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Brander Matthews Ms Coll Matthews, B. Brander Matthews Papers

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Brander Matthews -

Ms Coll

Matthews, B.

Brander Matthews

Papers, 1827-1967

20 linear feet (ca. 14,500 items in 41 boxes and 2 flatboxes)

Biography: James Brander Matthews was born in New Orleans on February 21, 1852 to Edward and Virginia Brander Matthews. He received a baccalaureate from Columbia University in 1871 and a law degree in 1873. That year, he married Ada Smith an English actress. He earned a Master of Arts in Literature at Columbia University in 1874 and turned to writing to support his family. Matthews began by reviewing plays and eventually became a respected author of novels, plays, short stories, poems, essays, and biographies. He was a frequent contributor to periodicals. He began lecturing at Columbia University in the English Department in 1892 and was appointed Professor of Dramatic Literature in 1900, the first such professorship established in the United States. Matthews established the Brander Matthews Dramatic Museum at Columbia in 1911, the first such museum in the United States. He died at age seventy-five on March 31, 1929.
Summary: The Brander Matthews Collection spans the dates 1827 to 1927 with most of the material dating from 1872 to 1924. It is divided into 5 series: Cataloged Correspondence, Writings, Notes, Works by Others, and Personal files. The collection contains letters, manuscripts, typescripts, clippings, articles, notes, photographs, scrapbooks, and memorabilia. Some of the material, especially the newspaper clippings, is very brittle and fragile.
Finding Aids: Contents list, 15 pages.
Restrictions on Access: Available for faculty, students, or researchers engaged in scholarly or publication projects.
Restrictions on Use: Permission to publish materials must be obtained in writing from the Librarian for Rare Books and Manuscripts.
Provenance: Gift of Brander Matthews, 1912-1928; Harold G. Henderson, 1951; and Jeanne Welcher Kleinfield, 1978.
Processing History: Revised by G. Cannan, August 2000
Microfilm Information: A. P. Terhune, James Bryce and Royal Cortissoz cataloged correspondence are on microfillm
Physical Loaction: In sequence
Related Manuscript Collections: Dramatic Museum; Columbia University. Brander Matthews Dramatic Museum
RLIN ID: 89-A586

I. Cataloged Correspondence, 1876-1926 10 linear ft.
Matthews was an influential figure in the literary and dramatic worlds of New York, Paris, and London in the late nineteenth, early twentieth century. Among his correspondents represented in the collection are William Archer, Hobart C. Chatfield-Taylor, Augustin Daly, Austin Dobson, Hamlin Garland, Bronson Howard, William Dean Howells, Henry Cabot Lodge and other prominent figures from the worlds of theater, literature, politics and society.

Box 1

Abbey, Edwin Austin

Abbey, Mary Gertrude (Mrs.E.A.)

Abdullah, Achmed

Abot, E

Adams, Charles Francis

Adams, Herbert

Ainger, Alfred

Alden, Henry Mills

Aldrich, Lilian Woodmsn (Mrs.T.B.)

Aldrich, Thomas Bailey

Alexander, John W.

Ames, Winthrop

Amory, Mathilda

Anderson, Edward Pretot

Anglin, Margaret

Appleton, George J.

Appleton, William Worthen

Archer, Charles

Archer, William

Arliss, George
Box 2

Arliss, George (cont.)

Arrowsmith, J.W.

Ashby-Sterry, Joseph

Atherton, Gertrude

Aubert, Louis

Ayres, Harry Morgan

Bacheller, Irving

Baker, Franklin T.

Baker, George Pierce

Baldensperger, Fernand

Baldwin, Charles M.

Baldwin, Charles Sears

Balestier, Wolcott

Bangs, John Kendrick


Barnard, Frederick Augustus Porter

Barr, Amelia Edith

Barrett, Lawrence

Bashford, G. Fred

Bassett, John D.

Bates, Blanche

Beckett., Harry

Beckwith, Carol

Beer, Thomas

Beers, Henry Augustin

Belasco, David

Bell, Edward Hamilton

Belmont, August

Belmont, Eleanor Robson

Benrimo, Joseph Henry McAlpin

Benson, Sir Francis Robert

Bernard, E.G. (Mrs. Wm. Bayle)

Besant, Mary

Besant, Walter

Bigelow, John

Bikle', Lucy Leffingwell Cable (Mrs.

