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Answer the following questions. Pgs. 113 115

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QUESTIONS: Answer the following questions.

Pgs. 113 – 115

1. What hint does Captain Beatty say he sent to Montag that he must not have picked up on?

He sent the Hound around his place

2. What does Mildred have in her hand when she walks out of the house?

a suitcase

3. What does Montag suspect Mildred of doing?

put in the alarm

4. What does Beatty say is the real beauty of fire?

It destroys responsibility and consequences

Pgs. 116 – 118

5. Instead of using kerosene, Captain Beatty wants Montag to use what to burn down his house?

a flamethrower

6. How does Montag figure the books got back into the house?

Mildred saw him hiding them in the garden and brought them back inside

7. What does Beatty say to Montag as he is finishing burning the house?

He is under arrest

8. Who called in the alarm?


9. What did Beatty do to Montag?

Hit him in the head

10. What happened to the “green bullet” radio that Faber gave to Montag?

It fell out of his ear

11. What does Beatty say he will do with the radio?

Trace it and drop it on Faber

Pgs. 119 – 121

12. What did Montag do to Beatty?

Turned on the flamethrower and burned him

13. What was the reaction of the other two firemen?

They did not move

14. Explain Montag’s dealing with the Hound.

The Hound leapt into the air to attack Montag, but as it tried to inject its needle, Montag aimed the flamethrower and burned the Hound

15. What happens to Montag as he is leaving the Hound?

A numbness in his leg

16. Why was Montag having a hard time getting away?

He cannot walk because one of his legs is paralyzed from the Hound’s injection

Pgs. 122 – 124

17. What does Montag find in his old garden?

4 books that Mildred had missed
18. Montag thinks to himself that Captain Beatty probably wanted to do what?


19. Why is Montag having a difficult time getting up?

The pain in his legs

20. What does Montag hear in the Seashell?

a police alert that he is a fugitive on the loose

21. To where does Montag realize he is running?

to Faber’s house

Pgs. 125 – 130

22. Why was Montag having such a difficult time getting across the street?

The beetles were able to move faster than he could

23. After Montag makes it across the street, from whom does he hide?

The kids in the beetle trying to run him over again

24. What does Montag do to the Black family?

He puts the four books in their house so they will be arrested

Pgs. 131 – 134

25. What does Faber say there are a lot of along the railroad tracks?

hobo camps where men with Harvard degrees are hiding

26. Where does Faber say he is going? Why is he going there?

St. Louis to see a retired printer

27. What has been brought from a different district to track down Montag?

a new Mechanical Hound

Pgs. 135 – 138

28. Why does Montag tell Faber to burn the bed spread and the chair?

Because his odor is on them and the Hound will find him

29. Why doesn’t Faber give Montag another “green bullet”?

His equipment was limited so he does not have another one

30. What does Montag watch on the parlor walls?

The Hound looking in the window of Faber’s house

31. What do the police suggest everyone do at the same time?

Look out their doors or windows to spot Montag

32. What did Montag do when he got to the river?

Jumped in, washed himself off with whiskey, drank some and dressed in Faber’s old clothes

Pgs. 139 – 142

33. Because the __Sun____ wouldn’t stop burning, Montag would.

34. What does Montag think of when he smells the hay?

a farm he had visited when he was young, sleeping

Pgs. 143 – 145

35. What did Montag think was looking at him?

The Hound

36. What was it that was looking at him?

a deer

37. What did Montag hit with his foot?

the railroad track

38. What was the single fact that Montag could not prove?

That Clarisse had once walked there

Pgs. 146 – 149

39. What does Montag see?

a fire

40. What do the men offer Montag?


41. What is the name of the man that is talking to Montag?


42. What is the colorless fluid in the small bottle supposed to do?

change the chemical index of Montag’s perspiration

43. Why is the chase still going on if they have lost Montag?

The authorities will not admit that Montag threw them off at the river

44. What does Montag see in the portable viewer?

The police helicopters corner an unknown man and claim they have caught Montag

45. How was it possible that not even Montag’s friends would recognize that the man they caught wasn’t him?

They did not show the man’s face in focus. It was scrambled just enough to be unrecognizable.

Pgs. 150 – 160

46. Where is Montag keeping the Book of Ecclesiastes?

in his head

47. What does Granger think their job is?

Waiting for the war to begin and end

48. How does Montag feel about Mildred still being in the city?

He does not care. He does not miss her.

49. What does Montag see happening in the city?

Bombs falling

50. What other book does Montag realize he has remembered?

Part of Ecclesiastes and Revelations

Pgs. 161 – 165

51. What does Granger compare man to?

A Phoenix

52. What kind of factory does Granger say they are going to build?

a mirror factory

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