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2013 Boro Fan Almanac Written By: Billy "Boro Fan" Schaefer Contents: Division I individual Division I team

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2013 Boro Fan Almanac

Written By: Billy “Boro Fan” Schaefer

Division I Individual….3
Division I Team….22
Division II Individual….23
Division II Team….42
Division III Individual….43
Division III Team….60



Cleveland State – CSU

Mentor – MEN

Fairfield – FAIR

Hilliard Darby – HD

Projected Champ: Austin Assad (Brecksville) Sophomore – CSU1

2. Jose Rodriguez (Massillon Perry) Sophomore – MEN1

3. L.J. Bentley (St. Edward) Sophomore – CSU2

4. Luke Nace (Teays Valley) Junior – HD1

5. Josh Heidkamp (Vandalia Butler) Senior – FAIR1

6. Tony DeCesare (Nordonia) Freshman – CSU3

7. Josh Heil (Brunswick) Freshman – CSU4

8. Mario Guillen (Perrysburg) Freshman – CSU5

9. Garrett Lambert (Strongsville) Freshman – CSU6

10. Payton Gutierrez (Pickerington North) Senior – HD2

11. Noah Baughman (Wadsworth) Freshman – CSU7

12. Jake Donahue (Massillon Washington) Freshman – MEN2

13. Jonathan Furnas (Olentangy Liberty) – HD3

14. Aaron Henneman (Oregon Clay) Junior – CSU8

15. Daniel Clement (Solon) Junior – MEN3

16. Nico O’dor (Elyria) Freshman – CSU9

17. Andre Lowery (Shaker Heights) Sophomore – MEN4

18. Kenny Hoberney (Eastlake North) Sophomore – MEN5

19. Anthony Jagel (Middletown) Sophomore – FAIR2

20. Patrick Kearney (Mason) Sophomore – FAIR3

21. Kyle Jenkins (Stow) Freshman) – MEN6

22. Jackson Lakso (Central Crossing) Freshman – HD4

23. Devione Edwards (Lorain) Freshman – CSU10

24. Shakur Laney (Groveport Madison) Sophomore – HD5

25. Hunter DeShon (North Canton Hoover) Freshman – MEN7

26. Pete Vuyk (Loveland) Junior – FAIR4

27. Tyler Corradi (Garfield Hts.) Sophomore – MEN8

28. Rey Gatica (Fairfield) Junior – FAIR5

29. Gage Branson (Glen Este) Sophomore – FAIR6

30. Daniel Roth (Lakota East) – FAIR7

Austin Assad is the favorite here after a head-to-head victory over Rodriguez at Beast of the East. Both Rodriguez and Assad have separated themselves from the rest. Assad finished 2nd last year, losing to Bavery at 106, while Rodriguez was 2nd in New Jersey at 98. Bentley seems like the most worthy candidate to knock off Assad and Rodriguez, although he has lost to Rodriguez twice this year. Bentley lead Assad by a pretty good amount last year in the district final only to lose in OT.
The Cleveland State district at 106 is deep to say the least. Seven guys are in the top 11, led by Assad and Bentley, while the other five all seem pretty even. DeCesare beat Heil at North Coast Classic, DeCesare is also 1-2 against Baughman, but DeCesare seems to be the better wrestler against the rest of the field. Heil, who is related to Dean (brothers), was a Junior High runner-up losing to Donahue. Guillen comes in at 5th best in this tough district with a head-to-head win over Lambert at Ironman. Guillen has been at 113 for the second part of the year, but a quality source has told me he will be at 106. I think 113 would be the way to go for Guillen or Lambert since they don’t have a notable guy above them on their team at that weight like most of the other guys in this district at 106. Henneman and O’dor would contend to qualify at any other location, but might not even win two matches at CSU, which again proves the depth here. A sleeper to watch here is Edwards, he could surprise a few.
Jose Rodriguez looks to be a huge favorite to get through Mentor and will probably do it without any trouble, although there are some very worthy contenders. Donahue was Junior High State Champ last year even though he has taken some bumps across the way with losses to all quality kids. Clement, who has missed most of the season, came back last week for the dual tournament and then wrestled in the NOC tournament. He looks like a solid option to make it Columbus. The next tier seems to be between two guys and with them as the third and fourth best out of the district, it could be a rematch of Lowery and Hoberney in which Lowery won 8-6 at KIT. Jenkins was a Junior High state placer last year and has had a very good freshman campaign thus far. Jenkins, along with DeShon and Corrardi, round out the rest of the district.
Luke Nace enters as the favorite at Darby with two head-to-head wins over Gutierrez. Nace has always seemed to struggle with his size at 103/106 after wrestling in the 70’s in 8th grade. Gutierrez comes in as sort of a wildcard. He came in a possible high placer this year after finishing 7th in D2 his sophomore year and then 6th last year. He has yet to put it together this year, however, if he does, I would say he is very worthy of placing higher than his ranking. Furnas has three loses to Baughman, but all of the matches have pretty close; I was very impressed with him at Brecksville. Lakso and Laney look to round out the best five here. Gill (Hilliard Davidson) could be a sleeper.
Fairfield seems to be the most wide-open district of all at 106. Heidkamp enters as a pretty heavy favorite here. Jagel and Kearney look to be the next best. Jagel beat Kearney at their conference tournament 4-3. The final spot here looks to be up for grabs. I think Vuyk is slightly better than Gatica, Roth and the Fargo AA Branson. Another kid to watch here is Williams (Elder).
Projected Champ: Aaron Assad (Brecksville) Senior – CSU1

