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A Non-Profit Tax Exempt Organization, Tax Id# 51-0175101

Address: P. O. Box 8326, Bartlett, IL 60103 Phone: (630) 837-1077 / 1088



Board of Trustees

Samprati J. Shah (Chairman)

(847) 524-0463
Jyotindra N. Doshi

(847) 392-4577

Narendra K. Khandwala

(847) 985-6858
Devendra U. Shah

(847) 358-8578

Urmila K. Talsania

(630) 969-8845
Executive Committees

Arvind M. Shah

(847) 699-7778
Vice President:

Bhanu J. Shah

(847) 524-1722

Atul B. Shah

(630) 428-1360

Girish M. Shah

(847) 843-1338
Joint Treasurer:

Vimal N. Shah

(847) 285-1004
Education Secretary:

Mukesh M. Doshi

(847) 517-2505
Membership Secretary:

Kushalraj P. Singavi

(815) 254-9305
Youth Secretary:

Nirav P. Shah

(708) 457-1992
Food Secretary:

Hitesh R. Shah

(630) 221-8173

JUNE 2004

Jai Jinendra:
The fund raising drama for project mainstream went very well. More than 550 people have attended the drama and JSMC has collected about $28000. We like to thank Dr. Dipak Jain, guest of honor, for his presence and word of encouragement. We also like to thank all youth volunteers for helping during the event and special thanks to Dr. Mukesh Doshi, Naimesh Shah, and Minal Shah for organizing the event and working hard to raise fund. Thanks to all grand sponsors: Lila Construction, Mehul Shah of Amul Dairy, National Republic bank, Babu Patel of Patel Realty, Shah Rukh of Greaves Travel, Air India for free tickets, Zorarshtrian Association of Chicago.

We had a very successful health fair with more than 150 elderly participated on May 23rd. We would like to thank Dr. D. U. Shah for arranging health fair and all Doctors, Dentist, Eye Specialist, Therapist, Audiologist, Dietician, Para medical and medical staff,  and volunteers for providing their contribution to JSMC.
We also had great fun fair with many food stalls and games at JSMC on May 23rd. We are thankful to mahila mandal and youth volunteers for their support.
On behalf of JSMC, we would like to thank Shri Rasikbhai & Lilaben, Dr Niranjan & Smitaben Shah for conducting Siddha Chakra Poojan at our temple on May 15, 2004. We like to thank mahila mandal for their assistance during poojan.
We would like to thank Dr. Pradip Shah for coordinating Pandit Dhirajlal Mehta’s discourses, and Niranjan Shah and Kirit Shah for coordinating Dr. Hukamchand Bharil’s discourses.
Heritage Fund scholarship sponsorship: We are looking for sponsors to fund Heritage scholarships. In future no one will remember how much money you have earned in life, but everyone will remember what good deeds you did. Please consider this noble cause and become the sponsor. If you like to be sponsor, please contact Samprati Shah @ 847-524-0463 or Arvind Shah @ 847-699-7778.
Ordering DVD of Mahavir Jayanti’s Program of 2004: We have unedited DVD’s available for Mahavir Jayanti’s cultural program and declamation contest of 2004. Each DVD cost only $10 or set for $15. No extra copies will be made. If you would like to order the DVD(s), contact Hitesh Vora @ 847-895-3117 (H) or 847-340-9343 (Cell). Please make check payable to JSMC.
JAINA Convention 2005: JAINA convention board is looking for volunteers for various convention committees. If you are interested, please contact Samprati Shah @ 847-524-0463.
Pathshala Sponsorship Opportunity for 2005: Many members are asking to sponsor for Pathshala. If you would like to sponsor, please contact Dr. Mukesh Doshi @ 847-517-2505 or Atul Shah @ 630-428-1360.

See inside for more details.

