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Api-aga joint committee on oil and gas pipeline field welding practices

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Renaissance Worthington Hotel, Ft. Worth, TX

Jan 25-26, 2012

Attending Company
Alex Afaganis EVRAZ Inc.

Bill Amend DNV

Fabian Anne Technip

Garrett Atkins Alaska Pipeline Project

Ed Baniak American Petroleum Institute

Bob Bates AUT Consulting

Kevin Beardsley Lincoln Electric

Alan Beckett Alyeska Pipeline Service Company

Matt Boring Edison Welding Institute

Chris Bradshaw Technip

Con Brouwers Shell Global Solutions

Bill Bruce DNV (USA) Inc.

James Burk BP plc

Tim Burns Shell International E&P

Bill Byrd T. D. Williamson

Eric Carlson CRC Evans Offshore

Bhaven Chakravarti Wyman

Matt Cheney Applied Consultants Inc

Mike Childers Southwest Gas Corp.

Rene Colon Koch Pipeline

Dave Culbertson El Paso Corp.

Glen Davis Applied Consultants Inc

Don Drake Exxon-Mobil

Keith Dryden Serimax

Jan van der Ent Applus RTD

Chris Ersig Aquilex WSI

Brad Etheridge DNV (USA) Inc.

Doug Fairchild Exxon-Mobil

Marshall Farley Consumers Energy Co.

Bill Fazackerley Stanley

Scott Funderburk Lincoln Electric

Robert Gatlin Global Industries

Robin Gordon Microalloying

Alan Holk El Paso Corp.

Antonio Howard Computer Engineering

Jordon Hunter Kinder Morgan

Bob Huntley RMH Welding Consulting Inc.

Jim Ibarra BP plc

Tom Jarvie Shell International E&P

Olivia Jouffron Serimax

Bob Karlin Tenaris Coiled Tubes

John Kern GE Inspection Technologies

Floyd Kiel Bohler Welding

Robert Lazor Trans Canada

John Leask UT Quality

Jonathan Lee Chevron

Kenneth Lee U.S. DOT - PHMSA

Bill Marhofer Serimax

Spencer Merrell AR Pub Serv Comm

Brian Moidel Dominion East Ohio

Peter Nicholson Michels Corp.

Fabian Orth Edison Welding Institute

Robert Parks Southwest Gas Corporation

Ron Pietrowski Con Edison

Karl Popielarczyk CAM

David Preston EN Engineering

Bob Prince

V. B. Rajan Lincoln Electric

Tom Reeder Central NDT Inc.

Marty Ritz AUT Specialists

Robert Robinson Technip

Jeremy Ryder Stork

Sam Saha U. S. Steel

Bridget Sammons Shell International E&P

Elizabeth Skalnek MN OPS/NAPSR

Eugene Smith EN Engineering

Larry Sportsman WTIQT

Russell Steel Smith International

Warren Stelk Northern Natural Gas

Donald Stevens DM Stevens Assoc

Roger Spencer EWI

Zhenzeng Tang Shaw Pipeline Services

Paul Tews Subsea 7

Charles Tingley Oneok Partners

Joel Troyer Technip

Yong-Yi Wang Engineering Mechanics Corp

Kevin Wigren APSC

Ronnie Wise Price Gregory Construction

Chuck Woodruff SeaOne Maritime Corp.

Qiang Zeng Technip


  1. OPENING SESSION – First Day (Wednesday, Jan 25, 2012)

    1. The meeting called to order by the Chairman, Tim Burns at 1:00PM at Renaissance Worthington Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas.

    1. Introductions

All committee members and visitors were welcomed and each introduced themselves, and encouraged to fill the attendance sheet. (see Attachment A). The Main Committee roster was circulated for review and updating as needed.

    1. A safety review of the fire exits and general layout of the facility was completed.

    1. Review of committee members and new officers. There were no new voting members.

    1. A count of voting members present and proxies was conducted, it was determined that a total of 21 were present, which meant that a quorum (15) was present and the meeting could proceed.

    1. Recognition Awards were presented by Dan Mueller, Conoco Phillips, Vice Chairman of API CSOEM (Committee on Standardization of Oil field Equipment and Materials).

      1. Dave Culbertson for Past Chairman for volunteer service

      2. Scott Metzger for Past Vice Chairman for volunteer service

      3. Jim Ibarra for Past Secretary for volunteer service

      4. Bob Weiss for 30 years of dedicated service

      5. Jordan Hunter for 50 years of dedicated service

    1. The minutes of the 2011 Spring Meeting held in Houston, TX on May 17th and 18th were proposed for approval, no comments, motion by Marshall Farley moved and seconded by Tim Burns. 21 For, 0 Against, 0 Abstain.

    1. The agenda for the Jan 2012 Winter meeting was proposed for approval, no comments, motion by Bill Marhofer and seconded by Tom Reeder. 20 For, 0 Against, 0 Abstain.

    1. Old Business

      1. Election results of New Committee Officers were presented

        1. Tim Burns – Chairman

        2. Robert Gatlin – Vice Chairman

        3. Pam Michalski – Secretary

      2. API 1104 21st Ed ballot and publication update

        1. Mike Childers sent the latest version of the ballot resolution spreadsheet to all subcommittee chairs.

        2. The goal of each subcommittee is to review and resolve each of the ballot items germane to their subcommittees.

        3. Tim Burns explained that some of the items were deemed editorial and resolutions were proposed by the editorial subcommittee. Each subcommittee is requested to review these proposed resolutions and revise as necessary.