2. Armando Torres (Elyria) Junior – CSU2

3. Dakota Riley (Mount Vernon) Senior – HD1

4. Nick Mancini (Boardman) Senior – MEN1

5. Connor Ziegler (Moeller) Sophomore – FAIR1

6. Jason Spencer (Massillon Perry) Sophomore – MEN2

7. Jared Davis (Oregon Clay) Senior – CSU3

8. Jim Ferrito (St. Ignatius) Senior – MEN3

9. Anthony Milano (LaSalle) Senior – FAIR2

10. Sal Corrao (St. Edward) Senior – CSU4

11. Andy Fasnaught (North Canton Hoover) Senior – MEN4

12. Brandon Tucker (Loveland) Sophomore – FAIR3

13. Justyn Bostic (Massillon Jackson) Sophomore – MEN5

14. Colin Kramer (Mentor) Senior – MEN6

15. Santino Disabato (Westerville North) Junior – HD2

16. Andre Herron (North Royalton) Junior – MEN7

17. Troy Barklay (Centerville) Junior – FAIR4

18. Brett Thomas (Brunswick) Junior – CSU5

19. Colin Delvalle (Kettering Fairmont) Junior – FAIR5

20. Chris Doyle (Green) Junior – MEN8

21. Tristen Smith (Massillon Washington) Senior – MEN9

22. Nick Broyles (Northmont) Junior – FAIR6

23. Andrew Coghill (Nordonia) Junior – CSU6

24. Kyle Dooley (Teays Valley) Sophomore – HD3

25. Marko Vilimonovic (Medina Highland) Sophomore – CSU7

26. DeMarco Davis (Fairfield) Junior – FAIR7

27. Alec Logsdon (Lebanon) Sophomore – FAIR8

28. Gregg Briggs (Cloverleaf) Freshman – CSU8

29. Corey Riggenbach (Wadsworth) – CSU9

30. Brandon VanHorn (John Marshall) – CSU10

Aaron Assad is the slight favorite here. He has three head-to-head victories over Torres, with all three matches having been decided by a point each. I lean heavy towards the top two here. Assad is a 3x placer (3rd, 2nd, 3rd) and is still looking for a title. Torres has had some post-season trouble the last two years, tearing his ACL as a freshman and last year he being unable to compete because he didn’t pass skin check.
Assad and Torres both exit CSU, which then leaves two spots open. Although two spots may not seem intriguing, I still would suggest a 106 at CSU to move up. Davis and Corrao seem like the next best here. Corrao has missed some time lately, so his health could be a question through the post-season and/or how good of shape he is in after missing some time. Thomas seems to stand out slightly over the rest of the remaining guys here. Coghill will surprise a few. He is most likely a year and a weight away from making it to Columbus, as next year he will be very good at 106. The rest of the field looks to all be about even, which should make for an exciting weight. Another notable here is Gandolf (Medina).
Mancini looks to be the favorite at Mentor, but I would say it’s wide open. Spencer and Ferritto seem to also be slightly above the field and should challenge to win it here. Fasnaught seems to be a wildcard. I’m not really sure of his status, as he has missed some time; he has also struggled somewhat this year, but has the ability to be a Top 8 kid. Bostic, Kramer and Herron seem like the next best three here and if Fausnaught isn’t here, then I lean towards those three to get that final spot. The district does have some quality depth. A possible sleeper here could be Langston (Solon).
Dakota Riley comes in as the favorite at Darby and may end up being the only placer out of this district. DiSabato looks to be second best. Dooley comes in at third best and is the final kid in the Top 30. McGrath (Hilliard Bradley) and Hines (Olentangy Orange) seem to be the next best two in this shallow weight.
At Fairfield, Ziegler looks to be the favorite. Milano and Tucker look to be next best and above the other challengers. Barklay is my pick for the fourth spot, but that can go to anyone mentioned above. Logsdon was a SQ in D3 last year, but has struggled this year. If he wrestles his best, he can make it out. Sharp (Sidney), Bean (Edgewood) and Gibson (Wayne) are other notables.
Projected Champ: Brandon Thompson (Solon) Senior – MEN1