11th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION - June 26 (Sat) / June 27 (Sun)

JUNE 26, 2004


11:00 AM


12:39 PM

We will have Siddhachakra Poojan at our temple once again on June 26, 2004 by Virbalaben, her sons’ Mukeshbhai, Kamleshbhai, Pankajbhai, and her daughter Varshaben in the memory of Late Shri Ramniklal Manekchand Parikh. For more information, please contact Arvind Shah @ 847-699-7778. We are fortunate to have Nirav and Vimal Sanghavi (Late Shri Babubhai Kadiwala’s grand sons) from India to conduct the Poojan. Siddhachakra is all Mantras, which integrates all 9 entities (Navpad) of 5 auspicious great (Panch Parmesti) and 4 properties of soul. Worship of Siddhachakra results in many achievements and ultimately the liberation of our soul from all karmas.


5:30 PM


8:00 PM

JUNE 27, 2004

Dhwaja Change Ceremony

7:30 AM

We would like to thank Dr. Pradip & Darshana Shah, Prabodh & Lata Vaidya, and Bipin & Bharati Bhayani for sponsoring the swamivatsalya (Lunch).
The activities carried out for the sake of purification consecration of any old and new idols, any pictures or engraved marble slab. At such time to those things 18 obligation containing different kind of pure water, hurbs and special kind of substances, are offered.

Digamber Abhishek

8:30 AM

Swetamber Adhar Abhishek

9:30 AM


12:30 PM

Pledges for the Adhar Abhishek are as follow:



Mulnayak Shree Mahavir Swami

$251 / Family

Pledges are being accepted on first come first serve basis since Mahavir Jayanti Celebration. Maximum two families for Abhishek / Per Bhagawan and two members per family will be allowed at the same time.

Shree Parshwanath Bhagawan

$201 / Family

Shree Adinath Bhagawan

$201 / Family

Other Bhagawan

$151 / Family


24 Tirthankars (each)

$101 / Family

For Digamber Bhagawan’s Pledges, Please contact: Kirit Shah @ 630-497-8917 or Rumi Shah @ 847-885-0411

For Swetamber Bhagawan’s Pledges, Please contact: Arvind Shah @ 847-699-7778, Atul Shah @ 630-428-1360, or Girish Shah @ 847-843-1338

Chaumasi Chaudas

July 1, 2004 @ 6:00 PM

Pratikraman will start at 6:00 pm sharp. For more information, please call Pramod and Parul Shah @ 847-885-0233

Saman Sthitpragya & Saman Shrutapragya

July 29, 2004 to Aug 4, 2004

Last year, we had a wonderful Paryushan with Samanji. This year, they are visiting from July 29 to Aug 4.

We are in process of having discourses during their visit. Please mark your calendar and do not plan any other events to take advantage of their discourses.
Discourses will be in the evening in weekdays and Morning & evening in Weekend.
We are looking for sponsors for the lunch during weekend. For more information, please contact Arvind Shah @ 847-699-7778, Hitesh Shah @630-221-8173 or Bhanu Shah @847-524-1722 .


July 17, 2004(Saturday)@ 11:00AM

Place: Forest Preserve, Dam No. 1 Woods

(Quarter mile East of Dundee & Milwaukee and Quarter mile south of Dundee)
The entrance fee for Adult (12 & above) - $8, Child 5-12 age - $5, Under 5 Child is free.
If you would like to sponsor banner or donate for the picnic, please contact Hitesh Shah @ 630-221-8173 or Nirav Shah @ 708-457-1992 or Arvind Shah @ 847-699-7778

Shri Sunandaben Vora

Aug 13, 2004(Fri) to Aug 18,2004(Wed)

We are happy to have Shri Sunandaben Vora during August month. Please mark your calendar for the discourses. For more information, please contact Samprati Shah @ 847-524-0463 or Dipak Jhaveri @ 847-674-4103

Param Pujya Ben Shri Champaben 91st Janma Jayanti

August 29, 2004

We will be celebrating PARAM PUJYA BENSHREE CHAMPABEN 91st Janma Jayanti at 9:30AM to 12:30PM at our Temple.

There will be Abhishek, POOJA, Janma-vadhai, Bhakti, and Pravachans during the program. We are looking for sponsor for the Swamivatsalya.

For more information, please contact Kirit Shah @ 630-497-8917 or Rumi Shah @ 847-885-0411. or Jyotindra Doshi @ 847-392-4577.

