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Bent on learning teacher training application

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Thank you for your decision to apply to the Bent On Learning Teacher Training Program!
In signing and submitting this application, I confirm that I understand all terms listed here:

I have read and agreed to all requirements of the training, including attendance and practice requirements. I understand that should I miss or fail any aspect of the training I may make this up at additional cost, with the exception of a medical or personal emergency. I understand this program is a serious commitment of time and energy, and Bent On Learning (BOL) reserves the right to dismiss any student from the training for irresponsible or unprofessional behavior. In this unlikely case, applicants will be refunded unused tuition.


Tuition for the 2014 program is as follows:

  • $25 Application Charge, non-refundable, not applicable towards tuition

  • $150 deposit is due upon acceptance to the program (No Exceptions). I understand this deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable and have enclosed my check in the amount of $150 OR included my credit card information for billing upon my acceptance. (If I am not accepted, my check will be returned to me / my card will not be charged.) Applicants will be notified of acceptance via email.

  • There are two tiers of BOL training:

  • $1,100 for the Core Curriculum Program (75 hours)

  • $1,650 for the Bent On Learning Certificate Program (100 hours)

  • 100% of tuition ($950 or $1,500, less $150 deposit) by Friday, February 7, 2014. If a payment plan is needed, please reach out to BOL Program Manager, Kristen Lalka (, to arrange a payment plan that will be completed by the end of the core training (Sunday, April 13, 2014)

I understand the following payment and refund policies:

  • Cancellations more than two weeks before the training program start date, February 7, 2014, receive a full tuition refund, less the $25 application fee.

  • After training begins, no refunds are available; however I may become an Extension Student and complete my training in a later training for a $150 fee.

  • No credits are given for absences due to illness or family emergencies. Make ups may be arranged based on our conflicts policy (but additional costs may apply). 100% attendance for all hours and workshops is required in order to receive Core Training credit or a Bent On Learning Teaching Certificate.


  • Save application as a WORD DOCUMENT. Please DO NOT USE Doc.x.

  • Print, SIGN and scan your application

  • Send the application as an attachment to:

  • Title your application document as follows: LAST NAME_FIRST INITIAL_APP

  • To include a resume, please title as follows: LAST NAME_FIRSTINITIAL_RESUME

If you have questions about submitting, please email Kristen Lalka, Program Manager -


If you need to use regular mail, please post to:

Bent On Learning

154 Grand Street

NY, NY 10013

We encourage all applicants to submit early and provide ample timing for BOL’s review.

The deadline for application is 12PM EST on Friday, January 31, 2014.

Bent On Learning offers a rolling admission and will accept as students send in their applications

We look forward to reading your application…

Bent On Learning TT Application
Indicate the Training You Are Applying For:

75-Hour Core Curriculum Program

100-Hour Bent On Learning Certificate Program
DOB: Gender: Ethnicity:
Emergency Contact Person:
Phone: Email:
Relationship of Contact:


____I have enclosed a non-refundable processing fee of $25 made out to Bent On Learning (All applicants must pay this fee to be considered for the training.)

_____I have enclosed my check in the amount of $150 made out to Bent On Learning. Upon my acceptance, please cash my check.
_____Upon my acceptance, please bill my credit card in the amount of $175 ($25 application fee and $150 deposit)
Name on card:
Billing Address:
Credit card number: Expiration (MM/YY):

Only certified and experienced public school teachers may receive scholarship rates. Please submit W-2’s. Please contact Courtney McDowell, BOL Program Director in regards to scholarship rates. Please contact Kristen Lalka, BOL Program Manager in regards to payment/ financial questions:


Please answer all questions as succinctly as possible and submit with your emailed application in the following way:

  • Save as a Word Doc. Please do not use Doc.x.

  • Title the submission as follows: LAST NAME_FIRST INITIAL_APP.doc

  • To include additional resume(s): LAST NAME_FIRST INITIAL_RESUME (Yoga or Other)

  • You may type directly on the document and fill in answers directly below the questions.

  • Please use a different color for your responses.

  • Or, attach an additional page, with questions and answers clearly numbered.

  • Submit by email to: or by post to Bent On Learning

1. Describe your yoga background: How long have you been practicing yoga? What style and with which teachers? How often do you practice? Have you participated in any previous yoga teacher training courses or intensive study? (You may attach a yoga resume.)

2. Do you currently teach or have you ever taught yoga to adults? To kids or teens? If so, where and for how long?

3. Are you a licensed NYS public school teacher? Where have you taught and where are you currently teaching? What grade levels? (You may attach a resume.)

4. What experience do you have working with children (either professionally or personally)? What age group have you worked with? Is there a particular age group that interests you?

5. Write a brief statement (1 paragraph) answering the following:

  • How would you like to use this training upon completion?

  • What are your expectations for the Bent On Learning Teacher Training?

I have read and understood the terms of this application and have answered all questions honestly and to the best of my knowledge.

Signature Date

BOL Teacher Training Application 2014

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