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#1 1 1 3 Aymara Voices, the ‘Bridge’ Beings Letter from the Andes #1, Aymara Voices, the Bridge Beings jaya mara aru

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Letter from the Andes #1 December 2003

The Andes emerge, unstoppable

#1 1 1 3
Aymara Voices, the ‘Bridge’ Beings

Letter from the Andes #1, Aymara Voices, the Bridge Beings
JAYA MARA ARU – The Words from the Beginnings of Time.

In the high lands1 at the Titikaka Lake shores, the Aymara people, custodians of the ancient wisdom, share the story of Time. In this age transition for humanity, they speak so that the order of the visible and the invisible will be reestablished in an eternal consciousness.


Wise children, great souls of the Andes.

What is happening with nowadays children? What is happening these days from the Andean point of view?

In the Andean Cosmovision, the grandfathers and the grandmothers (the masters) designed the history with 4000 years of anticipation. From 1992 forward, we started to live a New Age, called Pachakutic (Pachakutic in Aymara or Pachacutik in Quechua) or Change of the Sun. The voice is Aymara, but this process is from a general Andean thought. And it is not only a regional trend, but a global, general thinking; even more, this cosmic plan is universal because it is the promise of Orient, North America, Central America, Africa, Australia, China, of the entire humanity, of the entire planet.

We, humanity, are in a process of change. A change not only of forms and structures of life, but a process of moving from one dimension to the other, a process that leads to a universal shift and vibration. In this dynamic, very special beings are accompanying us. They are children born in the sacred temples of the Andes, at 5000 to 6000 meters above sea level, in high peaks such as Illimani, Illampu, Huayna Potosi and Akamani. 

Picture: Kontiki, the one who meditates (Kon: fire, Tikii: earth), Tiwanaku, Bolivia.

What is the plan? What is the relationship with these children?
For this, the grandfathers and the grandmothers designed various schemes. In all the mountainous chain, they prepared children and teenagers (Sariris: those who walk). They are the messengers of the Universe. Up to now, three generations ‘went down’, each presenting specific characteristics and precise functions respectively.
1) The Mayiris, the first generation. They ‘went down’ in 1970. They have been prepared for this transition. They are the ones who unify the human side with the Divine. They are like ‘bridges’; their presence indicates the first genetic change in the human beings so that we can perceive dimensions within our genetic code. They are gifted with a feeling of universal unification, they are committed to a reestablishment of Community (Common – Unity), dedicated to brotherhood.
2) The Payiris, the second generation. They ‘went down’ the mountains in 1980. They have the mission of balancing the two forces that interact in the Universe. These two forces, known here as positive and negative (Chacha - Warmi), are within the different forms of life’s expression. The Payiris now are beginning to “decode” this language, to see the world from a different viewpoint and to return an abstract language to humanity. Payiris are sharing the teachings of our ancestors, emphasizing the spiritual core of all activities.
3) The Quimsiris are the third generation. They ‘went down’ the mountains in 2001. They are beings whose, under the promise of the grandfathers and the influence of the stars, are interacting with humanity through collective spirit. Their genetic code will give us back the universal language; a language where not only words will be uttered but thoughts as well. Above all, the entire array of emotions that emanates from a consciousness tuned to the universal rhythm (telepathy) will be restored. Quimsiris are polyglots and are the designers of the new reality.
Soon, the Pusiris (fourth generation) will ‘come down’ then the Qalqoris (fifth generation). This New Era, Pachakutic, is rising simultaneously creating a change in universal perception. Therefore it is necessary the presence among us of special beings or “transition” beings who are able to “bridge” or ‘fill up the gap”2 between two ages. This process will be complete by 2012.

How are these changes expressed in the genetic code?
These beings have evolved to a different genetic code. The fact that they are among us affects the DNA and RNA of all. Henceforth, all human beings are part of this change. Because of the insertion of ‘Bridge People’ in our society, we all are directly beneficiaries. This is due to the ‘new’ molecular change. This activates genetic programs that ‘normal’ human beings do not usually use (scientists call them “codons”). We are witnessing the dawn of a New Time. This involves a new language. Changes will continue to present expression in all the humanity. Now, thanks to the presence of these beings among us, each second is different from the next one.

It is a nice stage, where the greatest epics and the greatest transformations occur. These transformations give us the chance to perceive levels of consciousness of the divine inside the human. The divine and the human become united.

That is why these beings are very special and are causing effects in everything, in every life form on the planet. This will benefit everyone.
We will meet.

Picture: main figure of the Sun Gate, Tiwanaku, Bolivia.

CHUYMAMPI JAN ASJARASIÑA3, with all the feeling and without fear.

Chuymampi, with all the feeling. We have the strength through the secret of life; we are one in the apparent duality; the expressed forms are one and travel in a permanent journey toward immortality, to consciousness.
Jan Asjarasiña, without fearing the changes.

JALLALLA, let’s reestablish the universal order, the primary order, the visible and the invisible.
Information provided by the “Sariri Community”, Walker and Messenger of the Andes, La Paz, Bolivia, South America, taken from various interviews to Fernando Huanacuni
The Whipala song can be heard in
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1 High lands: Altiplano in Spanish.

2 In Spanish, “seres puentes”.

3 Very ancient Aymara greeting.

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