DRESS CODE FOR TEMPLE: We encourage all of you to wear Indian clothes or at least modest clothes that represent our heritage and values while you visit Jain temple. We discourage adults to wear a short in temple.
ARTICLE IN THE NEWSPAPER: We would like to urge all JSMC members NOT TO provide any article to any news paper for JSMC without getting approval from the BOT & the Executive Committee.
DUNKIN DONUTS: According to sources, all donuts available in Dunkin Donuts contain EGGS.

gauJrataImaaM pa`aoga`ama:



JUna 26, 2004

samauh navakar maM~a Japa : 11:00 savaaro

isaQQacak` paUJna : 12:39 bapaaoro

JUna 27, 2004

QvaJaraopaNa : 7:30 savaaro

idgambar AiBaYaok : 8:30 vaagao savaaro Anao Evaotaambar AiBaYaok : 9:30 savaaro

Julaa{ 1, 2004

caaoooOmaasaI caaOdSa pa`itak`maNa : 6:00 saaMJo

Julaa{ 29 qaI AaogaYT 4

samaNa sqaItapa`gyaaP Anao samaNa Eautapa`gyaaP naa pa`vacanaao

Julaa{ 17, 2004:SanaIvaar

paIknaIk : 12 vaYa^ ]parnaa maaTo fI 8 Daolar, 5 qaI 12 vaYa^naa maaTo fI 5 Daolar

AaogaYT 13 qaI AaogaYT 18

EaI saunandabaona vaaora naa pa`vacanaao

AaogaYT 29

parma paUjya baona EaI caMpaabaona Jnma JyaMtaI : 9:30 savaaro


As we have done in year 2003, we have planned 5 scholarships of $1,000.00 each for needy students and 10 scholarships of $500.00/student on merit basis.

The eligibility rules are enclosed for your reference. Please read it carefully to determine if a student in your family qualifies for scholarship. If qualification deserves your attention please have student request application form (via e-mail only) from

Keerti Shah

842 Lakeside Drive

Bartlett, Illinois 60103

Request must include applicant’s name, parent’s name, address, telephone number and e-mail address of the applicant. Last day to request application form is June 30, 2004.

JSMC Heritage Fund Committee


The following requirements will govern selection of JSMC Heritage Fund Scholarship recipients:

1. The father, mother, or legal guardian of the applicant must be a life member of JSMC for minimum of one year as of 1/1/2004.

  1. Applicant must graduate from an accredited high school.

  2. This scholarship program is only for the First year student accepted to an accredited college or community college where the student may pursue courses leading to a bachelor's degree.

  3. JSMC Heritage fund will pay the full amount of scholarship award directly to the applicant once a college or university has accepted a scholarship winner. The money is to be used for tuition, books, supplies, and general fees.

  4. All applicants will be evaluated in following categories Essay, ACT/SAT score, Class ranking, GPA, Recommendation from school, and Extra curricular activities. For need basis FAFSA and SAR also will be evaluated. In order for student to qualify for the scholarship, student will need to score at least 75% of total points from above mentioned categories.

JSMC Heritage fund will award:
5 (five) scholarships of $1,000.00 each on a need basis. To qualify for need basis scholarship,

  • Applicant must submit an official copy of Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application and Student Aid Report (SAR) indicating Expected Family Contribution (EFC) with your application. Otherwise that application will be considered for merit basis scholarship only.

  • Applicant’s parents/ guardians will require furnishing assets evaluation form.


10 (ten) scholarships of $500.00 each, strictly on merit basis only.
All applicants will qualify for one category only, either on a need basis or on a merit basis.

Effective June 2, 2004, Fund Raising, Rental and Pooja Guidelines are approved:
POOJA’s Guidelines:

JSMC defined Pooja

Without Swamivatsalya

Mon – Fri (Except Holiday and Religious Day) – No charge, but any donation is welcome.

