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Student Information Brochure




TELEPHONE: 08 9334 3666


Firstly Welcome to Bentley Health Service and we hope you gain much experience during your clinical placement at our health service.
The aim of this leaflet is to provide information about the location of the health service, who to contact, how to contact us, where to park and to answer any questions you might have.


Bentley Health Service is located near the junction of Albany Highway and Leach Highway in Mills Street Bentley as indicated by the circle

[ ] on the map below:


General Wards: Gerry Benbow Staff Development Educator

Tel: 93343963 Office or 93343666 Page 348

Lorrqaine Navalta Clinical Liaison Academic Support Practitioner [CLASP Nurse] Resourced through BHS & Curtin University. Tel: 9334366 Page: 141

Mental Health Wards: Mia Vanderness CN MH Tel: 93343928
Gerry Benbow: SDE & Coordinator Student Placement General Hospital Program Tel: 93343963 or 9334 3666 Page 348

Mia Vandeness: Clinical instructor & Coordinator Student Placements Mental Health Program Tel: 9334 3928

Lorraine Navalta: Clinical Liaison Academic Support Practitioner Curtin University one day a week : Tuesdays 0900 –1730 Tel: 9334 3666 Page 141

The ward Staff Development Nurses


Parking is free and it is generally best to park around the back of ‘A Block [the only 3 story building]. There are both fenced and unfenced parking areas around the back of ‘B’ Block and street parking. Please do not park in the front car park or areas with 2 hours parking only.

It is mandatory to inform both the hospital staff development nurse and your university/college course / unit controller when you are unable to attend for your clinical placement rotation days. We will endeavour to negotiate the day[s] to be made up where possible, however this cannot always be arranged within the same health service.

  • Student identity badge at all times. Do not display name badges when working in Mental health wards, rather a badge which displays your first name only. Please also bring the ‘Working With Children’ ID Badge at all times.

  • University/College Uniform [on general wards]. If placed in MH wards do not wear uniform, rather wear neat slacks/skirt & overshirt/blouse with ample pockets.

  • Sensible shoes that cover your toes and are non-slip.

  • Please do not bring large bags or valuables as safe storage is a problem on the wards. Mobile phones should be turned off.

  • Bring your unit outline and clinical assessment papers every day.

Meals are available on site and must be ordered in the file provided in the cafeteria by 11am or 3pm. Meal vouchers [$5.50 each] must be obtained from the ‘A’ Block main reception. Staff meals are not delivered to the wards. There is also a Tuck Shop in ‘F’ Block providing a variety of food and is open between 0930 – 1430. Coffee & Drink machines are placed in A, C & F Block. Each ward & dining area also has facilities for storing and heating food brought in by staff.

Morning shift: 0700 – 1506 if doing 7.6hrs

Morning shift: 0700 - 1530 if doing 8hrs

Afternoon shift: 1324 – 2130 if doing 7.6 hrs
Afternoon shift: 1300 – 2130 if doing 8 hrs


Operating Theatre:‘A’ Block Level 1 Tel: 9334 3617
Ward 2 Maternity:‘A’ Block Level 2 Tel: 9334 3626/7

Ward 3 Medical/Surgical:‘A’ Block Level 3 Tel: 9334 3628/9

Ward 4 Assessment/Rehabilitation: ‘C’ Block Tel: 9334 3730/1

Aged Care Assessment Team: ‘D’ Block Tel: 9334 3723/3604

Aged Care Therapy Unit:‘D’ Block Tel: 9334 3688

Ward 5 Adolescent MH Unit: ‘N’ Block Tel: 9334 3685/6

Ward 6 Adult Mental Health: ‘F’ Block Tel: 9334 3878/9

Ward 7 Adult Mental Health: ‘F’ Block Tel: 9334 3883/4

Ward 8 Adult Mental Health: ‘F’ Block Tel: 9334 3886/7

Ward10 Psycho-Geriatric Unit: ‘G’ Block Tel: 9334 3983/7

  • All students will be expected to report straight to the ward/unit they have been allocated, unless otherwise instructed. Students must show their ID Badge to the Ward Coordinator on arrival to the ward/unit.

  • All students are expected to report for duty on time.

  • All students will be provided with a Ward/Unit Orientation booklet. Your preceptor/buddy will give you the booklet and orientate you to the ward on your first day.