2. Artem Timchenko (Olentangy Orange) Senior – HD1

3. David Bavery (Massillon Perry) Junior – MEN2

4. Josh Wimer (Central Crossing) Junior – HD2

5. Richie Screptock (Oregon Clay) Sophomore – CSU1

6. Ben Darmstadt (Elyria) Freshman – CSU2

7. Taleb Rahmani (Marysville) Sophomore – HD3

8. Giuseppe Penzone (Olentangy Liberty) Junior – HD4

9. Brendan Watson (Centerville) Senior – FAIR1

10. Austin Daly (Lakota East) Senior – FAIR2

11. Greysun Barden (Fairfield) Senior – FAIR3

12. Dan Bartinelli (North Royalton) Senior – MEN3

13. Connor Gray (Wadsworth) Sophomore – CSU3

14. Drew Dickson (North Ridgeville) Senior – CSU4

15. Sam Valenti (Hilliard Darby) Senior- HD5

16. Brad Kakos (Franklin Hts.) Senior – HD6

17. Alec Cotton (Uniontown Lake) Junior – MEN4

18. Austin Hiles (St. Edward) Freshman – CSU5

19. Jacoby Ward (Moeller) Sophomore – FAIR4

20. Nathan Burns (North Canton Hoover) Junior – MEN5

21. Noah Schaub (Green) Sophomore – MEN6

22. Nick Collica (Nordonia) Sophomore – CSU6

23. Justin Joliff (Findlay) Sophomore – CSU7

24. George Archer (Strongsville) Junior – CSU8

25. Quinn May (Lebannon) Sophomore – FAIR5

26. John Clouse (Beavercreek) Senior – FAIR6

27. Matt Topoly (Brecksville) Junior – CSU9

28. Nick DeSanto (Mentor) Senior – MEN7

29. Taylor Griffin (Loveland) Sophomore – FAIR7

30. Kasey Ackley (Thomas Worthington) Senior – HD7

Brandon Thompson comes in as the favorite to win another state title. He already has two and is looking to get his third, similar to how his half-brother Kevin Hardy did when he was at Solon. Thompson will be challenged however; Timchenko and Bavery seem like the biggest challengers. They both were teammates at Massillon Perry. Bavery won the D1 106 state title last year, while Timchenko was unable to compete due to transferring from Massillon Perry back to the school he transferred from the year before, Olentangy Orange.
Screptock and Darmstadt seem to be the favorites to get the top two spots at CSU. Gray looks to be third and with his state experience he can be dangerous. Dickson and Hiles are fourth and fifth best here and are the two I lean to, to get that final state berth. Again, CSU has depth here. Michael Irvine, if he returns, could be a surprise at this weight, but I am unaware of his status at this time.
Thompson and Bavery both exit Mentor, which means they will most likely be on opposite sides in Columbus (as long as they finish 1st/2nd or 1st/3rd/ etc.). Bartinelli is well above the rest of the field here and looks to get that third spot. Cotton, Burns and Schaub look to be in contention for the final spot, but DeSanto could sneak in. Another one to watch here is whoever Madison has at 120, whether it may be Stienger or Montgomery.
Darby, which doesn’t seem to be the toughest district, is however the toughest when it comes to 120, having four in the top eight. Timchenko looks to be the early favorite, but Wimer, Rahmani and Penzone will all challenge. Wimer is a kid who I think has the option of going 113. It wouldn’t be a bad idea as I like his chances at 113 better. Valenti and Kakos are the next best here.
Fairfield looks to be the most wide open among the other districts at this weight. Watson, Daly and Barden all seem to be above the field here. Ward looks to be fourth best here; he seems to be getting better every week. May is a kid to watch here, as he has had one-point matches with Barden and Watson.