Henry Wolfe)

Bishop, Joseph Bucklin

Bishop, William Henry

Bispham, David

Blaikie, J.A.

Blashfield, Edwin Howland

Blinn, Holbrook

Bois, Jules

Bok, Edward W.

Booth, Agnes

Booth, Edwin

Bosworth, Hobart

Boucicault, Dion

Bourchier, Arthur

Boyeson, Hjalmar Hjorth

Box 3

Boyeson, Hjalmar Hjorth (cont.)

Bradford, Gamaliel

Bradley, Andrew Cecil

Brady, William A.

Brandes, George

Brewster, William Tenney

Bridges, Monica Waterhouse


Bridgman, Walter R.

Brieux, Eugene

Briggs, Alanson Tuthill

Brinton, Daniel Garrison

Broadhurst, Thomas W.

Brookfield, Jane Octavia (Mrs. Elton)

Brooks, Joseph

Brown, Henry

Brown, Henry Collins

Brownell, William Crarey

Brunetiere, Ferdinand

Brunner, Arnold W.

Bryce, James

Buel, Clarence Clough

Bunner, Henry Cuyler

See also 812M43S6,

Scrapbook of Letters from H.

C. Bunner

Burlinghame, Edward Livermore

Burroughs, John(1837-1921)

Burton, Richard

Butcher, Samuel Henry

Butler, Benjamin

Butler, Nicholas Murray

Cable,George Washington

Calkins, Ernest Elmo

Calvert, Louis

Canby, Henry Seidel

Carleton, Will

Carman, Bliss

Carnegie, Andrew

Carnegie, Mrs. Louis W.

Carr, Joseph William Comyns

Carvell, G.F.

Casey, Francis de Sales

Cawein, Madison

Chadwick, George Whitefield

Chambers, Sir Edmund Kerchever

Chambers, Raymond Wilson

Chandler, Frank Wadleigh
Box 4

Chatfield-Taylor, Hobart Chatfield

Choate, Joseph H.

Church, William Conant

Churchill, Winston

Claretie, Jules

Clark, Joseph Ignatius Constantine

Claxton, Kate

Clemens., Olivia Langdon (Mrs.

Samuel L.)

Clemens, Samuel L.

Cobb, Irvin S.

Coburn, Charles

Coghlan, Charles Francis

Coleman, John

Coles, J. Ackermn

Colvin, Sidney

Conkling, Roscoe

Conway, Hart

Conway, Martin

Conway, Moncure D.

Coogan, James J.

Coombes, George J.

Copeaux, Jacques

Coquelin, Benoit Constant
Box 5

Corbin, John

Cortissoz, Royal

Cox, Kenyan

Coxon, Ethel

Crane, Ella Chloe Myers (Mrs.Wm.H.)

Crane, Stephen

Crane, William H.

Crawford, F. Marion

Crolly, C.C.

Crossman, Henrietta

Crothers, Samuel McChord

Curtis, Charles G.

Cushing, Charles P.

Dacre, Arthur

Daley, Augustin

Davenport, Eva

Davenport, Harry

Davis, Richard Harding

DeForest, John William

DeKay, Charles

deKoven, Reginald

DeMille, Anna George

DeMille, William C.

DeVinne, Theodore L.

Dickson, Frederick S.

Dillingham, Charles B

Dobson, Alban

Dobson, Austin
Box 6

Dobson, Augusta-Mary Rachel

Dobson, Frances Mary

Beardmore(Mrs. Austin)

Dodd, Mead & Co.

Dole, Nathan H.

Donnay, Maurice

Dow, David McKenzie

Drew, John

Drisler, Henry

Dufferin and Ava, Frederick Temple

Dyas, Ada

Eaton, Walter P.

Eddy, Frederick B.

Edson, C.L.

Edwards, Hy (Harry)

Egan, Maurice Francis

Eggleston, Edward

Eggleston, George Cary

Elliott, Maxine

English, Thomas Dunn

Ethel, Agnes

Faversham, William

Fawcett, Edgar

Felton, Cornelius Conway

Ferrar, John

Field, Eugene

Field, Kate

Field, Roswell Martin

Field, William B. Osgood

Box 7

Finch, Francis Miles

Fish, Stuyvesant

Fiske, Minnie Maddern

Fitch, Clyde

Fitzmaurice-Kelly, James

Forbes-Robertson, Gertrude

Forbes-Robertson, Ian

Forbes-Robertson, Johnston

Ford, James L.

