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2016 Charlotte con friday, February 5 – Sunday, February 7, 2016 uu church of Charlotte 2013 Youth con

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2016 Charlotte CON

Friday, February 5 – Sunday, February 7, 2016

UU Church of Charlotte 2013 Youth CON
All UU Need Is Love CON! Registration
Don’t Forget: towel, sleeping bag, & pillow. You are welcome to bring electronic devices & musical instruments but the UUCC does not assume responsibility if they get lost or broken. Remember, there will be a Coffeehouse on Saturday night!!
Name:_____________________________________________________ Grade: _______________
Email: ______________________________ Cell Phone, including area code:______________________

Address, including zip code:

Congregation:_____________________________________ Veggie  Vegan  Omnivore 

Advisor(s) attending this CON with you: _________________________________________________
Advisor’s Email AND Phone:________________________________________________
Emergency Contact:
Name:________________________________ Phone:_______________________________
Health Insurance Info:
Name of Company:______________________________ Policy #:________________________

Prescription Medication: list medication here only if you are currently on meds.

The youth listed on this form is taking a prescription medication, ________________________, which s/he is bringing to this event. It is labeled in its original container. (see rule re: medications in Big Four below).

Want a T-Shirt? Shirts are Optional and cost $15: Size S M L XL

Men’s or Women’s? _______


o I understand that Movies with an “R” rating may be shown at this CON. These movies may contain language/violence/sexual images that some people may find objectionable; however, CON planners deem their theme(s) both important and related to the CON. I will speak to my child before the CON if there are restrictions on his/her viewing.
o I give my consent and authority for the staff of the CON to take any reasonable actions to help ensure my child’s safety, health and welfare. I also give my consent for any necessary medical treatment, including surgical care if needed. I understand attempts will be made to contact me before any medical action is taken.
o I understand Body Art, Hair Dyeing, and other temporary “physical alterations” may occur in one or more of the workshops. If I have a problem with this, I will contact the registrar directly: Kathleen Carpenter, DRE -

o I agree to abide by the Big Four (sign here) __________________________________

While en-route to and attending this event, all youth must follow the “Big Four” rules:

1. No use of illegal or controlled (alcohol, tobacco products) substances is allowed. Over-the-counter medications may only be used with permission and used as directed on the package. Youth may only take a prescription drug if it is listed on this permission form.

2. No Engaging in Sexual Relations. Sexual relations are defined as inappropriate sexualized / intimate touching that is disrespectful to the community or event goals. It can be either heterosexual or homosexual or any combination thereof. You know what’s included.

3. No Bringing or Using Weapons ( Any object that is intended to be a weapon)

4. No Using Violence in Words or Actions

If there is reasonable suspicion of a violation of the Big Four, personal belongings are subject to search by the attending adults. If evidence is found that the youth violated one of the Big Four, the consequence shall be determined by the adults in charge, up to and including immediately sending the youth home.

o I understand that all songs performed in the Coffeehouse or played at the dance must be vetted for appropriateness in terms of both profanity and sexist/racist/homophobic language. The Deans will direct you on the process during opening circle Friday night.


Cost of CON: $50 + $15 for T-shirt (shirts are optional)
Make checks out toUUCC”. Send your check or cash & this form (front & back completed!) to the Registrar: Kathleen Carpenter, UUCC, 234 North Sharon Amity Rd.. Charlotte, NC 28211

Refund policy: full refunds will be made prior to January 28. After that, no money will be refunded.
Deadline for Registration: February 2!!!

No registrations at the door. We always fill up by the deadline, if not before. Hint – register early!

Questions? Contact:
(Youth) Deans: Sean McCaffery   980-333-3329 

             and Colin Stepien 704-241-9852 

(Adult) Registrar: Kathleen Carpenter  704.366-8623 
Maximum attendance of 85 youth.

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