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C. collumanthus (Steyerm.) Mora, colombia: Arauca, Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, Cleef 8875, (NY) ay241987, ay241988; sect. Acrocystis Dumort., C. albicans

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Appendix 1

Classification and voucher data for Cariceae taxa used in ITS and combined ITS and ETS 1f analyses. Ingroup taxa are arranged in alphabetical order to section, with outgroup taxa placed last. Generic delimitation follows Kükenthal (1909) and Ball et al. (2002). Subgeneric circumscription adheres to Kükenthal (1909) and Zhang (2001), whilst sections follow Kükenthal (1909)Wheeler (1989b)Egorova (1999)Dai and Liang (2000)Zhang (2001) and Ball et al. (2002). Individuals sampled from the same species are numbered (1) and (2). The type species for Cariceae genera (Goetghebeur 1986Nicolson 1992) andCarex subgenera (Egorova 1999) sampled in the present analysis are marked respectively by (§) and (‡). Genbank numbers in parentheses represent sequences from Starr et al. (19992003). ITS sequences from Roalson et al. (2001) are provided with their accession numbers only. Herbarium acronyms follow Holmgren et al. (1990). Note that Vesicarex collumanthus Steyerm. is treated as Carex collumanthus (Steyerm.) Mora for reasons given in the Systematic Background, and that Cymophyllus fraserianus was treated asCarex fraseri Andr. (subg. Psyllophora [= subg. Primocarex] sect.Leucocephalae Th. Holm) by Kükenthal (1909).

Carex L.

Subg. Carex sect. Abditispicae G. A. Wheeler, C. collumanthus (Steyerm.) Mora, COLOMBIA: Arauca, Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, Cleef 8875, (NY) AY241987, AY241988; sect. Acrocystis Dumort., C. albicans Willd., U.S.A.: Arkansas, Scott Co., Ford 9440 & Naczi, (WIN) (AF027439, AF027478) AY241986; sect. Depauperatae Meinsh., C. depauperata Curt. ex With., UNITED KINGDOM: England, Surrey, Rich 01, (OXF) AY241984, AY241985; sect. Lamprochlaenae (Drej.) L.H. Bailey, C. supina Wahlenb., AF284897; sect. Laxiflorae (Kunth) Mack., C. blanda Dewey, CANADA: Ontario, Peterborough Co., Bakowsky 96-176, (WIN) (AF027445, AF027484) AY241983; sect. Phacocystis Dumort., C. nigra (L.) Reichard, FRANCE: Col du LuitelPlayford 9807 et al., (FHO) AY241989, AY241990; sect.Phyllostachyae Tuckerm. ex Kük., C. backii Boott, CANADA: Ontario, Niagara R. M., Ball s.n., (WIN) (AF027411, AF027453) AY241968; C. basiantha Steud., AF284970.

