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Applying for Support The areva corporate Foundation supports solidarity initiatives in countries in which it operates, in three fields

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Applying for Support
The AREVA Corporate Foundation supports solidarity initiatives in countries in which it operates, in three fields:

  • Health

  • The fight against Aids, both through research and in the field

  • Access to treatment for the very poor

  • The acquisition of medical equipment

  • Education

  • Culture

  • Access to culture for the underprivileged

  • Cultural influence

In addition, the AREVA Corporate Foundation is receptive to employee involvement in its public interest activities. Any project that calls for their volunteer support will be particularly examined.

Eligibility criteria

For the project

  • Co-responsible, in the public interest, and not for profit

  • Falls within one of the AREVA Corporate Foundation’s three fields of activity:

Health, Education or Culture

  • Located in a country in which the group is based, preferably near an AREVA site

For the association

  • Organized under French law as an association, an NGO, a foundation or any Non-profit organization

  • Non-political and non-denominational

  • In existence for a minimum of three years

The following requests will not be accepted 

  • Particular events (trade shows, symposia, functions, receptions…)

  • Sports or sporting events (long-distance humanitarian treks, expeditions…)

  • Projects of an individual nature (study trips, student exchanges…)

  • Observatories, research…

  • Association operating expenditures (payroll, office rental)…

How do you submit a project?

Once you’ve made sure that your project complies with the AREVA Corporate Foundation’s selection criteria, you can send in the completed form and your application to the following address:

AREVA Corporate Foundation 1, place Jean Millier 92400 Courbevoie – France


Project leader
Last name:       First name:      
Work address:      
Tel:       Mobile:      
Is the project supported by an AREVA employee? YES  NO 
If yes, provide details (last name, first name, work telephone, email address):      

Your Association

Association name:      

Date created (registration):      

Purpose of the association (defined in the bylaws):      

Name of legal representative:      

Number of employees:       Number of members:      
Number of volunteers:      
Has your association already carried out projects of this type?      
If yes, in which countries?      

Tel:       Email:      


Your project

Your project falls under the following:

Fight against Aids ( ) Acquisition of medical equipment ( )
Access to treatment, and support for families at the hospital ( )
Access to education ( ) Fight for literacy ( )
Support for students from underprivileged backgrounds ( )
Access to culture for the underprivileged ( ) cultural influence ( )


Detailed description of the project      

Project objectives:      

Number of people involved in its implementation:      
Are local stakeholders involved in your project?      

Are you looking for volunteers to carry out this project? YES  NO 

If yes, what skills are needed?      


In which country with a group presence is your project being conducted?      

Which AREVA site is it near?      
To which locally identified need does it respond?      

Who will benefit from the project?      

How many will benefit?      

What project assessment and monitoring tools do you use?      

What is the project implementation schedule (please give milestones)?      

Project duration:      
Status of project progress:      

Project budget

Total project budget (in euros):      

(Please attach detailed budget)
Amount requested from AREVA (in euros):      
Utilization of this amount:      
Other partners approached: YES  NO 
If yes, which ones?      
Status of discussions:      
Existing partner(s) (specify amounts):      

List of documentation to be provided

  • Articles of association (announcement in the Journal Officiel, bylaws, list of board members)

  • Detailed budget

  • 2010 and 2011 annual reports

  • Any other document you feel would contribute to an understanding of your project (photos, etc.)

The completed application for support and its attachments should be sent:

  • By mail to:

AREVA Corporate Foundation

1, place Jean Millier

92400 Courbevoie – France

  • By e-mail to:

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