Projected Champ: Ivan McClay (Massillon Washington) Senior – MEN1

2. Tommy Ziegeler (St. Ignatius) Senior – MEN2

3. Josh Parrett (Kettering Fairmont) Junior – FAIR1

4. Tim Rooney (St. Charles) Sophomore – HD1

5. Bobby Smith (Hilliard Davidson) Junior – HD2

6. Chance Driscoll (St. Edward) – CSU1

7. David Sparks (Marysville) Junior – HD3

8. Austin Phillips (Massillon Perry) Sophomore – MEN3

9. Alec Benedetti (North Royalton) Freshman – MEN4

10. Patrick Allen (Colerain) Senior – FAIR2

11. Connor Borton (Moeller) Sophomore – FAIR3

12. Brian Henneman (Oregon Clay) Senior – CSU2

13. Brandon Selmon (Princeton) – FAIR4

14. Brian DeRuchie (Amherst Steele) Senior CSU3

15. A.J. Donigian (Beavercreek) Senior – FAIR5

16. Peter Ryan (Boardman) Senior – MEN5

17. Jake Evanich (North Canton Hoover) – MEN6

18. Nic Fluty (New Albany) Senior – HD4

19. Overall/Price (Elyria) Sophomore/Freshman – CSU4

20. Jared Ferguson (Pickerington North) Junior – HD5

21. Adam Salti (Olmsted Falls) Junior – CSU5

22. Justin DeMicco (Brecksville) Freshman – CSU6

23. Ryan Gordon (St. Xavier) Junior – FAIR6

24. Michael Nagy (Uniontown Lake) Sophomore – MEN7

25. Jarred Lasko (Madison) Sophomore – MEN8

26. Xavier Edwards (Lorain) Sophomore – CSU7

27. Chayse Csongedi (Parma) Junior – MEN9

28. Matt Sicurella (Glen Este) Sophomore – FAIR7

29. Bryan Crabtree (Mason) Senior – FAIR8

30. Max Meddings (Fairfield) Junior – FAIR9

Ivan McClay looks to be the heavy favorite at a very shallow weight. A key mover to this weight is Bobby Smith, as he was at 138/145 for most of the year. Another important note is that DuPratt (Olmstead Falls) will not be competing.
Driscoll looks to be the early favorite at CSU, while Henneman and DeRuchie look to be above the rest. After those three, it is pretty much wide open. Whoever Elyria has in their lineup here will compete to get the fourth spot, along with Salti, DeMicco, and Edwards. A few others to watch here are Taylor (Brunswick) and DeMio (Strongsville). Greg Marietta would also exit this district; I haven’t seen any results on him this year so his status is uncertain at this time.
McClay is the favorite at Mentor, as expected, but his best challenger also exits Mentor, which could mean a great draw for Ziegler in Columbus. Phillips and Benedetti look to snag the next two spots as they are slightly above the rest of the field.
Rooney and Smith come in as the favorites at Darby. Sparks looks to be a solid pick for the third spot; this weight could end up three placers in Columbus. Fluty and Ferguson will contend for that final spot. A couple others to watch: Bankes (Watkins Memorial) and King (Teays Valley).
Parrett looks to be the heavy favorite at this weight at Fairfield. Allen, Borton, Selmon and Donigan look to be well above the field and I think three of those four will take the final spots.