Subg. Psyllophora (Degl.) Peterm. (= subg. Primocarex Kük.) sect.Aciculares (Kük.) G.A. Wheeler, C. acicularis Boott, NEW ZEALAND: Fiordland, Southland Land District, Ford 113/98, (FHO) AY242012, AY242013; C. vallis-pulchrae Phil., ARGENTINA: Tierra del Fuego,Laegaard 13290, (AAU) (AY012619, AY012620); sect. Capituligerae Kük.,C. capitata L., AF285044; sect. Caryotheca V. Krecz. ex Egor., C. phyllostachys C.A. Meyer, TURKEY: Prov. Adana, Bahçe District, Davis & Hedge D. 26885, (BM 000059251) AY242016, AY242017; sect. CircinataeMeinsh., C. circinata C. A. Meyer, AF285013; sect. Dornera Heuff., C. nigricans C.A. Meyer, CANADA: British Columbia, Mount Revelstoke National Park, Ford 9720, (WIN) AY242042, AY242043; sect. Firmiculmes(Kük.) Mack., C. multicaulis L. H. Bailey, AF284926; sect. Inflatae Kük., C. breweri Boott, AF285012; sect. Junciformes (Boeck.) Kük., C. aphyllaKunth, ARGENTINA: Prov. Rio NegroLaegaard 13496, (AAU) AY242014, AY242015; sect. Leptocephalae L.H. Bailey, C. leptalea Wahlenb., (1) CANADA: Alberta, 2 km NE of Manly Corner. Starr 96014 et al., (WIN) AY241979, AY241980; (2) AF284958; sect. Leucoglochin Dumort., C. pauciflora Lightf., (1) FRANCE: Col du Luitel, Playford 9806 et al., (FHO) AY242040, AY242041; (2) AF284983; sect. Longespicatae Kük., C. monostachya A. Rich., KENYA: Muasya 1052 (K) AY241977, AY241978; sect. Nardinae (Tuckerm.) Mack., C. nardina Fries, U.S.A.: Wyoming, Big Horn Co., Starr et al. WY96134, (FHO) AY241973, AY241974; sect.Obtusatae (Tuckerm.) Mack., C. obtusata Lilj., (1) CANADA: Manitoba, Portage Sand HillsFord 9601 et al., (WIN) AY241981, AY241982; (2) AF284865; sect. Physoglochin Dumort., C. dioica L., UNITED KINGDOM: Scotland, Ben Lawers Visitor's Centre, Starr 98015 & Scott, (FHO) AY241999, AY242000; sect. Pictae Kük., C. picta Steud., AF285020; sect.Psyllophora (Degl.) Koch, C. pulicaris L., UNITED KINGDOM: England, Yorkshire Dales National Park, Starr 98001 & Scott, (FHO) AY242018, AY242019; sect. Scirpinae (Tuckerm.) Kük., C. scabriuscula Mack., AF285027; C. scirpoidea Michx., (1) CANADA: Alberta, Jasper National Park, Bayer AB-96010 et al., (WIN) (AF027447, AF027486) AY241991; (2) AF285050.

Subg. Vignea (P. Beauv. ex Lestib. f.) Peterm. sect. Ammoglochin Dumort.,C. arenaria L., UNITED KINGDOM: Scotland, Lunan Bay Sand Dunes,Starr 98020 & Scott, (FHO) AY242003, AY242004; sect. CurvulaeTuckerm. ex Kük., C. curvula All., FRANCE: Col du Galibier, Playford 9803 et al., (FHO) AY242030, AY242031; sect. Deweyanae (Tuckerm. ex Mack.) Mack., C. deweyana Schw., CANADA: Alberta, Edmonton, Starr 96007, (WIN) (AF027437, AF027476) AY242007; sect. Remotae (Aschers.) C.B. Clarke, C. remota L., UNITED KINGDOM: England, Yorkshire Dales National Park, Starr 98022 & Scott, (FHO) AY242001, AY242002; sect.Stellulatae (Kunth) Christ, C. echinata Murray, UNITED KINGDOM: Scotland, Sròn Dha Murchdi, Starr 98009 & Scott, (FHO) AY242005, AY242006.

Subg. Vigneastra (Tuck.) Kük. (= subg. Indocarex (Baill.) Kük.) sect.Baccantes (T. Koyama) P.C. Li, C. baccans Nees, TAIWAN: Wu Lai, Taipei,Yen 078, (WTU) (AF027449, AF027488) AY241994; sect. Indicae Tuckerm.,C. cruciata Wahlenb., MALAYSIA: Mulu National Park, Sarawak, Yen 075,(WTU) (AF027450, AF027489) AY241995; C. filicina Nees, TAIWAN: Yang Ming Shan National Park, Da Tun ShanYen 0076, (WTU) AY241996, AY241997; C. echinochloe Kunze, KENYA: Muasya 1051, (K) AY241992, AY241993; sect. Polystachyae Tuckerm., C. polystachya Sw., BELIZE: Cayo District, Jones 11275 & Wipff, (MICH) (AF027448, AF027487) AY241998.

Cymophyllus Mack.

C. fraserianus§ (Ker-Gawler) Kartesz & Gandhi, (1) U.S.A.: Tennessee, Blount Co., along road to Cades Cove, Sharp s.n. (cultivated at K), Starr 98024 ex RBG Kew, (FHO) AY241969, AY241970; (2) AF285057.

Kobresia Willd.