JSMC defined Pooja

With / Without Sponsored Swamivatsalya

Sat / Sun / Holiday / Religious Day (Snatra Pooja or Any Pooja) - $101

Sat / Sun / Holiday / Religious Day (Any Moti Pooja) - $251

Sponsor is responsible for Kitchenware/Cleaning charges. For Swamivatsalya, you must consult with Food Secretary.


sponsored by JSMC Member

$751 and Sponsor are responsible for Kitchenware / Cleaning / Snow cleaning charges. For Swamivatsalya, you must consult with Food Secretary.



The sponsor is able to perform all pooja’s defined by JSMC and shall pay as per announcement. JSMC will do Ghee-boli of Arti and Santi Kalash. Mangal Divo will be given to Sponsor.

HALL RENTAL Guidelines:

Member Rental (2 yrs of membership)

Applies to member, spouse and their unmarried children under age 27 years for occasions such as Wedding/Ras Garba, Engagement, Baby Shower, Graduation, and Anniversary. (See Member Rental information below). Kitchenware / Cleaning / Snow Cleaning charges applies.

Non-member Rental

No change – For more information, contact Bhanu Shah

Group Rental by JSMC member and Represented by JSMC member

Same as Member Rental Must follow specified timing.

Kitchenware / Cleaning / Snow Cleaning charges applies.

Shall not violate JAIN Principles. See below for member rental.

Group Rental not represented by JSMC members

Participation is only allowed after BOT & Executive committee approval.

JSMC Defined emergency fund raising

(Earth Quake, Flood, etc)

All funds will be sent to defined place after Cleaning/Setup/Kitchenware charges.

JSMC defined non-emergency fund raising

Cleaning / Setup / Kitchenware / Snow Cleaning charges will be deducted first. JSMC will take 30% of remaining balance.


Prayer or Dinning Hall 4pm-Midnight $500

Prayer and Dinning Hall 4pm-Midnight $800

Prayer or Dinning Hall 9am-Midnight $750

Prayer and Dinning Hall 9am-Midnight $1200

Additional Hourly Charges for One Hall - $75 Additional Hourly Charges for both Hall - $150

Dandia for RAAS - $51 / Day Kitchenware - $0.30 / Person

Contact Bhanu Shah for Kitchen and Snow cleaning charges.

Any activities not defined above will be allowed only after BOT & Executive Committee approval.

NOTE: You must fill out the form for any Pooja (Except defined for Mon-Fri) / Rental defined above. For more information, please contact Bhanu Shah @ 847-524-1722.


If you like to sponsor for Abhishek where there is only one sponsor for the Bhagawan in following list,

Please contact Atul Shah @ 630-428-1360




Main Ghabhara

Mulnayak Shri Mahavir Swami

Rajendra & Nikita Shah

Salil & Rita Vasanwala



Shri Parshwanath Bhagawan

Tarak Surendra Shah,

Prashant & Sujata Shah



Shri Adinath Bhagawan (Digamber)



Shri Shantinath (Left of Mahavir Swami)

Pravin & Daxa Shah,

Jayant & Minal Shah



Shri Ajitnath (Right of Mahavir Swami)

Hemant & Lina Shah

Vipul & Reshma Shah



Shri Mallinath (Left of Parasnath)

Dipak & Jyoti Shah


Shri Chandra Prabhu (Right of Parasanath)

Dipak & Sarla Shah


Shri Mahavir Swami - other

Nitish & Sushma Shah

Vipin & Dina Shah



Shri Vasupujya (Left of Adinath – Digamber)


Shri Neminath (Right of Adinath – Digamber)



1st Tirthankar (Shri Adinath)

Mahesh & Hema Shah


2nd Tirthankar (Shri Ajitnath)

Jyotiben Bhupendra Shah


3rd Tirthankar (Shri Sambhavnath)

Kanu & Chetna Shah


4th Tirthankar (Shri Abhinandan Swami)

Pradip & Darshana shah,

Prabodh & Lata vaidya



5th Tirthankar (Shri Sumtinath)

Pramod & Usha Shah


6th Tirthankar (Shri Padhma Prabhu) - Digamber

Kirit & Rekha Shah


7th Tirthankar (Shri Suparshvanath) - Digamber


8th Tirthankar (Shri Chandra Prabhu)

