style pavers in a "Moss Green" blend field in a Plaza or other decorative pattern with "Charcoal" color paver banding.

Gates: Remote controlled automatic entry mechanical gates per city/fire codes (double-swing entry at Blackburn) (fire department and EMS accessible) in black finish, wrought iron with lighted key code call boxes (telephone and video connected) and a pedestrian entry gate with one (1) additional key code access box. The Buena Vista gate is anticipated to be "homeowner exit only" gate with a single sliding gate with another pedestrian access gate with a key code telephone panel provided. All final gate/entry details are subject to final city and fire code rulings, modifications and inspections.

Entry Landscaping: Mature Sweetgum trees, Red Oak trees, Red Bud trees, Azalea beds and other plantings with Laropi and Asian Jasmine groundcover and Bermuda or St. Augustine sod as per final city approval of the final landscape plan.

Entry Landscape Lighting: "Moonscape" style down lit at certain major trees and up lit at certain other trees and in addition wall wash lighting where available. Up lit cast stone wall at entry drive. Certain down lit "moonscape" trees at city sidewalks where allowed.

Fountains: Primary fountain is a multi-plume water feature with night lighting and cascading waterfall over a slot cut 6" wide cast stone or granite or other stone clad panels laid over sloping structural concrete wall (concave face). The secondary fountain is a carved stone or cast stone bowl type fountain.

Rear Yard Fencing: Red cedar (approximately 6' - 0" to 8' - 0" tall) fence with a cedar top cap. Individual exit gates will be provided where allowed by properly lines and city inspectors.

Common Areas Inside Perimeter Paving/Other Details: Brick pavers, colored and patterned concrete per final approved landscaping plan and exterior up and down lighting where permitted.

House Common Area and Site Lighting: Gas lit wrought iron wall sconces at certain home front entry exteriors where possible. Electrically lit street lampposts (150 watt - metal halide) and electrically wall column lamps (70-watts metal halide). All rear of house and side of house lanterns are electric.

Mail Service: Cast stone clad free standing common area mail box kiosk with outgoing mail service box, if possible, at the Blackburn entry is planned. Otherwise, direct mail service to each home will be provided if possible pursuant to the strict postal and city regulations, which are unknown at this time.

Irrigation: Master multi-zoned common area sprinkler controller with individual double checks and sprinkler systems at each home where possible. (Note: The rear private yards will not be sprinklered due to inaccessibility; however, each home does have a water hose bibb at each back yard for water access. Accordingly, these private areas will be the responsibility of each homeowner to plant, trim, water, clean-up, re-plant and totally maintain at each homeowner's sole cost).

Trash Pickup: Individual garbage can and/or city pick up and/or possible private individual daily or weekly trash pickup at each garage area subject to HOA regulations, the HOA budget and HOA formal request. Small dumpsters, if possible, will be discretely provided if the site plan allows it.


Standard Interior Wall Heights: The first (1st) and third (3rd) floors are planned to be approximately 9'-0" ceiling heights unless furred down for mechanical or other access. The second (2nd) floor ceiling height is anticipated to be 10'-0" heights unless furred down for mechanical or other access. All planned dimensions are approximate and all final dimensions are less the ceiling and floor finish thicknesses and any furr downs or drop ceiling details as provided for or as required at CityHomes' sole discretion.

Standard Entry Stone Flooring: 18" x 18" (2.25 square feet) readily and locally available marble tile, tumbled stone tile, limestone tile, or granite floor tile ($7.00 per sq. ft. standard material cost allowance - the standard labor allowance is $4.00 p.s.f.). Special buyer upgrades for custom tile selection and special patterns are available for an extra cost.

Stairwell and Stair Handrail: Stained white oak bullnosed stair treads (1" thickness) and oak risers (3/8" thickness) with black finish forged wrought iron balustrade and wrought iron handrails at 36" A.F.F. The allowance for the oak wood stair treads and risers (material and labor) is $2,000.00 per home ($1,000.00 per run). The allowance for the standard iron handrail is $2,500.00 per run or $5,000.00 in total.

Art and Sculpture Niches: Regular and low voltage lighting in painted drywall enclosures with painted wood base where applicable. The pre-cast niches do not have lights.

Standard Interior Doors: Painted solid core 1-3/8" thick wood doors with two (2) raised panels in a complimentary arched two panel style profile (8 foot tall doors are standard where possible - other doors are 7'-0" and 6'-8" or smaller where required).

Standard Door Hardware: Pewter, Antique Bronze or black finish handles from our standard selections with matching hinges.