Ford, Mary

Ford, Paul Leicester

Fox, John, Jr.

Frantzius, Fritz von

Frawley, T. Daniel

French, Daniel Chester

French, Lillie Hamilton

French, Samuel

Frohman, Daniel

Furness, Horace Howard, Jr.

Garland, Hamlin
Box 8

Garland, Hamlin (cont.)

Garrison, Ella

Gayley, Charles Mills

George, Grace

George, Robert

Giddings, Franklin H.

Gilbert, Cass

Gilder, Helena deKay (Mrs.Rochard


Gilder, Jeannette L.

Gilder, Joseph B.

Gilder, Richard Watson

Giles, Peter

Gillette, William

Gilmare, Frank

Gilman, Charlotte Perkins Stetson

Gilman, Daniel Coit

Godfrey, Walter H.

Godkin, Edwin Lawrence

Godwin, Edward William

Godwin, Harold

Goodell, Thomas D.

Goodman, Jules Eckert

Goodwin, Nathaniel Carl

Gosse, Edmund

Gottheil, Richard

Grant, Robert

Granville-Baker, Harley

Graves, Henry

Gray, Agnes E.

Greene, Francis V.

Greenslet, Ferris

Greet, Ben

Grein, James Thomas

Grismer, Joseph Rhode

Grundy, Sydney

Guild, Thatcher Howland

Guiterman, Arthur

Guthrie, Anstey

Habberton, John

Hackett, James K

Hadley, Arthur Twi@

Hagen, Claude L.

Haggard, Rider

Hake, Egmont A.

Hale, Edward Everett

Hall, Stanley G.

Hamilton, Clayton
Box 9

Hamilton, Clayton (cont.)

Hampden, Walter

Hankin, St. John

Hanlon, George

Hapgood, Norman

Harle, Hugh C.

Harper, Joseph Henry

Harrigan, Edward

Harrigan, Mrs. Edward

Harris, Joel Chandler

Hart, Albert Bushnell

Hartmann, Sadakichi

Harvey, George Brinton McClellan

Hastings, Thomas

Hazleton, George C.

Henley, William Ernest

Herfor, Oliver

Herrick, Robert

Hibbard, George

Hibben, John Grier

Higginson, Margaret W.

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth

Hinman, Russell

Hitchcock, Ripley

Holland, David B.

Holland, E.M.

Holmes, Oliver Wendell

Holt, Henry

Hood, William

Hooker, Brian

Houdini, Harry

Box 10

Howard, Bronson

Howard, Sidney

Howe, Edgar Watson

Howe, Julia Ward

Howells, John Mead

Howells, Mildred

Hoyt, Charles

Howells, William Dean
Box 11

Howells, William Dean (cont.)

Hughes, Rupert

Humphreys, Alex C.

Huneker, James Gordon

Hunt, T.F.

Hunt, William

Huntington, Archer M.

Hutchinson, Thomas

Hutton, Eleanor V.

Hutton, Lawrence

Ingersoll, Ernest

Ingersoll, William

Ireland, Alexander

Ireland, Joseph N.

Irving, Henry

Irving, Lawrence

Irwin, Wallace

Irwin, Will

Jagemann, Hans Carl Gunter von

James, Henry

James, Louis L.

Janvier, Catharine A.

Jerome, William T.

Jesperson, Otto

Jessop, George H.

Jewett, Sara

Johnson, Robert Underwood

Johnson, Rossiter

Johnson, Willard D.

Jones, Henry Arthur
Box 12

Jones, Henry Arthur (cont.)

Jones, Richard

Jones, Robert Edmund

Jusserand, Jean Jules

Keep, Elizabeth

Keppel, Frederick P.

Kester., Paul

Kimball, Arthur R.

Kinnaird, Arthur Fitzgerald

Kipling, Caroline (Mrs. Rudyard)

Kipling, Elsie

Kipling, Rudyard
Box 13

Kirk, John Foster

Klaw, Marc

Klein, Charles

Kure, B.