Nilesh & Bina Shah

Suman & Urmila Shah



9th Tirthankar (Shri Suvidhinath)

Ravindra & Pallavi Kobawala


10th Tirthankar (Shri Shitalnath)

Sailesh & Mayuri Zaveri


11th Tirthankar (Shri Shreyansnath)

Champakbhai Shah


12th Tirthankar (Shri Vasupujya Swami)

Jayesh & Parul Shah

Jayesh & Parul Shah



13th Tirthankar (Shri Vimalnath)

Rajesh & Chhaya Shah


14th Tirthankar (Shri Anantnath)

Sailesh & Bhavna Shah


15th Tirthankar (Shri Dharmnath)

Dipak & Priti Kapadia


16th Tirthankar (Shri Shanitnath) - Digamber

Kiran & Daksha Shah


17th Tirthankar (Shri Kunthunath)

Tejpal & Jyoti Shah


18th Tirthankar (Shri Arnath) - Digamber


19th Tirthankar (Shri Mallinath)

Kokila & Pramila Shah


20th Tirthankar (Shri Munisuvrat Swami)

Suman & Urmila Shah

Bipin & Rekha Parikh



21st Tirthankar (Shri Naminath)

Paresh & Lopa Shah


22nd Tirthankar (Shri Neminath)

Sunil & Vishwa Vasanwala


23rd Tirthankar (Shri Parshvnath)

Sunderbhai & Umaben Shah

Mukund & Hema Shah



24th Tirthankar (Shri Mahavir Swami)

Rajesh & Falguni Shah

Jigar & Dimple Shah





Rent for life members of at least 2 yrs, other charges applies

Contact Bhanu Shah @ 847-524-1722 or send email to

Prayer or Dinning Hall 4pm-Midnight $500

Prayer and Dinning Hall 4pm-Midnight $800

Prayer or Dinning Hall 9am-Midnight $750

Prayer and Dinning Hall 9am-Midnight $1200


Please contact Kushalraj P. Singavi @ 815-254-9305 or send email

Life membership 18 to 60 age - $251

Life membership over 60 age - $101

Annual (Jan- Dec) Family Membership - $51

Annual (Jan-Dec) Individual Membership - $ 25

According to constitution, the child of family member will lose his/her membership consequent upon marriage or attainment of twenty-seven years of age. If your child falls into one of the category, we are requesting your child to become a life member and continue to enjoy various benefits of life membership



Contact Arvind Shah @ 847-699-7778 or Samprati Shah @ 847-524-0463


Contact Kirit Shah @ 630-497-8917 or Rumi Shah @ 847-885-0411 or send email


Contact Ramesh Desai @ 847-995-1015 or Yashvant Shah @ 847-228-7564 or Natubhai Patel @ 847-290-8349 or send email to


Contact Ramesh Gandhi @ 847-581-0872 or send email

Or Lalit Desai @ 630-665-8677 or send email

Mahavir Mahila Mandal

Hasumati Bavishi @ 630-717-0202 or Vasanti shah @ 630-527-8278


Call Manubhai Doshi 847-735-0120 or Sumanbhai Shah 847-803-3895


Contact Sunil Jain @ 630-705-1884 or send email


Conatct Shibani Shah @



Call Mukesh Doshi @ 847-517-2505 Form:

Bharath Natyam

Call Swati Shah @ 630-745-9247 or Sunil Jain @ 630 705-1884

Gujarati Class

Contact Niranjan Shah @ 847-330-1088

Music Class

$10/Person, Call Mayuri shah @ 847 805 0258 or Hansa Momaya @ 847 695 0935

ORDERING FOOD for any event in the Temple:

If you are ordering food by yourself or if you like to order by JSMC, you MUST consult “Food Secretary” Hitesh Shah @ 630-221-8173 or send email to


Please contact Ketki Shah @ 630-221-8173 or Hemendra/Chandrika Mehta @ 630-717-1417

Jain Center Tour:

Contact Kushalraj Singavi @ 815-254-9305 or Jyotindra Doshi @ 847-392-4577


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