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Carlos Enrique Herrera Portilla

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Carlos Enrique Herrera Portilla
Professional illustrator. He started to work at age of 16 as a self- educated illustrator for “Myths and Leyend” trade card Chilean game. After years in the industry, he studied Illustration in Arcos Institute at the age of 21.
He was worked in different places and projects, in Chile and abroad, for many clients. He is considerate a specialist in heroic fantasy illustrations, and scientific publishing, using in his draws various kind of illustration and color systems. Both traditional (pencil, watercolor, pencil work, acrylic) and digital (basically Photoshop and Wacom tablet).
He considers himself as a fan of creatures and imaginary worlds.

ID Information
Date of birth: 08 / 26 / 1985

Certificate: Professional illustrator with mention in Art. ARCOS institute.

Nacionality: Chilean
Phone numer/ Cell: 56 2 4151703/ 569 8 5228764

E mail:

ID Number: 16187806-5

As an Illustrator

  • March 2013-present

Atakama Labs, Chile/ Illustration, concept art and Character design.
2D artist in Atakama labs. Colaboration with 2D art and design work for Wizard of the Coast, Dungeons and Dragons mobile game (Hasbro and Dena company)

  • Moonga, Switzerland.

2D art, Illustrations and character desings for online trading card game.

  • December 2011 – February 2013

Trutruka Games

2D illustrator concept art, illustrations and GUI assets for mobile games.

  • 2011

Fenix Proyect

Illustrations for TCG "Fenix" of the Chilean company Big Bang together with Ansaldo Ltda.

  • March 2011 – present day.

Gun Metal Games, USA.

Character design for RPG manuals.

  • January 2011 – present day.

Jr. Design Inc., USA.

Character design for RPG manuals.

  • 2009

Assistant Illustrator

Working in the pencil process of the comic Dog Eaters, principal artist Guillermo Ahumada, written and created by MALCOLM WONG, and adapted by SEAN J. JORDAN.

  • 2005- 2012

Assistant illustrator

Working like assistant with Mauricio Herrera in many projects, some like Legend of the Cryptids, World of Warcraft TCG and Moonga illustrations.

  • January 2009 –December 2010

Illustrations for animation backgrounds

Draw and panting for the backgrounds for the animation "Little Hero", made by Simu Media productions, broadcasted by Mega TV.

  • August 2008-August 2009

Work as an illustrator for the iphone game "Sand of Empire" (USA)

  • January 2008-August 2008

Magic Games, Chile

Illustration and design work for the board game "Arcana" by the gaming company Magic Games in chile.

  • September 2004 - May 2007

Member of Berserker Comics.

Participated in this group as an editorial illustrator, doing various jobs, mainly:

  • Individual participation in the "Diablo Chronicles" number 3.

  • Creating artwork for cell phone downloads. Portal.

  • Participation in "Sketchbook" Berserker, with illustrators such as Mauricio

  • Herrera, Gonzalo Ordoñez (Genzo), Guillermo A. Angel and Juan

  • Vasquez, and others.

  • 2003-December -December 2009

Salo Company Illustrator

Work for the company Salo SA for several years . participate in many editions of all TCG games of Salo: "Myths and Legends", "Humankind" and "Cazaurios".

As Professor
Teacher and Assistant Teacher in Arcos institute.

  • 2008 – 2010: Theacher and Assistant Teacher of Mr. Martin Caceres in the fields of commercial illustration, 1 and 2 SEMESTER and 3 SEMESTER of Workshop.

  • 2011 – Today: Teacher of an elective class of Fantasy Illustration and Characters Creation in Arcos Institute.

Interesting info:
Because of the high level at the time when I decided to enter to Arcos Institute for doing formal studies, and my work experience, the Director of the Career decided my automatic promotion to the second year.
2010-2011 Participation in publications in France in the book "D'artist," published Basilisk and the United Kingdom with "Dragon Artist" published Flame Three Publishing.

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