LaFarge, John

LaFollette, Robert

Lampton, William J.

Lang, Andrew

Lanigan, George Thomas

Lanson, Gustave

Lathrop, George Parsons

Lawrence, William John

Lawrence, William Witherle

Learned, Walter

Lee, Sidney

Lefevre, Edwin

LeGallienne, Richard

LeMoyne, Sarah Cowell

Lewis, James

Locker-Lampson, Frederick

Locker-Lampson, Hannah Jane

Lodge, Henry Cabot (1850-1924)
Box 14

Lodge, Henry Cabot (1850-1924)


Loftie, William John

Logan, Celia

Long, John L.

Longman, Charles James

Longmans, Green & Co.

Lounsbury, Thomas Raynesford

Low, Seth

Box 15

Low, Seth (cont.)

Lowe, Robert A.

Lowell, A Lawrence

Lowell, Sydney

Ludemann, Alfred

Lummis, Charles F.

Mabie, Hamilton Wright

Macalister, Donald

McCutcheon, George Barr

McClellan, George Brinton

MacDowell, Edward

McDowell, Henry Barden

McIlvaine, Clarence W.

MacKay, Clarence H.

Mackay, Frank F.

MacKaye, Percy

McMahon, Una

McMaster, John B.

McVicker, J.H.

Magnus, Julian

Magruder, Julia

Mahan, Alfred Thayer

Malevinsky, Moses L.

Malone, John T.

Manley, John M.

Mantle, Burns

Mantzius, Karl

Marbury, Elizabeth

Marks, Stacy H.

Marquis, Don

Marshall, Henry R.

Martin, Edward Sandford

Martin-Harvey, John

Massenet, Jules

Masson, Frederick

Masson, Thomas L.

Matthews, Ada S. (Mrs. Brander)

Matthews, Brander
Box 16

Matthews, Edith V. Brander

Maurice, Arthur Bartlett

Maxim, Hudson

Mayfield, John S.

Mayo, Frank

Meeks, Raymond

Mencken, Henry Louis

Merrill, Stuart

Merwin, Samuel

Meyer, Paul

Meynall, Percy

Middleton, George

Miller, Henry

Millet, Francis Davis

Mitchell, Grant

Mitchell, John Ames

Mitchell, Langdon E.

Mitchell, Silas Weir

Moderwell, Hiram Kelly

Modjeska, Helena

Monkhouse, Cosmo

Monval, Leon

Morange, Edward A.

Morazzoni, Giuseppe

More, Paul E.

Morford, Henry

Morley, Christopher

Morris, Lloyd R.

Morrison, Charlotte

Morrison, Lewis

Moses, Montrose J.

Mulholland, John

Munroe, Kirk

Munsey, Frank A.

Murray, Gilbert

Murray, John

Nakamura, Kichizo

Nast, Thomas

Neill, James

Nelson, (Miss) F. E.

Nelson, Henry Loomis

Neville, Henry Gartside

Newbolt, Henry

Newcomer, Alice K.

Nicholson, Meredith

Noguchi, Yone

Norcross, John E.

Norman, Henry

Olin, Reeves and Montgomery

Opper, Frederick Burr

Omonde, Eugene

Osgood, James Ripley

Owen, William F.

Owens, John E.

Ozawa Yoshikuni

Page, L.C. & Co.

Page, Thomas Nelson

Page, Walter

Paine, Albert Bigelow

Palmer, Albert Marshman

Palmer, Courtlandt

Palmer, Frederick

Parker, Gilbert

Parker Henry Taylor

Parker, Horatio

Parlow, Kathleen

Payne, John

Payne, Will

Peck, Harry Thurston

Penfield, Edward

Pennell, Elizabeth Robins

Perry, Bliss

Phelps, William Lyon

Box 17

Phelps, William Lyon (cont.)

Pinero, Arthur Wing

Pinker, James B.

Polk, William Mecklenburg

Pollock, Channing

Pollock, Sir Francis

Pollock, Walter H.

Pool, Frank J.

Porter, Fitz John

Porter, Horace

Post, Louis F.

Potter, Henry Codman

Potter, Paul Meredith

Pound, Ezra

Presbrey, Eugene W.