Subg. Compositae (C. B. Clarke) Kukkonen, K. curticeps (C. B. Clarke) Kük., INDIA: Sikkim, East District, Long & Noltie s.n., E.E.N.S. No. 73, (E) AY242044, AY242045; K. laxa Nees, INDIA: Sikkim, North DistrictLong & Noltie s.n., E.E.N.S. No. 211, (E) AY241975, AY241976.

Subg. Kobresia sect. Hemicarex (Benth.) C. B. Clarke, K. esenbeckii (Kunth) Noltie, INDIA: Sikkim, West District, Bikbari, Long et al. s.n., E.S.I.K. No. 335, (E) AY242032, AY242033; K. nepalensis (Nees) Kük., INDIA: Sikkim, North District, Long & Noltie, E.E.N.S. No. 291, (E) AY242034, AY242035; sect. KobresiaK. capillifolia (Decne.) C. B. Clarke, AF284984; K. myosuroides (Vill.) Fiori, (1) FRANCE: Col du Galibier, Playford 9804 et al.,(FHO) AY242036, AY242037; (2) AF284985; K. schoenoides (C.A. Meyer) Steud., INDIA: Sikkim, West District, Chhoptha, E.S.I.K. No. 647, (E) AY242038, AY242039; K. sibirica (Turcz. ex Ledeb.) Boeck., AF284884; K. simpliciuscula§ (Wahlenb.) Mack., CANADA: British Colombia, Yoho National Park, Ford 9710, (FHO) AY241971, AY241972.

Schoenoxiphium Nees

S. burkei C.B. Clarke, AF284922; S. ecklonii Nees, SOUTH AFRICA: Cape Province, George-Knysna, Baard 128, (PRE) AY242024, AY242025; S. filiforme Kük., SOUTH AFRICA: Eastern Cape, Drakensbergs, Phillipson 666, (PRE) AY242020, AY242021; S. lanceum§ (Thunb.) Kük., SOUTH AFRICA: Cape Province, Stellenbosch, McDonald 829, (PRE) AY242028, AY242029; S. lehmannii (Nees) Steud., SOUTH AFRICA: Natal Province, Ngoye Forest Reserve, Williams 1007, (PRE) AY242026, AY242027; S. sparteum (Wahlenb.) C. B. Clarke, SOUTH AFRICA: Orange Free State, Ladybrand, De Lange FA 57, (PRE) AY242022, AY242023.

Uncinia Pers.

Subg. Eu-Uncinia Kük. sect. Platyandrae C. B. Clarke, U. ecuadorensis G. A. Wheeler & Goetghebeur, ECUADOR: Prov. Cotocachi, S face of Nevado Cotacachi, Starr 99020 & Amigo, (FHO) (AY012661, AY012662); U. hamata (Swartz) Urban, ECUADOR: Prov. Pichincha, N face of Pichincha,Starr 99032 & Amigo, (FHO) (AY012664, AY012665); U. multifaria Nees ex Boott, in Hook. f., CHILE: Isla Grande de Chiloé, P. N. de Chiloé, Vann 9803, (FHO) (AY012667, AY012668); U. phleoides (Cav.) Pers., CHILE: Isla Grande de Chiloé, P. N. de Chiloé, Vann 9801, (FHO) (AY012670, AY012671); sect. Uncinia (= Stenandrae C. B. Clarke), U. banksii Boott, NEW ZEALAND: North Island, Auckland Ecological Region, Cameron 7510,(AK) (AY012634, AY012635); U. flaccida S. T. Blake, AUSTRALIA: Australian Capital Territory, Southern Slope of Mt. Murray, Gilmour 6604,(CANB) (AY012643, AY012644); U. laxiflora Petrie, NEW ZEALAND: Wellington Land District, Ruahine Ranges, Bellingham 789, (CHR) (AY012622, AY012623); U. leptostachya Raoul, NEW ZEALAND: Otago Land District, Otago Peninsula, Enright s.n., (CHR 505712) (AY012631, AY012632).


Eriophorum vaginatum L., UNITED KINGDOM: England, Starr 98007 and Scott, (FHO) AY242008, AY242009; Scirpus polystachyus F. Muell., AUSTRALIA: New South Wales, Wilson s.n. (MWC 5927) (K) AY242010, AY242011.

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