    1. Subcommittee rosters were reviewed and hard copies were available. The subcommittees and chairmen are as follows:

Fracture Mechanics - Yong-Yi Wang & Doug Fairchild

General Interest Members Selection - Don Thorn

Maintenance Welding - Bill Bruce & Matt Boring

Mechanized Welding - Don Thorn & Robert Gatlin

Modifications, Interprets & Policy - Wayne Klemcke & Marshall Farley

Nondestructive Testing - Chuck Woodruff & Tom Reeder

Repair Welding Task Group - Alan Beckett & Geoff Rodgers

Weld Procedures & Welder Qual - Bill Marhofer & Robert Lazor

API 1104 - 21st Edition Editorial Group - Pam Michalski

      1. In her absence it was recognized that Pam Michalski had done a tremendous amount of work in preparation for this ballot resolution round. Her efforts are greatly appreciated.

    1. Subcommittee discussion items and assignments

      1. Subcommittee co-chairs to return comment resolutions in the ballot resolution spreadsheet with changes highlighted.

      2. API Awards reception from 6pm – 7:30pm in Brazos I and II

      3. Breakfast in Pecos 2 from 7:30am – 8am

  1. 2:00pm to 5:30pm – Subcommittee Meetings

  1. Second Day Activities (Thursday January 26th , 2012)

    1. 8:00am to Noon – Subcommittee Meetings

    2. 1:00pm to 6:30pm – Main Committee Meeting

All committee members and visitors were welcomed and each introduced themselves, and encouraged to fill the attendance sheet. (see Attachment B). The meeting was called to order by the Chairman, Tim Burns and Jan van der Ent, Applus RTD, was introduced.

      1. Presentation entitled “Future NDT Development for New Construction Pipelines” – by Jan van der Ent (see Attachment C)

      1. OPS/DOT activity information report provided by Ken Lee. (see Attachment D)

      1. Subcommittee Reports:

        1. Modification, Interpretations and Policy – Wayne Klemcke and Marshall Farley - No Quorum, No Meeting

        1. Nondestructive Testing – Chuck Woodruff and Tom Reeder. Tom Reeder reported (See Attachment E)

        1. Repair Welding Task Group – Alan Beckett and Geoff Rodgers. Alan Beckett reported, no formal minutes generated

        1. Welding Procedures and Welder Qualifications – Bill Marhofer and Robert Lazor. Bill Marhofer reported (see Attachment F)

      1. API 1104 – 21st Ed Editorial Group – Pam Michalski

        1. Tim Burns reported, recommendation was to review each ballot resolution in Main Committee.

          1. A procedural challenge was raised that Subcommittee resolution was sufficient to revise 1104 and that no further discussion was required. Some thought we needed to vote in Main Committee again.

          2. Main Committee was adjourned and all subcommittee chairs and past executive officers were requested to meet with the Chairman to discuss API 1104 bylaws. API staff was consulted and it was confirmed that subcommittee resolution was appropriate.

The meeting was called back to order by the Chairman.

          1. The findings were reported to the main committee. Additionally, it was explained that all subcommittee resolutions would be provided to the editorial group and incorporated into API 1104 21st Ed for ballot. The ballot would be inclusive of only revised areas, which are highlighted. Comments may be submitted for only the revised areas.

      1. Fracture Mechanics – Yong-Yi Wang and Doug Fairchild. Yong-Yi Wang reported, over 40 items to be reviewed and all items resolved and ready for ballot. (see Attachment G)

      1. General Interest Members Selection – Don Thorn. No activity.

      1. Maintenance Welding – Bill Bruce and Matt Boring. Bill Bruce reported, short meeting on 12 items. (see Attachment H)

      1. New Business

        1. The Chair asked if there was interest in extending the meeting length to spread out subcommittee meetings and reduce the amount of overlap, and hence conflicts of schedule for individuals wishing to participate in more than one subcommittee. General discussion resulted in a straw poll vote to extend the meeting into Friday on an as needed basis.

        2. The Chair asked for a straw poll vote to either accept the API 1104 – 21st Ed Editorial Group finding to not work each ballot resolution individually or to reconvene the subcommittees to allow additional questions by those unable to participate during ballot resolution.

          1. 35 votes for API 1104 – 21st Ed Editorial Group finding, edit the document and send for up or down vote

          2. 5 votes for send back to subcommittee for further comment

          3. 5 abstain

          4. Voting members were now asked to vote on API 1104 – 21st Ed Editorial Group finding, Moved by Chuck Woodruff and seconded by Dave Culbertson. 21 for, 0 oppose, 0 abstain

          5. Alan Beckett is requesting a volunteer for co-chair of the Repair Welding Task Group

          6. Alan Beckett wants us to consider establishing a task group to review the full document for continuity. Dave Culbertson suggested that perhaps the editorial committee could accept that responsibility.

          7. Ed Baniak reported on the schedule for the next edition of API Standard 1104.

          8. Next meeting will be located in New Orleans, LA Jan 23rd - 25th, 2013

      1. API Washington office information report – Ed Baniak

        1. Reported by Tim Burns, no meeting will be held this summer. Reviewed how the balloting process will work.

    1. Meeting adjourned

Respectfully Submitted,

Tim Burns


API 1104

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