Price, Thomas R.

Putnam, George Haven

Putnam, Irving

Pyle, Howard

Radin, Herman G.

Rae, William Fraser

Randall, James Ryder

Raymond, John T.

Reed. Roland

Remington, Frederic

Rennert, Hugo A.

Repplier, Agnes

Rhodes, James F.

Rice, Cale Young

Rice, Wallace

Richards, Grant

Riggs, Arthur Stanley

Riggs, Mrs. Kate

Roberts, Morley

Robson, Stuart

Roosevelt, Edith Kermit

Roosevelt, Theodore

Rosenfeld, Sydney

Rosenthal, Ludwig

Royce, Joseph

Ruckstull, Fred Wallinton

Russell-Yorke, Annie

Russell, Sol Smith

Sadler, Sir Michael Ernest

Saintsbury, George

Saltus, Edgar

Saltus, Francis S.

Sangster, Margaret Elizabeth

Sarasate y Navasues, Pablo Martin


Sarcey, Francisque

Schauffler, Robert Haven

Schertz, Helen Pitkin

Box 18

Schoepel, Agnes

Scollard, Clinton

Scott, Fred Newton

Scribner, Charles

Sedgwick, Henry Dwight

Sedgwick, William T.

Seymour, William

Shackleford, John

Sheffauer Herman George

Sheridan Richard Brinsley (1809-88)

Sherman, Frank Dempster

Sherman, Stuart P.

Shipman, Louis

Shorey, Paul

Simms, Edward

Skinner, Otis

Sladen, Douglas

Sloane, William Milligan

Smith, C. Alphonso

Smith, Logan Pearsall

Smith, Munroe

Snyder, Frank M.

Sousa, John Philip

Spingarn, Joel Ellis

Stanford, Sir Charles Villiers

Stedman, Edmund Clarence

Stedman, Laura

Stimson, Frederick Jessop

Stockton, Francis Richard

Stoddard, Charles Warren

Stoddard, Francis Hovey

Stoker, Bram

Story, William Westmore

Stratton-Porter, Gene

Street, Julian

Sturges, Jonathan

Sturgis, Russell

Sutro, Alfred

Symons, Arthur

Taber, Robert

Tedder., Henry Richard

Terhune, Albert Payson

Terhune,, Mary Virginia (Hawes)

Thayer, William R.
Box 19

Thayer, William R. (cont.)

Thomas, A. E.

Thomas, Augustus

Thompson, Henry

Thorndike, Ashley Horace

Thorne, Charles R., Jr.

Ticknor, Benjamin H.

Tilley, Arthur

Titherington, Richard Handsfield

Tourgee, Aimee

Townsend, Horace

Towse, John Ranken

Tree, H. Beerbohm

Trent, William

Twichell, Joseph M.

Tyler, Moses Coit

Unwin, T. Fisher

Van Dyke, Henry

Van Dyke, John Charles

Vedder, Elihu

Vezin, Hermann

Viele, Herman Knickerbocker

Villard, Henry

Waddington, Samuel

Walker, Alfred

Walkley, Arthur Bingham

Wallack, Arthur

Wallack, Lester

Ward, Adolphus William

Ward, Fannie Batchelder (Mrs. C.


Ware, Helen

Warfield, David

Warner, Charles Dudley

Warner, John E.

Watson, Henry Brereton Marriott

Welcker, Adair

Wells, Carolyn

Wendell, Barrett

Wendell, Evert Jansen

Westerfield, Paul

Wheeler, Benjamin Ide

Whiffen, Blanche

Whiffen, Thomas
Box 20

White, Andrew D.

White, Gleason

White, J. William

White, Stanford

White, Stuart Edward

White, William Allen

Whitman, Walt

Whitridge, Lucy T.

Wilde, Percival

Willard, Edward Smith

Williams, James

Williams, Thomas H.

Wilson, Francis

Wilson, Woodrow

Wilstach, Frank Jenners

Wilstach, Paul

Winter, Jefferson

Winter, William

Wister, Owen

Woodberry, George E.

