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BlackBerry Quick Tips Ringer adjustment Pin and bb messenger How to Remove "Sent from my BlackBerry"

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BlackBerry Quick Tips

  1. Ringer adjustment

  2. Pin and BB Messenger

  3. How to Remove "Sent from my BlackBerry"

  4. BB as tethered modem

  5. Signatures

  6. Clearing out your Calendar

  7. Setting up secondary/personal email account

  8. Notify link - MeetingMaker Password Reset

  9. Changing Passwsord in BB Sprint Web portal

  10. Deleting prior date email from Blackberry

  1. Ringer adjustment:

A common question, "How do I change the message and email notifications on my BlackBerry?"

From you main screen, press F (if you have dial from home screen OFF!). If not, go to your icons, and select 'profiles'.

Scroll down to 'advanced', and select it...

On the next screen, choose the profile you want to edit. In this example, we'll do 'normal'. Press menu, then select 'edit'...

You will notice multiple items you can edit the notification for. Select the one you want...

On this screen, pressing the trackball will allow you to edit each field...

Once you're done, pres the ESC button, and you will be given the option to save…

  1. Pin and BB Messenger

What is BlackBerry Messenger?
BlackBerry Messenger is an instant messenger program for BlackBerry-to-BlackBerry communication utilizing your PIN code.

What is a PIN, and where do I find mine?
A PIN is an eight digit alpha-numeric sequence that is assigned to every BlackBerry device. You can find your PIN code by going to Options>Status>PIN. You can also find your PIN code by typing "mypin" into an email (no quotes). The BlackBerry will automatically insert your PIN code

How do I add a contact to BlackBerry Messenger?
To add a contact, first open BlackBerry Messenger. Click the track wheel/track ball to bring up the menu and select add contact. When you click on add contact, you will be brought to your address book to select the contact you want to add. Simply click on the contact and select request. If you do not have the contact in your address book, scroll to the top of the list and highlight 'use once'. When you click the wheel, you will be able to request by PIN or by email. Select the appropriate one based on what information you possess. You will be offered the option to personalize the message sent to the recipient before your request is sent.

  1. How to Remove "Sent from my BlackBerry"

Step 1
Login to you BIS site depending on your carrier. The most popular carriers are listed below.

Ours is

Step 2
Click edit next to the email account you want to remove the signature from.

Step 3
In the field titled "Signature" erase all the text for no signature or edit it to display something in place of "Sent from my BlackBerry."

  1. BB as tethered modem

If you are on the Sprint network all you need to do is download Sprint SmartView (this is located in our BB_tools/modem utilities) and let it do the work for you. After you have installed the software (which says it is 37mb but after it is done may say 57mb) all you have to do is plug your Blackberry in to the USB cable and the Sprint View Software will handle the rest.

NOTE: VPN must first be setup on your laptops. There is a VPN tab that needs to be configured.

  1. Signatures

Via the Blackberry desktop program it's possible to set-up a default signature, (name, address, contact info. etc) that will be sent by default on all outgoing messages, however this option is not very flexible, and a signature is not always needed, or appropriate to send at the base of every outgoing email.

How to create a customized Blackberry signature(s) that you choose when to use, ie. no need to type it, let your BB automatically insert it when you choose.

1) Scroll to the "Options" icon
2) In the resulting list scroll down to "Autotext"
3) Click with the wheel, and select "New" - under the word "Replace" type a keyboard shortcut ie. zz might be a good option to choose
4) Under the "With" header type your required signature, ie. perhaps just your name, your firm's name, with or wthout your phone number etc. - then choose click the scroll wheel and choose "Save"

As from now, if you followed the step above, any time you typed "zz" then hit space, the signature you created will automatically be inserted into your email. You can of course add a second or third version by repeating the same steps, and creating another key combination, or indeed any other auto-text entry.

  1. Clearing out your Calendar

-You can easily clear out your calendar from your BB by using your Desktop Manager... Backup and Restore ->

ADVANCED -> select CALENDAR from Device Databases list -> click CLEAR -> click OK to confirm - -> CLOSE ...

Calendar cleared

  1. Setting up secondary/personal email account

  • Access the BlackBerry Internet Service

  • In the “Add An Existing E-mail Account” section, click Set Up Account.

  • At this point it will process if successful it will display

RIM has agreements with Yahoo, GMail and Godaddy for easy integration but sometimes people don’t use any of those if this is the case it MAY not set up for you, in which case farther steps are needed.

  1. Notify link - MeetingMaker Password Reset

When your netid password is updated you must also update it in NotifyLink, click below link to login into NotifyLink administrative pages.

Username is your e-mail address and your assigned password.

After login the main admin page is available…

From the right select “Accounts” bringing you to the “Email account Information” page
Scroll down and in the “Calendar Server” section in both the Reset and Confirm sections enter your new password.

Scroll down to the bottom and click on “Apply Changes” and Logout.

  1. Changing Password in BB Sprint Web portal

Log in to

Log in using your User name

Click on “Edit” for the email account

Look for password field, change it, and save, then logout.

  1. Deleting prior date email from Blackberry

You can navigate through the email list using the T(op), B(ottom), N(ext) & P(revious) keys. Then, press the Blackberry button & select "Delete prior".

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