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Ada High School 2011-2012 Spanish Three/Four honors Instructor

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Ada High School


Spanish Three/Four - honors


Kris H. Earle



Home 332-5895

Office Hours

12:40-1:10 daily or by appointment


Room 115




In the third and fourth year of Spanish you will use a variety of language learning activities that will help you become more fluent in Spanish. The method of instruction is Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling, a continuation of first and second year Spanish. In class you will be immersed in all aspects of the language: listening, speaking, reading and writing. In contrast with Spanish One and Two we will be spending more time studying grammar, although the primary class focus is on increasing your listening and reading comprehension and your ability to express yourself in writing and speaking Spanish. We will speak Spanish almost exclusively in class to ask questions, do activities, play games and communicate with each other. You will have more homework than in Spanish One and Two.

The goals in Spanish Three/Four are aligned with Oklahoma World Languages PASS (Priority Academic Student Skills.) The World Language PASS objectives fall under five categories: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities. You will be growing in all five categories almost every single class as you:

  • Increase your communicative ability in Spanish

  • Learn about Spanish-speaking cultures and make comparisons with your own

  • Use knowledge you have in other content areas to support your learning of Spanish

  • Compare what you know about English and what you are learning about Spanish

  • Use the Spanish that you acquire both in and out of school


Your daily, active participation is THE MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENT FOR SUCCESS! Homework is frequently assigned. There will be a project each semester. You will be responsible for keeping all your class work organized in a Spanish notebook.


Your most important resource in Spanish Three/Four is the Spanish notebook you will be creating throughout the school year. In your Spanish notebook you will keep class notes, verb charts, PCA’s, compositions, songs, and maps, among other things. You will also be reading books and many stories in Spanish.



Homework will be assigned regularly. Homework is not optional. It is an integral part of Spanish Three/Four. You will put your homework in the appropriate class basket by the door before the bell rings. If you do not hand your homework in before the bell, it will no longer be accepted. Exceptions will be made for illness.


Assessment takes place every day, sometimes formally and sometimes informally. Every class will have a brief review of the material covered in the previous class. Following the review you may take a quiz to check for mastery of the material. There will be 1-3 short quizzes a week. There will be approximately 5 longer assessments and presentations a semester. Your ability to understand Spanish through reading and listening activities, and communicate with others through speaking and writing activities is frequently assessed.

Study Assistance:
You may talk to me privately about any frustrations or concerns you have. Please come to my office hours if you need extra help. You can also make an appointment with me if you are unable to come during office hours. I will help you succeed in this class in any way I can.
Themes for the year:
First 9-weeks

Themes : Anchor Assignments:

  • The Dating Game *Ss create worst-date comic strip

  • Geography of Spain *Ss create map of Spain (+ quiz)

  • Día de la Raza/Independencia *Ss compare and contrast w/USA

  • Spanish-speaking guests *Ss prepare interviews

  • Daily life in Ada, OK *Ss publish day in their lives

  • Famous Hispanic Musicians *Biographies/excerpts of music

  • Current events *Ss read and write

  • Novel *Proficiency activities

  • Culture Log *4 C’s

Second 9-weeks

Themes : Anchor Assignments:

  • LICTM Sports *Ss create skits

  • Geography of Mexico *Ss create map of Mexico

  • Día de los Muertos/La Guad./Navidad *Ss compare and contrast w/USA

  • Spanish-speaking guests *Ss prepare interviews

  • Sports @ AHS *Ss publish w/tech. sports

  • Famous Hispanic Athletes *Biographies and clips

  • Current events *Ss read and write.

  • Novel *Proficiency activities

  • Culture Log *4 C’s

Third 9-weeks

Themes : Anchor Assignments:

  • LIST *Ss create advertisements

  • Geography of Central America *Ss create map

  • Año Nuevo/San Valentín *Ss compare and contrast w/USA

  • Spanish-speaking guests *Ss prepare for interviews

  • Activitidades @ AHS *Ss publish activities w/tech.

  • Famous Hispanic Authors *Biographies and excerpts

  • Current events *Ss read and write about c.e.

  • Novel *Proficiency activities

  • Culture Log *4 C’s

Fourth 9-weeks

Themes : Anchor Assignments:

  • LIST *Ss create/publish story

  • Geography of South America *Ss create map

  • Economy *Ss compare and contrast w/USA

  • Spanish-speaking guests *Ss prepare interviews

  • La universidad que asisterás *Ss publish w/tech. university

  • Famous Hispanic Artists *Biographies and art

  • Current events *Ss read and write

  • Novel *Proficiency activities

  • Culture Log *4 C’s


  • Do the right thing. You know what the right thing is! If you engage in inappropriate behavior you will be asked a simple question: Was what you did wrong? A simple yes or yes, Ma’am, is acceptable. No explanation is needed. Do not continue any behavior that is not right. Here are some examples of wrong behavior:

Any form of cheating.

Any form of lying.

Interrupting or disturbing another student or the teacher.

  • Respect yourself and others. Put downs are not acceptable. Rude behavior is not acceptable. Respecting others’ opinions, ideas and contributions is doing the right thing.

  • Be an encourager. Please encourage your classmates as they use Spanish in class. Making fun of someone who is making an effort to use Spanish is NOT doing the right thing.

  • Never give up. At times you may feel frustrated in Spanish class. Please don’t let yourself become overwhelmed. Stick to it! You’ll be glad you did.

  • Homework can not be handed in after the class bell on the set due date. Exceptions are made for illness.

  • No gum chewing in allowed Spanish class. It’s hard enough practicing a foreign language without having a big wad of gum in your mouth.

  • English may only spoken with permission from the teacher.

For this class you will need the following*:

  • one 2” 3-ring binder

  • 10 dividers

  • notebook paper

  • blank paper for drawings

  • a pencil

  • a black pen

  • colored pencils or markers

*If you have any concerns about acquiring any of these items, please contact me.

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