Standard "Paint Grade" Door and Window Trim, Certain Cased Openings, Base, and Crown Moulding:

  • Door and Window Casing: Approximately 4" wide Ogee edge (paint finish)

  • Base Trim: Approximately 5-1/2" tall paint grade base with PM-1 edge moulding (paint finish)

  • Crown Moulding: Approximately 7" tall built-up, 2 piece, crown moulding in the main living areas such as: entry lobby, libraries, formal living, dining and kitchen (paint finish). Buyer Upgrades are available for crown moulding in the master bedroom, master bath, guest bedroom and guest bath areas for $6.00 per linear foot.

  • Note: All standard moulding is "finger jointed" (paint grade) material unless otherwise substituted by CityHomes at their sole discretion.

Standard Lighting:

  • Par 38 recessed 6" can lights with 75-watt halogen bulbs with "chrome" "Alzak" reflective trim rings.

  • Low voltage mini can lights with MR-16 halogen bulbs with "chrome" "Alzak" reflective trim rings

  • Fluorescent task and closet lighting where appropriate

  • Chandelier at entry lobby (standard allowance is $750.00) in selected units only

  • Chandelier in formal dining room (standard allowance is $500.00) in selected units only

  • CityHomes standard decorative wall sconces at specified locations (standard sconce allowance is $75.00 per fixture)

Standard Electrical Outlets and Switches: Decora style and Decora trim in standard white color pursuant to CityHomes' final MEP plan. Buyer Upgrade extra switches are $50.00 and extra outlets are $50.00. Buyer Upgrade extra J-Boxes or recessed 6" regular can housings for lights are $100.00. Buyer Upgrade extra low voltage MR-16 mini can housings are $150.00 each (all prices are pre-drywall). The post-drywall prices are 2.5 times the pre-drywall prices with a maximum limit of a total of ten (10) changes if post-drywall. There is no deduction allowance for deleting or moving any electrical item (as well as plumbing).

Powder Bath: Vitreous China pedestal style lavatory or other specialty commode style sink (allowance is $100.00) with framed decorative art mirror or other type mirror (art mirror allowance is $150.00). Standard flooring is 12" x 12" marble or granite tile from our standard local selections for the 1st floor concrete floors (material allowance is $7.00 per square foot and labor allowance is $4.00 per square foot). Hardwood (white oak) floor is the standard floor material for powder baths on the 2nd floor.

Standard Toilets: TOTO or Kohler 1.6 gallon one piece elongated bowl (white color) or equivalent brand substitution (allowance is $150.00 per toilet).

Standard Bath Faucets: Antique Nickel (Pewter) - Guest Baths, Verde Green or Oil Rubbed Bronze - Master Baths, is the standard finish in a Newport Brass or other equivalent brand substitution (allowance is $200.00 each).

Special Optional Elevator: AABCO or equivalent manufacturer's substitute winding drum residential (3' x 4' cab) multi-passenger (700 lb.) elevator system with standard Hickory (cabinet grade plywood veneer) recessed panel interior finish (buyer upgrade price $42,950.00 turnkey installed).

Standard Closet Shelving and Rods: Standard CityHomes designed Birch or other plywood (paint grade) built-in shelves and other closet millwork with chrome commercial grade clothes rods in master bedroom closets only (the standard master closet millwork allowance is $2,500.00 in total per home). Ventilated wire shelving is the standard finish in other guest closets, linen and pantry closets (allowance is $250.00).

Standard Mechanical Systems: 12 SEER Lennox or equivalent manufacturer substitute split-zoned system with gas fired furnaces. Three (3) evaporator coils and three (3) condensers and three (3) furnaces per home with three (3) Honeywell programmable thermostats (no allowance).

Standard Vanity Sinks: Kohler Caxton undercounter mounted sinks (white is standard color - Vitreous china) K-2210 or equivalent brand substitute (allowance is $50.00 per bowl).

Standard Guest Bath Soaking Tubs: LASCO Acrylic 42" x 60" or 42" x 72" soaking tubs or equivalent brand substitute (allowance is $250.00). The tub/shower value set allowance is $300.00.

Standard Shower Valve Body and Controller: Newport Brass in a standard finish or other equivalent brand substitute or finish (allowance is $200.00 each).

Standard Cased Openings: Wood trimmed (painted) arched and square cased openings where noted on final plans. Other openings are painted drywall as noted per final plans.

Standard Window Trim and Sills: Primed and painted wood sill, trim and casing from the standard moulding stock per page 5.