Projected Champ: Dean Heil (St. Edward) Senior – CSU1

2. Matt Denlinger (Kettering Fairmont) Senior – FAIR1

3. Brandon Egnor (Elyria) Senior – CSU2

4. Kasee McDougle (Gahanna Lincoln) Senior – HD1

5. Reed Shump (Barberton) Senior – MEN1

6. Kendall Newell (Vandalia Butler) Senior – FAIR2

7. Lee Wilson (Hilliard Davidson) Senior – HD2

8. T.J. Levitsky (Parma) Senior – MEN2

9. Andrew Mendel (Moeller) Senior – FAIR3

10. Sonny Lucas (Brecksville) Sophomore – CSU3

11. Zac Carson (Uniontown Lake) Sophomore – MEN3

12. Gavin Nelson (Oregon Clay) Junior – CSU4

13. Nick Boggs (Painesville Riverside) Junior – MEN4

14. Shawn Williams (Bedford) Junior – MEN5

15. Jake Donatelli (Hilliard Darby) Senior – HD3

16. Jamie Norris (Massillon Perry) Senior – MEN6

17. Neil Roff (Kenston) Senior – MEN7

18. Noah Messerall (Thomas Worthington) Junior – HD4

19. Mark Heidelman (Cloverleaf) Junior – CSU5

20. Josh Scanlon (Centerville) Senior – FAIR4

21. Nick Bishop (Mayfield) Senior – MEN8

22. Ben Heyob (St. Xavier) Sophomore – FAIR5

23. Shane Smith (Elder) Junior – FAIR6

24. Lane Hinkle (Mount Vernon) Freshman – HD5

25. Justin Brown (Lakota East) Senior – FAIR7

26. Xavier Wasco (North Royalton) Sophomore – MEN9

27. Dejon Moss (Maple Heights) Junior – MEN10

28. Nathan Gregory (Hudson) Senior – MEN11

29. Nick Durieux (Westerville North) Junior – HD6

30. Jordan Wasker (North Canton Hoover) Senior – MEN11

Dean Heil is the heavy favorite after winning the past three years in a row. Heil will look to become a four-time state champ and put himself with the other greats in Ohio history. Brecksville made a notable change in this weight. Davis and Lucas switched weights, which will only help Lucas’ cause as 132 looks slightly weaker than 138.
Heil exits CSU along with Egnor. Egnor might not challenge Heil, but being in the same district could mean an opposite-side draw in Columbus. I would say Lucas and Nelson are slightly above the rest, but Heidelman could be the guy to pull an upset. Phillbert looks to be the sixth-best at this weight.
Shump exits Mentor as the favorite of a very deep weight, seven in the top 17. I lean towards the top-seven to get the four berths to Columbus. This weight does have a lot of depth and should make for a tough district tournament at 132.
McDougle looks to be the favorite at Darby with a head-to-head win over Wilson. I look for Donatelli and Messerrall to get the other two spots. Hinkle and Durieux round out the top-six here.
Denlinger is the favorite at Fairfield and looks like the one who will meet Heil in the finals (draw permitting). Newell looks to be second best, along with Mendel. Newell has improved greatly and is down two weights since Fargo. The last spot looks wide open and I lean more towards Scanlon, Heyob or Smith to get it over the other ranked guys exiting Fairfield.