Worthington, John

Wright, Frederich Amaziah

Yamamoto, Kuzaburo

Zola, Emile

Writings, 1871-1923 3. 5 linear feet
This series contains notes, typescripts, contracts, book reviews, articles and clippings. The material is arranged chronologically within 9 subseries: Fiction, Plays, Verse, Biographies, Essays and Critiques, Pamphlets, Books edited, Introductions, Articles and Lectures.
Box 20 Bibliography


Flatbox 233 Robert Bright, May 29, 1875 Scrapbook Vol. 1

Box 20 The Last Meeting (1885)

A Secret of the Sea (1886)

Box 21 File 1) A Family Tree (1889-1890) With My Friends (1891)

File 2) In the Vestibule Limited (1892) A Tale of Twenty Five Hours(1892),

written with George H. Jessop

File 3) Tom Spaulding (1892)

File 4) Story of a Story (1893)

File 5) Vignettes of Manhattan (1894, 1921-1923)

File 6) Royal Marine (1894) The Sin of the Father (1894)

File 7) Tales of Fantasy and Fact (1896)

File 8) His Father's Son (1896)

File 9) Outlines in Local Color (1897) File 10) A Confident Tomorrow (1899)(See also X812M43/P)

File 11) Action and the Word (1900)

File 12) Vistas of New York (1912)

File 13) These Many Years (1917)

File 14) Copyrights assigned by Harper and Brothers (1921)

File 15) Notes for picaresque novel about New York

Box 21 File 16) On Probation (1871)

See also X812M43/M, Plays in 4 vol.

Box 22 File 1) On Probation (1889)

File 2-3) Margery's Lovers (1884)

File 4) The Partnership (1884), written with H. L. Bunner

File 5) The Irish Brigade (1886)

File 6-7) A Gold Mine (1887)

File 8) This Picture and That (1887-1894)

File 9) The Decision of the Court (1893)

File 10) Notes for Nat Goodwin portrayal (May 19, 1898)
Box 23 File 1-2) Peter Stuyvesant (1899)

File 3) The Selfish Mr. Selbourne (c.1904)

File 4) High Spirits (1905)

File 5) What Shall It Profit (1907)

File 6-12) Undated/unpublished plays
Box 24 File 1) Fugitives From Justice (1912), other verses

Box 24 File 2) Moliere: His Life and Works (1910)

File 3) Shakespeare as a Playwright (1916)

--Essays and Criticism
Box 24 File 4) The Theatres of Paris (1880)

File 5) French Dramatists (1881)

File 6) Home Library (1883) [under the name Arthur Penn]

File 7) Pen and Ink (1888)

File 8) Americanisms and Briticisms (1892)

File 9) Studies of the Stage (1894)

File 10) Bookbinding Old and New (1895)

File 11) Books and Playbooks (1895)

File 12) Aspects of Fiction (1896)

File 13) Introduction to American Literature (1893-1918)
Box 25 File 1) The Historical Novel; Parts of Speech (1901)

File 2) Development of the Drama (1903) (See also X812M43/P5)

File 3) Recreations of an Anthologist (1904)

File 4) Inquiries and Opinion (1907)

File 5) The American of the Future (1909)

File 6) A Study of the Drama (1910)

File 7) A Study of Versification (1911)

File 8) Gateways to Literature (1912-1913)

File 9) Book About the Theater (1916)

File 10) Principles of Playmaking (1919)

File 11) Essays on English (1921)

File 12) Playwrights on Playmaking (1923)

File 13) Tocsin of Revolt (1924)

File 14) Essays idea

Box 25 The Philosophy of the Short Story (1901)

Notes on Speechmaking (1901)

American Characters (1906)

On Acting (1914)

Venetian Glass

--Books edited
Box 25 File 16) Comedies for Amateur Acting (1879)

Poems of American Patriotism (1882)

Actors and Actresses (1886) written with Laurence Hutton

The Dramatic Essays of Charles Lamb (1892)

File 17) American Familiar Verse (1904)

File 18) The Short Story (1908)

See also X812M43/S62, An editorial correspondence: Brander Matthews to Munro

Box 26 File 1) Lope de Vega's The New Art of Writing Plays (1914)

Oxford Book of American Essays (1914)

Dramatic Museum, 2nd series (1915)

Dramatic Museum, 3rd series (1916)

Chief European Dramatists (1916)

File 2) Chief British Dramatists (1924)

File 3) Poems About Players (1915)