  • The ward Coordinator will assign you a ‘buddy’ for the shift for all stage 1 – 5 students.

  • All stage 6/7 students and EN & RN Re –Registration Nurses will be assigned Preceptors. Al students for General Hospital placements are

expected to contact Gerry Benbow on 9334 3963 or 9334 3666 Page 348 a week prior to their clinical placement to confirm their placement and ascertain whom their Preceptor will be and what their roster will be for the first week.

  • Primary Health Students will commence at 0830 hrs and rotate between Aged Care Assessment Team [ACAT] and the Aged Care Therapy Unit both located in ‘D’ Block. Some students will also rotate to the Continence Clinic & Diabetic Education Clinic also Located id D Block

  • There is a Student/Preceptor Information File located on each ward/unit in which you will also find ward orientation booklets and other useful information.

  • Your Buddy/Preceptor will orientate you to the ward/unit, introduce you to the ward staff and discuss your objectives and your clinical assessment tool with you [bring your assessment tool every day].

  • It is your responsibility to keep up to date with your clinical assessment /evaluation tool, in that you progressively obtain assessments of your clinical competencies during your clinical placement as you will not always be assigned to the same nurse during your placement. You will need to obtain signatures for competencies achieved with the nurse who you were working with at the time of those achievements.

  • It is the student’s responsibility for the safe keeping of their Clinical Evaluation Tool as well as ensuring that the Preceptor / buddy has easy access to it.

  • Students are expected to abide by their University’s Standards of Practice, BHS Nursing Practice Manual Policies and Procedures at all times. Hard Copies of the hospital practice manuals can be found on all wards/units. Students are encouraged to always practice within their scope of practice. Students are also encouraged to read the Nursing Practice Manuals and related information in relation to achieving specific goals and objectives and clinical competencies eg Medication Policies, Intravenous Medication, Consent , Pre -Operative Patient Preparation, Post Anaesthetic Standards and observations.

  • It is important that all students abide by the Occupational Safety & Health regulations during clinical placements. You are encouraged to locate the OS & H Manual& Infection Control Manual on each ward/unit. BHS has a ‘no lifting’ policy for all staff and the use of safe manual handling techniques using slide sheets and patient hoists is the standard. Remember not use or operate any equipment that you have not been shown how to use and can demonstrate correct & safe use to your preceptor/buddy. Should you experience an incident or injury during your clinical placement you will be expected to complete a BHS Employee Incident Form as well as report it to your University/College.

  • Students must be supervised at all times during clinical placements and are expected to observe and practice skills that they are seeking to become competent at and seek new learning opportunities for continued development of skills within the scope of their clinical level and unit.

  • All students are strongly encouraged to complete the BHS Student Evaluation Form at the end of your rotation and return it to Gerry Benbow SDE ‘A’ Block. The evaluation form is found at the back of your ward/ unit orientation booklets. We appreciate and value your input and comments and these are taken into account when we evaluate the Student placement program.

  • Should you have any queries or encounter any problems relating to your placement please contact your University Clinical Instructor/ Unit Controller.

  • We offer several one year Graduate Nurse Programs [GNP]at Bentley Health Service, these being:

Mental Health GNP – 1 intake annually in February

General Hospital GNP - 2 intakes annually in February & August

Integrated GNP - 2 intakes annually in February & August

The Integrated GNP consists of six months rotations in Mental Health & General wards. There is a comprehensive Orientation Program of 4 days on induction followed by 2 - 3 days as supernumerary on the first ward/unit. Monthly study half days provided for those in the Integrated and General GNP as well as access to the access to the ward based tutorials. Ward staff development Nurses and Preceptors

Will assist all graduate nurses with their development at ward level.
Applications to the Graduate Nurse Programs are available through Graduate Nurse Connect each June/July or through direct enquiries to the Staff Development Unit at BHS Tel: 9334 3963.

  • Number of Positions: 18 per year in the Integrated & General GNP

  • Dates of Intakes: February & August

  • Accommodation available: No

  • We hope you are able to achieve your objectives and expected outcomes during your clinical placement at BHS and that you enjoy the experience.




We hope this basic information is helpful to you.
Compiled: BHS Staff Development Unit 2003 Last Reviewed: September 2007

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