Projected Champ: Noah Forrider (Marysville) Senior – HD1

2. Colin Heffernan (St. Edward) Senior – CSU1

3. Isaac Bast (Massillon Perry) Junior – MEN1

4. Nick Montgomery (Madison) Senior – MEN2

5. Anthony Alexander (Northland) Senior – HD2

6. Mathias Zollinger (Wadsworth) Senior – CSU2

7. Drew McDougle (Gahanna Lincoln) Senior – HD3

8. Eli Garcia (Lorain) Senior – CSU3

9. Nick Steed (GlenOak) Sophomore – MEN3

10. Mason Calvert (Sidney) Senior – FAIR1

11. Jordan Branham (Miamisburg) Senior – FAIR2

12. Mike DeCesare (Nordonia) Junior – CSU4

13. Adam Sams (Fairfield) Senior – FAIR3

14. Evan Morgan (Elder) Junior – FAIR4

15. Tanner Miller (Lancaster) Sophomore – HD4

16. David Masch (Uniontown Lake) Sophomore – MEN4

17. Emilio DiBenedetto (Upper Arlington) Senior – HD5

18. Kevin Leonhardt (Lakota West) Junior – FAIR5

19. Keegan Driscoll (Hilliard Bradley) Sophomore – HD6

20. Grayson Davis (Brecksville) Junior – CSU5

21. Ricky Perez (Strongsville) Senior – CSU6

22. Max Davis (Glen Este) Junior – FAIR6

23. Kyle Workman (Parma) Senior – MEN5

24. Jordan Paul (Loveland) Freshman – FAIR7

25. Tallarigo/Morton (Moeller) Junior – FAIR8

26. Hunter Bryant (Piqua) Freshman – FAIR9

27. Dick Kelly (North Olmsted) Senior – CSU7

28. Jacob Keller (Beavercreek) Junior – FAIR10

29. D.J. Campos (Trenton Edgewood) Junior – FAIR11

30. L.J. Yurick (Olmsted Falls) Senior – CSU8

Forrider comes in as the favorite of one of the most wide open weight classes in Division 1. Forrider has not wrestled Heffernan, but did wrestle Bright in the dual and beat him. I think Heffernan, Montgomery (if healthy) and Alexander all can challenge Forrider. A side note here: I project Bast here and not Sparkman. If Sparkman is here, however, I would put him 5th.
Heffernan exits CSU as the favorite. I lean heavy on the next three to get the other three spots, but depending on how the bracket plays out, Davis, Perez, Kelly and Yurick all could contend for the fourth and final spot
Bast looks to be the favorite. A big question here is Montgomery and how good he will be after missing most of the season. Steed looks to be above the rest of the field here, but yet again, the fourth spot looks open. Masch seems to be the best candidate for the fourth spot. Workman is the only other in the top 30. I think a 132 should move up, but if not maybe M. Robertson (Maple Heights) could sneak out.
Darby looks to be a very tough district at this weight, which is very rare compared to the others. Forrider leads this class as the favorite. He is followed by one of the most underrated kids, Alexander. Alexander will surprise a few. McDougle looks like a solid pick for the third spot. Miller and Bennedetto look to battle for the fourth spot. Driscoll is a name to watch here.
Fairfield looks to hold a lot of depth at one of the deeper weight classes across the state. Calvert and Branham are the two I like most here, both having beat each other this year. Sams, Morgan and Leonhardt will also be in the mix. Four of those five will probably be making it out. Fairfield has depth towards the bottom of the top 30 as well.
Projected Champ: Edgar Bright (St. Edward) Senior – CSU1

2. Jake Ryan (Olentangy Liberty) Senior – HD1

3. Lucas Marcelli (Massillon Jackson) Senior – MEN1

4. Tyrone Mcguinea (Twinsburg) Senior – MEN2

5. Ryan Roth (Perrysburg) Senior – CSU2

6. Casey Sparkman (Massillon Perry) Sophomore – MEN3

7. AJ Kowal (Princeton) Junior – FAIR1

8. Matt DeGroff (Uniontown Lake) Sophomore – MEN4

9. Bo Ransom (Madison) Senior – MEN5

10. Trey Grine (Fremont Ross) Junior – CSU3

11. Damen Dominique (Oregon Clay) Senior – CSU 4

12. Lucas Staten (Mount Vernon) Sophomore – HD2

13. Austin Strnad (Brecksville) Junior – CSU5

14. Melvin Johnson (Maple Heights) Senior – MEN6

15. Jairod James (Bedford) Junior – MEN7

16. Dillon Ashton (Mentor) Senior – MEN8

17. Abdulhabib Abdulhabib (Wadsworth) – CSU6

18. Sean Black (Hilliard Darby) Junior – HD3

19. Kyle Wahl (Worthington Kilbourne) Senior – HD4

20. Conner Rigsby (Painesville Riverside) Junior – MEN9

21. Eric Deluse (Lancaster) Sophomore – HD5

22. Cody Pollitt (Olentangy) Junior – HD6

23. Austin Bohenek (Moeller) Junior – FAIR2

24. Brad Huber (Sycamore) Senior – FAIR3

25. Jordan Collins (Mason) Senior – FAIR4

26. Bryce Williams (Amherst Steele) Junior – CSU7

27. Logan Calvert (Sidney) Sophomore – FAIR5

28. Cameron Earley (Springboro) Senior – FAIR6

29. Andy Cress (Lakota West) Senior – FAIR7

30. Jimmy Hiller (Twinsburg) Senior – MEN10

Edgar Bright is the favorite here after falling short twice in the state finals. I think Jake Ryan is a serious contender. If Bast stays at this weight, then I would put him 3rd.
Bright exits CSU where he will see two guys in the top 10. Roth, Grine, Dominique and Strnad will contend for the final three spots. Strnad dropped to 145 for the Regional Final dual meet against Wadsworth. Williams looks to be the next best option.
Bast exits Mentor and what looks to be the toughest district at this weight. I would say Bast is the only “safe” one here. The other three spots could go to anyone listed above.
Jake Ryan exits Darby as the clear favorite. Staten will look to qualify for the second straight year in his young career. I lean towards Black, Wahl, Deluse and Pollitt to battle for the other three spots.
Kowal exits Fairfield as the favorite of a pretty thin weight class. I think this weight is generally wide open after Kowal. I would suggest a 138 to move up here or for a 152 to drop. A couple others to watch are Penley (Anderson) and Leneave (Fairfield).

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