Box 26 File 4) Chronological Outlines of American Literature (1894)

by S. L. Whitcomb

--Articles and Lectures
Box 26 File 5) "Memories of Edwin Booth" "Cleopatra's Nose"

"Critics and Creators" "Doctor Johnson as a Conversationalist" "The

Dunlap Society" (1914)

File 6) "Grolier Club" "Howlers"

File 7) "Negro Minstrelsy, The Decline and Fall of" "New York by a New Yorker, Notes on" "President's English" "Punch and Judy"

File 8) "Sayings of a Philosopher" "Show Business" "Sky-Pilots" "Spelling"

"The Swift Passing of the Humorists" "Twain, Memories of Mark"

File 9) "Unanswerable Questions" "Variety Show" "What is Pure English?" (1915) "Wine, Woman, and Money"

File 10) Magazine articles (1881-1903)

Box 27 File 1-2) Magazine articles, 1904-1926 File 3-6) Lectures

Notes, 1872-1924 6 linear feet
This series is divided into three subseries: Author files, Subject files and Drama. It contains notes, clippings and articles on subjects in which Matthews had an interest. The notes are often written on small scraps of paper. Matthews would jot down any idea as soon as it occurred to him and throw it into a drawer "where I keep all such stray thoughts." Eventually he would organize these scraps and file them in envelopes. He considered each envelope "a story, or an essay in process of hatching." The files are arranged alphabetically within subseries.
--Author Files
Box 27 File 7) Aeschylus

Box 28 File 1) T. B. Aldrich

William Archer


Emile Augier

Jane Austen

File 2) Balzac




File 3) Bourget

Charlotte Bronte


William Cullen Bryant

File 4) Calderon



James Fennimore Cooper


George W. Curtis

File 5) Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)

File 6) Gabriele D'Annunzio


Georges Daudin


Box 29 File 1) Dickens


Dumas pere

Dumas fils

File 2) Echegaray

Maria Edgeworth

George Eliot

File 3) Ralph Waldo Emerson

File 4) Euripides

File 5) Octave Feuillet


Stephen Foster

Anatole France

Benjamin Franklin

File 6) Goethe; Goldsmith

File 7) Fitz-Greene Halleck and Joseph Rodman Drake; Thomas Hardy; Bret Harte; Gerhart Hauptmann; Hawthorne

File 8) Oliver Wendell Holmes

Box 30 File 1) William Dean Howells

File 2) Victor Hugo

File 3) Ibsen

File 4) Washington Irving

File 5) Henry James

Kotzebue; Madame de Lafayette

Le Sage; Lessing

Abraham Lincoln

Lope de Vega

File 6) Rudyard Kipling

File 7) Longfellow

File 8) James Russell Lowell

Box 31 File 1) James Russell Lowell

File 2) Maeterlinck


Philip Massinger




File 3-5) Moliere
Box 32 File 1) Francis Parkman

File 2) Stephen Phillips; Plautus

File 3) Edgar Allan Poe

File 4) Rabelais




Charles Reade

Edmond Rostand

Saint Pierre

Victorien Sardou

File 5) Walter Scott

File 6) Eugene Scribe


George Bernard Shaw


File 7-8) Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Box 33 File 1) Smollet


Herbert Spencer

Sterne; Robert

Louis Stevenson

File 2) Harriet Beecher Stowe

Herman Sudermann

Swift; Terence


File 3) Thoreau







File 4) Daniel Webster




--Subject Files
Includes articles, clippings, exams and notes
Box 33 File 5) Advertising and Posers

File 6-7) American Literature

File 8) American/British Relations; Americans on Guard; Anecdotes

Box 34 File 1) Books; Characterization; Colonial period; Comparative

literature; Criticism; De Senectute

File 2) Dialog writing

File 3) Essays; Figures of Speech; Gesta Romanorum; Historians; Idealism; Inventions; Journalism

File 4) Lecturing; Literary Evolution; Longman's Publishing House; Magic; Man elevator; Marie Antoinette; Masterpieces

File 5) Miscellaneous

File 6) Morality in Fiction and Drama; Names for characters; Negro minstrel song; Niagara Falls; Non-Americans; Novel

