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Booking form cfhs evidence and Impact Community cooking skills activities in Scotland

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Booking form

CFHS Evidence and Impact - Community cooking skills activities in Scotland

Thursday 18 June, 9.30 to 1.00, followed by lunch. Central Glasgow

This event will be an opportunity to hear from:

  • Avril Blamey, consultant, presents findings from research conducted for CFHS in 2014, which gathered information from a wide range of community cooking initiatives from across Scotland.

  • Dr Ada Garcia, Lecturer in Human Nutrition, University of Glasgow discusses the evaluation of the NHS Ayrshire and Arran community cooking programme for parents.

  • Lizzy Hammond, Health Improvement Senior, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde discusses the Greater Glasgow pilot cooking programme 'Eat Better, Feel Better’.

  • Rebecca Reardon, MSc Human Nutrition student, University of Glasgow discusses the ongoing evaluation of the Greater Glasgow 'Eat Better, Feel Better’ programme.

  • CFHS – our plans on community cooking skills for 2015/ 2016

and an opportunity to give your views and network with others

Please complete the form (type or hand write) and email back to or post to the address below by Monday 1st June. Thanks.



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Please complete the form and email to or post to Kim Newstead, NHS Health Scotland, Gyle Square, 1 South Gyle Crescent, Edinburgh EH12 9EB. Thanks.

This will be a free event, hosted by Community Food and Health (Scotland)

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