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Curriculum for a DIY AI Training Course
Operation of Courses:
1. On each occasion the intention to conduct a course should be notified at least 5 working days in advance to:
(i) the Department’s local District Veterinary Office
(ii) The Officer in Charge
Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine
Livestock Breeding, Production & Trade Section
Government Buildings

Farnham Street

The notification must give the venue, dates and times together with the names and addresses of the candidates undertaking the course and full details of the content and format of the course including the name of the course veterinarian.

  1. Applications for training courses must specify the registered mart/abattoir/farm that is proposed for use.

3. T.B. and Brucellosis reactor cows are not suitable for training purposes.

4. The course must be under the general supervision of a veterinary surgeon approved by the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine.
5. Course organisers must have at least one registered mart/abattoir/farm for use of facilities to enable practical sessions to be held.

  1. The supervising veterinarian should liase with the V.I. in the Department of

Agriculture, Food and the Marine Veterinary Office in the abattoir when arrangements are being made to organise a course at a particular plant and check in with him/her prior to commencement of each days training.

  1. The supervising veterinarian must be present in the registered

mart/abattoir/farm during the training of inseminators.
8. Course Instructors must either:
(i) Be a registered veterinary practitioner within the meaning of the

Veterinary Practice Act 2005 (No. 22 of 2005)


(ii) hold a Full A.I. Technician licence and be

contracted (or formerly contracted) to a Licensed A.I. Organisation.

9. Each person who successfully completes a course in DIY A.I. must be given a certificate to that effect signed by the veterinary surgeon supervising the

course. In addition to the name and full postal address of the trainee, the

certificate must give the dates and venues for each of the lectures,

demonstrations and practical sessions held as part of the course.

Minimum Course Content for AI /DIY AI Technician Training

10. The duration of the course should be at least 30 hours, spread over 4-5 days.

11. The course must be divided into lectures, demonstrations and practical


12. The lectures should cover the following topics:

    1. Anatomy of the female reproductive tract and organs.

    2. Explanation of oestrus cycle, duration of oestrus, methods of heat detection and optimum time to inseminate

    3. Description of semen collection, processing and freezing

    4. Important factors in handling, storing, and transport of semen

    5. Regulations controlling the practice of A.I., including record- keeping

    6. Principles of sanitation and prevention of spread of disease

    7. Relevant aspects of animal welfare (delivered by the veterinary surgeon)

13. Demonstrations of insemination techniques and the equipment used should

be carried out using the reproductive tracts of slaughtered cows passed for

handling by the Veterinary Officer in charge of the abattoir.

14. Practical sessions should be held at a mart/abattoir/farm using live animals. . The handling of the animals in the mart must be in compliance with relevant animal health/welfare requirements and conditions of the mart licence. These sessions must be under the direct supervision of the Veterinary Surgeon responsible for the course. It is particularly important from the point of view of animal welfare that enough cows are available for the number of trainees attending.

15. The maximum number of trainees per instructor at the practical sessions must not exceed eight.

16. The maximum number of students per live cow must not exceed two.
17. The practical sessions should include:

    1. Rectal examination of a cow and recognition of the reproductive tract and organs by rectal palpation.

    1. Passing of a catheter into the uterus and using an indicator to show the site of deposit on post- mortem examination.


18. The Minister may withdraw or amend any of these conditions and may add

further conditions where necessary.
19. Any significant changes, which it is intended to be made to the operation or

structure of the body approved, shall be notified in advance in writing to the Minister.

20. The licence to which these conditions refer shall unless revoked by the Minister remain valid for the period specified in the licence. If the licensee wishes to continue to provide the training course authorised under this licence after that period then the licensee is required to submit a formal application for renewal of the licence at least 3 months in advance of the date of it’s expiry.


21. The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine on his own behalf and on behalf of his servants and agents disclaims all liability against any claims arising out of participation in an approved training course for do-it-yourself artificial insemination, for all acts of negligence or otherwise, either caused by himself, his servants or agents in the organisation and conduct of a DIY A.I. course.

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