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4u unit 6 March 17-19 Tourism Through the Ages A. Vocabulary 請以本課單字作答。 30%

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4U Unit 6 March 17-19 Tourism Through the Ages
A. Vocabulary 請以本課單字作答。 30%

1. After a three-hour bus trip, the tourists finally arrived at their d_____n.

2. The world seems to have become smaller, and we now call the g_____e a village.

3. Judy didn’t break the window by accident; she did it on p_____e.

4. Our biggest r_____d for helping people is not money, but the thanks they give us.

5. This word is a c_____l term (術語) that is only used in trading.

6. A life of c_____t and ease will make a strong mind weak.

B. Cloze Test 35%

The first form of tourism took place when people visited holy cities. In addition to well-being, these trips were for 1 . Pilgrims would 2 back souvenirs to remember the trips. During the 17th century, 3 became common for young European noblemen to take a “Grand Tour.” In the 19th century, widespread steam power made travel much easier than 4 . Today, many countries 5 Switzerland and Greece have become popular travel spots. The travel boom has resulted 6 a growing tourist industry. In 2001, the American businessman Dennis Tito became the world’s first “space tourist,” 7 paid over US$20 million to stay at the International Space Station. Even the sky is not the limit anymore.

1. (A) please (B) pleasure (C) pleasant (D) plea

2. (A) return (B) put (C) receive (D) bring

3. (A) what (B) they (C) it (D) one

4. (A) ago (B) before (C) after (D) now

5. (A) such as (B) for example (C) include (D) are like

6. (A) in (B) from (C) of (D) to

7. (A) he (B) who (C) whom (D) which

C. Reading Comprehension 15%

On May 17, 2001, the first businessman to go into space landed safely back on Earth at the Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Center in Russia. Tito had spent 10 days in space, accompanying a two man Russian crew. The crew had expressed some concern about Tito. They said that they didn’t doubt him because of his training. They believed he knew everything he needed to know. However, they would be a little worried about any beginner astronaut who was flying into space with them. Being weightless can cause a lot of discomfort. However, Tito made it through his flight just fine, and became the very first space tourist on record.
1. Why did Dennis Tito go into space?

(A) To do scientific research.

(B) To learn how to pilot a rocket.

(C) To promote the Russian space program.

(D) To experience what it was like for fun.

2. Why were the other astronauts concerned about Tito?

(A) His training wasn’t good enough.

(B) He often argued with the captain.

(C) He didn’t have experience in space.

(D) He was weak and felt ill all the time.

3. Where does this passage most likely come from?

(A) A cookbook.

(B) A fiction novel.

(C) A hobby magazine.

(D) A newspaper.

D. Translation 20%

1. 上個禮拜,潘蜜拉養的狗生了五隻小狗。

Last week, Pamela’s pet dog five little puppies.

2. 她覺得沒有人可以了解生育有多神奇,除非他們自己親眼目睹。

She felt that no one can understand how amazing birth is unless they it for .

Unit 6

A. Vocabulary

1. destination 2. globe 3. purpose 4. reward

5. commercial 6. comfort

B. Cloze Test

1. B 2. D 3. C 4. B 5. A 6. A 7. B

C. Reading Comprehension

1. B 2. B 3. A

D. Translation

1. gave birth to 2. see, themselves

4U Unit 7 March 20-21 English 4U Express
A. Vocabulary 請以本課單字作答。 30%

1. I couldn’t fall asleep because the music from next door kept me a_____e.

2. After the police found the stolen car, the thief was proved g_____y.

3. In winter, campers like to stay in a t_____t circle around a fire to stay warm.

4. The loving mother t_____ked her little boy into bed and kissed him good night.

5. When two people are in love, they a_____e each other very much.

6. It is s_____y to act without thinking first.

B. Cloze Test 35%

The film The Kite Runner is a touching story. The film, which was 1 from Khaled Hosseini’s novel, is about an Afghan boy named Amir. Amir has a good friend named Hassan, 2 father is a servant to Amir’s father. They remain 3 until one unforgettable event-a kite fighting game. On his way to find Hassan, Amir finds him beaten up by a bully. Not knowing 4 to do, he runs away out of fear.

5 , war breaks out in Afghanistan and Amir moves to the U.S. with his family. 6 , he never forgets about his friend. Years after he has become a 7 businessperson, he decides to go back to his homeland. There, he will have to once again face the bully he ran away from.
1. (A) adopted (B) addicted (C) adept (D) adapted

2. (A) whose (B) which (C) who is (D) his

3. (A) closely (B) close (C) closed (D) closing

4. (A) who (B) that (C) what (D) when

5. (A) Soon after (B) Sooner or later (C) No sooner (D) As soon as possible

6. (A) Therefore (B) Otherwise (C) Nevertheless (D) Even though

7. (A) succeed (B) successfully (C) successful (D) success

C. Reading Comprehension 15%

When people talk about pop songs, they think of them as different from classics-old songs. Pop song, or popular song, means the music that is being played and sung on the radio every day for a short period of time. But what about old songs? Were the songs that your parents / grandparents like to hear when they first came out? The answer is definitely negative. Classic songs today are in fact pop songs from the past. While most pop songs are sung and quickly forgotten, a few amazing ones stay and become the classics. Instead of being something that is out of style, they are actually a reflection of the time when they were popular.

1. Which of the following is NOT true?

(A) Pop songs were once old songs.

(B) Most pop songs are quickly forgotten.

(C) Pop songs are sung for a short period of time.

(D) Classic songs stand the test of time and stay.

2. Which word carries similar meaning to the word “negative?”

(A) Yes. (B) Probably. (C) No. (D) OK.

3. What is the writer’s attitude towards classics?

(A) He thinks all old songs should be forgotten.

(B) He finds old people listening to classics funny.

(C) He wants people to sing classic songs every day.

(D) He thinks classic songs have their own cultural meaning.

D. Translation 20%

1. 梅格想要當班上最頂尖的學生,她不會讓任何事情阻撓她。

Meg wanted to be the top student in her class, and wouldn’t let anything stand her .

2. 然而,她知道她必須慢慢來,一點一點學習,以達成她的目標。

Still, she knew she would have to and study little by little to achieve her goal.

Unit 7

A. Vocabulary

1. awake 2. guilty 3. tight 4. tucked

5. adore 6. silly

B. Cloze Test

1. D 2. A 3. B 4. C 5. A 6. C 7. C

C. Reading Comprehension

1. A 2. C 3. D

D. Translation

1. in, way 2. take her time

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