Box 35 File 1) Orators; Plagiarism; Poems; Puppets

File 2-3) Quotations

File 4) Revolutionary Period; Romances

File 5) Short Story

File 6) Spelling; Style; Titles; Transcendentalism; War

File 7) Writing

--Drama files
Box 35 File 8) Drama

Box 36 File 1) American Drama

File 2) Acting; Actor's memories; Acts; Audience

File 3) Conventions

File 4) Criticism, Development of

File 5) Failures

File 6) Fiction; Folk theater; Greek Comedy

File 7) Greek Drama

File 8-9) Indexes [Very brittle, request assistance]

File 10) Italy

File 11) Medieval Theater

Box 37 File 1) Morality plays File

File 2) Nineteenth Century Drama File

File 3) One-act play; Political play; Pantomime; Repertory

theater File 4) Renewal of Drama File

File 5) Roman Drama File

File 6) Spanish Drama File

File 7) Scene painting File

File 8) Stage design; Stage life; Stage management; Stroller and

farces; Survivals File

File 9) Words and phrases of the theater
Flatbox 233 Scrapbook on playwrights, 1903-1910. 1 volume

Works by Others, 1879-1923 5 linear feet
This series contains articles, manuscripts, poetry, essays, and autographs by other authors.
Box 38 File 2) John Kendrick Bangs

Joseph M. Beatty

Edward Hamilton Bell

Robert Bridges

Henry Cuyler Bunner
File 3) Andrew Carnegie

Samuel Clemons (Mark Twain)

Thomas Stephens Collier

Austin Dobson

John Erskine
File 4) Emile Faguet

Joseph Smith Fletcher

Richard Watson Gilder

Arthur Goodrich

Ferris Greenslett

James Ketelas Hackett

Thomas Wentworth Higginson

William Dean Howells

Philip Curtis Humphrey

Thomas Hutchinson

File 5) George Henry Jessop

Henry Arthur Jones

Andrew Lang
File 6) George Parsons Lathrop

George Henry Lewes

File 7) Don Marquis
Flatbox 234 Dobson, Austin. At the Sign of the Lyre. New York:

Henry Holt, 1885

1 Volume [Ms.]

Box 39 File 1) M. L. Mayer

Lillian Nordica

Thomas Buchanan Read

Robert Francis St. Clair Rosslyn

John William Rogers

Frank Dempster Sherman; Monroe Smith

Nichol Smith

Ashley Horace Thorndike

Personal files, 1827-1962 2 linear feet.
This series contains photographs, menus, ticket stubs, club rosters, scrapbooks, and other Matthews memorabilia. It includes items Matthews used to refresh his memory when writing his autobiography These Many Years. There are also research notes from a 1961-1962 study by Herbert Kleinfeld.
Box 39 File 2) Memorabilia used in These Many Years File

File 3) Bibliography; dedication of bust; eulogy in 1929 by

George Clinton Odell File

File 4) Photographs and drawings of Brander Matthews File

File 5) Bookplate [see also Box 41: woodblock of bookplate] File 6)

Prints and pictures

File 7) Ada Smith Matthews [stage name Ada Harland],

photographs and playbill

File 8) Theater tickets, 1905-1910

File 9-10) Clubs: rosters and membership form from the

Atheneum Club and the Round Table Dining

Club; Dunlap Society membership letters

See also X812M43/P53, Diaries, 1871-1994. Diary

portions have been removed from 1871-1881; and

812M43/S, Journal begun December 21, 1928

Box 40 File 1) American Academy of Arts and Letters, 1910-1916

File 2) Menus, 1885-1907 and greeting cards

See also Scrapbooks X812M43/BS and X812M43/BC. Both contain menus, letters, invitations, and autographs dating from 1884-1907

File 3-5) Herbert Kleinfeld research notes

Box 41 Mementos [n.d.]: 1 Loving cup and 1 woodblock of


Flatbox 233 # 1: Robert Bright, May 29, 1875. 1 volume

Flatbox 233 # 2: Theatrical Notes. 1 volume

Flatbox 233 # 3: Scrapbook of newspaper clippings re. Brander Matthews, 1869-1926. 1 volume

Flatbox 234 # 4: Clippings scrapbook, obituaries and reminiscences, 1929

1 volume

Flatbox 234 # 5: Theater Scrapbook, 1923-1925. 1 volume

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