Standard Interior Alarm System: Perimeter intrusion alarm system with contact sensors at all operable doors and windows (except garage vehicle door). Three (3) activation keypads (one on each floor) with one (1) panic button in the master bedroom only. One (1) motion sensor on each floor with a glass breakage sensor in "major" rooms with glass windows/doors in excess of 10 square feet on the 1st floor only. All alarm systems are subject to final security alarm company design and city approvals. Note: The alarm system does not monitor the fire sprinkler system. (There is no allowance available).

Courtyards at Front Entries (where applicable): Stamped patterned and colored concrete paving and/or brick pavers as allowed with typical landscaping where applicable pursuant to final approved landscape plan.

Private Rear Courtyards and Backyards: Brick pavers, limited landscaping, and ground cover where applicable and per final CityHomes approved landscape plan. (Note: The Buyer is responsible to water and maintain these private rear yards).

Standard Carpet: Dupont "Queen Berber" where indicated or as selected. (The standard carpet fully installed allowance is $28.00 per square yard ($3.11 p.s.f.) which includes a 6 lb. pad).

Standard Hardwood Floors - ¾" white oak (2-1/2") tongue and groove traditional hardwood strip flooring (#1 select) in stained standard satin finishes with a medium distress (other wood species, colors and finishes are available as a Buyer Upgrade at an additional cost). The standard allowance for hardwood flooring (labor and materials) is $5.00 p.s.f. ($2.00 material - $3.00 labor), but allowance does not include the stair treads.

Standard Fireplaces: 48" Heatlilator or other brand metal firebox installed over cement board on sublfoor with upper surround enclosure in painted drywall with cast stone or and alternate wood mantle. All fireplaces have a granite or marble lower surround and a granite or marble hearth (approximately 60" wide and 20" deep). The total allowance for surround, mantle, hearth (materials and labor) is $2,000.00. The allowance for the fireplace (metal box/flue) is $1,000.00.

Optional (Buyer Upgrades) Bookshelves and Cabinets: Custom buyer upgrade millwork is available as an upgrade, for example: (media center, library paneling, bookshelves, fireplace flanking bookshelves, wet bars, media center, media center flanking bookshelves, custom linen closets and other custom closet details) are available in typical/common industry standard designs, profiles and standard finishes at approximately $400.00 per linear foot for birch plywood (paint grade) and approximately $600.00 per linear foot for cabinet grade wood veneer in stain grade (in common industry standard designed finishes).

Optional Media Center: The standard CityHomes designed audio/video built-in wall media cabinet is $4,500.00 (does not include the special A/V componentry). Other special enclosures and systems are buyer upgrades.

Standard Bath and Kitchen Countertops: 3cm Architectural grade granite countertops (allowance is $50.00 p.s.f. installed inclusive of backsplash) with a rounded "Dupont" style bull nose edge finish in our standard color selections with diagonal 12' x 12" or other pattered granite, marble or ceramic tile full under cabinet height kitchen backsplashes.

Standard Fire Sprinkler System: Individual home automatic wet pipe fire sprinkler system on all three floors with concealed type sprinkler heads and cover plates. There is no allowance.

Standard Wall/Trim Paint: ICI/Dulux or other brand substitute flat wall latex with semi-gloss latex trim in our standard color selection.

Standard Wall Finishes: 5/8" gypsum board drywall is used throughout the homes unless otherwise provided or as required with a Mediterranean style "skip trowel" or a "splattered drag" finish in selected rooms (primarily entry, kitchen, living room and library areas and their transition spaces) and smooth finish wall surfaces in other selected rooms (primarily bedrooms and baths). The final standard wall finish is solely at the discretion of CityHomes unless noted as a Buyer Upgrade item.

Standard Kitchen Cabinets (CANAC or Woodmode or Other): CANAC Signature III or Signature IV Series Virginian Maple in Chestnut Finish or Toscana - Oak Chestnut or Tacoma Maple in Sandstone Finish with Black Antique Highlights (or equivalent brand and style substitute cabinet package as solely determined by CityHomes). The standard cabinet allowance is $19,000.00 per kitchen and $4,000.00 for master/guest bath cabinets. The total overall "whole-house" cabinet allowance is $23,000.00.

Standard Kitchen Appliances (the standard kitchen appliance allowance is $15,000.00 per kitchen):

  • Kitchen Aid or other stainless steel double door counter depth, built-in look, side-by-side refrigerator - 24.7 cubic feet (42" width is standard).

  • Kitchen Aid, Thermador, or other stainless drop in four burner (36" wide) or six burner (45" wide) gas range with retractable down draft or updraft vent.

  • Kitchen Aid, Thermador, or other stainless steel double oven (30" width).

  • Kitchen Aid, Thermador, or other Microwave (27" or 30" width).

  • Kitchen Aid, Thermador, or other warming drawer (27" or 30" width).

  • Kitchen Aid or other stainless steel dishwasher (24" width).
    Note: CityHomes may make any equivalent substitute brand with a similar price as determined solely by CityHomes. Optional appliance selections can be made as a buyer upgrade when cabinetry sizing and mechanical consideration are allowable and approved in advance by CityHomes.

Optional or Standard Kitchen Island: Standard where provided on final floor plans. Optional custom kitchen islands are available as a buyer upgrade if not shown on the final floor plans.

Balcony Surfacing: Stained broom finish and/or stained patterned concrete where allowable.

Standard Kitchen Sinks: Kindred Brand (or equivalent manufacturer's substitution) under counter mounted double bowl stainless steel sink (allowance is $200.00). The Newport Brass single lever kitchen sink allowance is $250.00.

Standard Water Heater: 100 Gallon Bradford White (or other substitute brand) gas fired boiler with re-circulating pump systems where applicable. No allowance is available.

Standard Bathroom Floor Tile at Master and Guest Baths: Marble, granite or limestone 12" x 12" floor tile over cement backer board from our standard selections. Other sizes and details are optional buyer upgrades. Tile sizes in excess of 12" x 12" over wood floor decks will not be covered under our warranty program. These oversized selections require a seller/buyer warranty disclaimer. (See Powder Bath section at Page 6 for tile allowances).

Standard Bath Cabinets: CANAC/Woodmode or equivalent brand and style substitution as solely determined by CityHomes (in the same general style, color and type as kitchen). (See kitchen cabinet section for allowances).

Standard Master Bath Whirlpool Tub: Marble or granite 12" x 12" tile surfaced deck or 2cm slab surfaced deck with a 42" x 72" six (6) jet drop in Lasco (or other brand) whirlpool tub (white color is standard). The allowance is $1,000.00 for the tub and $500.00 for the Roman Tub faucet.

Standard Stall Shower: All marble or granite wall and floor tile with frameless style 3/8" tempered glass shower door. The shower door allowance is $1,000.00. The shower only valve/head allowance is $200.00.

Laundry Centers: The standard floor surface is 12" x 12" ceramic floor tile over cement backer board with standard white melamine or other standard finish laundry cabinets (for certain floor plans only) with ventilated wire shelving above the equipment where applicable. The allowance for ceramic tile flooring is $4.00 p.s.f. (materials $1.00 and labor $3.00).

Attic: There is no attic access available on this project. Attic stairs at Cascada are not permissible to be installed by CityHomes.

Standard Ventilation: All bathrooms and laundry centers have "silent style" exhaust fans (approximately 80 cfm). The standard kitchen gas range top is vented from below via a retractable "down draft" vent system. The standard allowance is $1,000.00 for the down draft system. Buyer upgrades for an overhead "vent hood" depending on the final layout of the floor plans may be available as determined solely by CityHomes at an extra cost.

Standard Audio/Video/Data/ Telephone/Cable TV/ DSS Satellite: Category 5 pre-wire with six (6) line telephone capacities with RG - 6 shielded coaxial. For standard cable-TV and/or DSS, the house is fully pre-wired and the standard equipment is the CityHomes ambient sound system package (the standard speaker quantity is six pairs - twelve speakers in total) with six (6) individual volume controls (one in each main living area for each pair of speakers). The allowance for this item is $6,000.00.

Foundation: Structurally engineered - perimeter grade beam with 5" slab on grade foundation. There is no allowance.

Termite Treatment: Pre - slab treatment plus a framing stage treatment plus a final building perimeter treatment after project completion.

Standard Insulation (subject to CityHomes' modifications due to any code or other determination):

  • Party (demising) Walls R-19 (5-1/2" Batts)

  • Exterior Walls (non-party walls) R-19 (5-1/2" Batts)

  • Attic/Ceiling/Roof R-30 (12" Batts)

  • Garage ceiling and all soffit areas with living space above R-13 (3-1/2" Batts). There is no insulation in the 2nd and 3rd floor truss spaces except as noted.

  • Standard Wall Safe: Our standard wall safe is installed in the master bedroom closet. A cylinder style floor safe is available in the closet area on the first floor (concrete floor) as a buyer upgrade. The standard wall safe allowance is $250.00.

Note: "Allowance" amounts are amounts only stated to calculate deductions for custom buyer selected finishes. They are not the costs to install or add any of these features. The costs of adding or increasing any of these standard features will be substantially higher at a rate of approximately 1.5 to 2.0 times the allowance amount.

*Your Choice from CityHomes Standard Selections

The above standard features and amenities are for general information purposes only and are subject to change or substitution at Seller's discretion without notice.

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